A hot spot for good weed in California, there’s no shortage of premium cannabis to be found in Long Beach – but how does one find the best dispensary in Long Beach? Well, it depends on what matters most to you. There’s a lot of factors to be considered – does the best dispensary in Long Beach carry the most products? Does it have the most popular strains as well as the most hard-to-find flower? What about friendly staff, affordability and accessibility? When looking for the best place to buy weed in Long Beach, there are a lot of things to consider before spending your hard-earned cash. 

Why Long Beach? Long Beach has long been a mecca for marijuana. It’s been a breeding ground for talent long before the cannabis underground made its way into the sun. Some of the most groundbreaking – and most disenfranchised – cannabis entrepreneurs come from LB. The city’s counterculture cannabis lifestyle has played a major part in the generational-defining arts, music and social justice movements that were born of the early days of the SoCal marijuana acceptance movement. An example of this is Long Beach’s own Sublime, a band internationally beloved and recognized as being a champion of the marijuana cause. Whether you smoke two joints at times of peace, or you prefer to smoke them in times of war, you know that the relationship between Long Beach and Mary Jane has long been strong. 

So strong in fact, that reparations are currently in effect for Long Beach’s cannabis industry. Earlier this year, California Governor Gavin Newsom awarded Long Beach $1.2 million in Cannabis Equity Grant funding to be used towards empowering entrepreneurs that call Long Beach home, one of the communities hit the hardest by the drug war. 

Now that former naysayers and the California government recognize cannabis for the natural gift it is, a new dawn of marijuana has begun, and we are so happy to be free to love all aspects of mother marijuana openly and legally. 

Free of fear and draconian restrictions, Long Beach is currently in a cannabis renaissance – with dispensaries popping all over the place. But like we asked before, which is the best dispensary in Long Beach and how does one find it? Let’s break it down based on what the people are looking for: 

Long Beach Cannabis Dispensary

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One of the most popular local search terms on Google, we’ve noticed that more and more people are flocking to one of our favorite places in the LB – King’s Crew. 

King’s Crew is a full-service, licensed cannabis dispensary located right here in Long Beach, CA. Housed inside a spacious, clean and dare we say beautiful retail space, they are known for providing a premium customer shopping experience thanks to caring and knowledgeable staff. Not to mention they carry a wide selection of only the finest compliant cannabis products on the market; if you go to King’s Crew, you’re going to find what you’re looking for. 

There’s no searching needed. Long Beach’s best cannabis dispensary is conveniently located on Pacific Coast Highway and 7th Street with accessible on-site parking (a huge plus). 

Their mission? To provide customers an inviting cannabis retail experience with excellent customer service and product selection so much so that you feel like royalty (and thrones to lounge in to seal the deal) – after all, they are the king’s crew! 

Affordable Long Beach Dispensary 

The OG cannabis industry is all about equality and community, which is why we believe that to be considered “the best,” a dispensary must be affordable. Not overpriced and over promised, not cheap and potentially harmful, we want a cannabis provider to be affordable and fair – selling premium products at a price that is reasonable, with no markups or predatory upselling. 

You’ll find that King’s Crew’s menu is honest, boasting not only transparent pricing, but a pretty robust deal structure for both new and existing customers. 

At King’s Crew, first-time guests receive 10% off their first purchase. For those that plan on coming back, they offer a Royalty Rewards program that sweetens their already damn good deals. 

Royalty Rewards is a reward point system at King’s Crew that gives all customers one reward point per dollar spent (pre-tax) in the dispensary. There is no sign-up necessary, points are accrued automatically with each purchase and can be redeemed in-store for discounts off future purchases. You can earn points by making purchases at King’s Crew via in-store or online for curbside pickup or delivery. After your purchase, your points will be added to your account within 24 hours, to use on your next visit. 

Royalty Rewards points can be redeemed in-store at the end of your shopping experience. Your budtender can tell you how many rewards points you have available and what they can be redeemed for. You don’t have to use them immediately, you can choose to save your points for a future visit. If you spread the love and refer a friend you’ll receive 250 Royalty Rewards Points! 

Best Long Beach Dispensary For Beginners

King’s Crew has a team of highly-trained budtenders, called Crew Members, who can give you their best recommendations for all your needs and answer any questions you may have. Don’t be shy! Pull up a throne and ask away. 

Safest Dispensary In Long Beach

Not cool with coming into contact with anyone? No problem. King’s Crew offers a COVID-safe pickup option. You can call ahead and order at (562) 553-3966, or you can order online for curbside or in-store pickup. All you need is the availability to pick up the same day you make the order, and a valid form of identification. 

Best Long Beach Dispensary That Delivers

King’s Crew is one of the best long beach cannabis delivery options! They offer local home delivery within various areas of Long Beach and surrounding cities. To see if your residence qualifies for delivery, simply add a product to your cart and you’ll be prompted with a Pickup or Delivery option to add your home address to check. If you’re not within their delivery area, you may be in luck soon – they’re always expanding their delivery radius. 

Remember how important affordable cannabis is? King’s Crew does, so for a limited time they are offering FREE delivery with a $20 order minimum when you order online. Please note that for delivery orders, King’s Crew are currently cash-only and drivers do not carry more than $20 in change. 

How does it work? King’s Crew utilizes the most advanced delivery platforms to make your ordering experience a breeze. While estimated delivery times are based on a variety of factors (time of day, location, number of orders, etc.), their crew uses sophisticated route optimization and predictive ETAs to give you up-to-the-minute insight on your delivery. 

Long Beach Dispensaries That Don’t Require A Driver’s License 

You do not need a California ID to shop or pick up at King’s Crew. You only need a valid government-issued form of identification with your birth date and photo. Please note, like all legit businesses, they do not accept identification that is expired.

Long Beach Dispensary That Doesn’t Require A Medical Card

You do not need a MMC (medical marijuana card) to buy cannabis. Here in California, cannabis is legal for recreational purposes. Anyone over the age of 21 can visit King’s Crew dispensary in Long Beach and shop their favorite cannabis products. All you need is a valid, government-issued ID. This can be a driver’s license or a passport. Even if you’re from another state or another country, you can shop their dispensary menu with a valid ID that proves you’re over the age of 21. 

Long Beach Dispensaries That Allow Dogs

Don’t go anywhere without your furry friend? We see you. The fact that King’s Crew allows leashed (or held) dogs makes them one of the best dispensaries in Long Beach, in our opinion. 

Long Beach Cannabis Laws

City guidelines require that all transactions be completed before 10pm. To accommodate this, LAST CALL for purchases made in-store at King’s Crew is at a strict 9:50pm daily. After this time, they will not accept any more customers in the store, or purchases to be made, so plan accordingly. 

California law states that you must be 21+ to shop recreationally or 18+ with the proper physician’s recommendation or MMC.  

Want to buy in bulk? Here are the laws you need to know:

For adult use, no more than 28 grams (one ounce) of non-concentrated cannabis and no more than 8 grams of concentrated cannabis per day can be purchased at a dispensary in one day.

Love Long Beach cannabis? Us too. However, please know that it’s federally illegal to ship any cannabis products out-of-state in case you’re trying to spread the love. 

How To Find The Best Dispensary In Long Beach

You don’t need to search any longer if you’re looking for the best dispensary in Long Beach, King’s Crew is right there on PCH & 7th Street. From edibles and vapes, topicals and badder, flower and prerolls, the list goes on…King’s Crew has it all! 

Check them out online at kingscrew.com for their full product menu, we’ll see you there!

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