Best Delta 9 Gummies – Top 3 Delta 9 THC Edibles For Summer

Since the discovery of cannabis’ (marijuana) psychoactive effects, it has become one of the most talked-about plants in the world. While debates about marijuana’s recreational use still hang in some nations, many CBD and hemp-derived products like Delta 9 gummies are already legally available in the market for purchase.

Although, the most important question lingers, “How do you choose the best one?” In this read, we’ll be naming the top 3 Delta 9 THC edibles available online including their must-know key features, customer reviews, brand standards, and competitive edge.

Top Brands to Buy Delta 9 THC Gummies Online

  1. The Hemp Collect – Top Pick – Best Delta 9 THC Gummies
  2. Botany Farms – Delta 9 Gummy – Potent Runner Up
  3. Home Town Hero CBD – D9 Gummies – Widest Variety

1. The Hemp Collect: Delta 9 Gummies – Best Delta 9 THC Gummies

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Hemp Collect is an Oregon-based company established in 2018 that specializes in the production and distribution of top-notch cannabis products.

Ashley Dellinger, its founder, and owner, believes that the maximum medicinal potential of CBD can be achieved by combining it with herbs and compounds that have therapeutic benefits. This is the force that drives the company forward – to develop high-quality CBD formulations packed in various products including extracts, oils, and edibles.

The company adheres strictly to the mandate of the state as they make sure that their production up to distribution abides by the law. On top of this, they work closely with cannabis farmers, experts, and innovators to always create the best new and useful products.

Hemp Collect gained popularity for its tasty Delta 8 vegan gummies that come in many flavors. As soon as they stabilized their feet in the market, they started exploring what else they could bring to the table: Vegan Delta 9 gummies!

Mentionable Features:

Every Hemp Collect’s Delta 9 vegan gummy contains 10 mg of hemp-derived Detla 9 THC. The gummies come in several flavors packed in travel-friendly bottles. This product took the first spot because of three 3 powerful reasons – potency, quality, and safety.

First, the Delta 9 vegan gummy has proven to be very potent in producing effects like lowered anxiety, increased relaxation, sharper concentration, reduced soreness, and induced social presence. While its effects may vary from one person to another, the truth remains that from one Delta 9 gummy, a person can feel much better.

Second, Hemp Collect’s Delta 9 gummies have a superior taste and quality of gummy compared to its competitors. These gummies are perfect on their own. Each gummy has the right balance between firmness and softness, as well as sweetness and flavor.

Third and probably the most important, these delta 9 vegan gummies are guaranteed safe for human consumption. The gummies are verified gluten-free and 100% natural. Moreover, the company works closely with farms that take quality and safety as top priorities.

Great Standards

Hemp Collect takes pride in its law-abiding production process and distribution model. They assure their customers that each Delta 9 vegan gummy is produced from hemp that is cultivated safely and legally.

The company also ensures that Delta 9 vegan gummies are always of the highest quality. They do this by conducting full-panel batch laboratory tests that detect the presence of potentially harmful substances like molds and heavy metals.

On top of all these, Hemp Collect is an ISO accredited company that furthers its good reputation.

Affordable Products and Fair Policies

Price is definitely a major deal-breaker for customers. Fortunately, one thing that makes Hemp Collect Delta 9 vegan gummies a crowd favorite is its reasonable pricing. At the latest, 30-piece gummies are only priced at 45 USD. That’s a total of 300mg of legal delta 9! You can also contact the company directly for customized and bulk orders.

Apart from competitive pricing, Hemp Collect is also known for its good customer-business relationship. They nurture their customer’s trust not only through their high-quality products but also by giving out credits and full refunds to valid concerns.

Hemp Collect Delta 9 Gummies Pros & Cons


  • Each gummy is produced safely and naturally.
  • It is effective in producing effects such as reducing discomfort, increasing relaxation, and social activity.
  • The company honors US laws and abides by state rules.
  • The company offers customer-proof policies like store credits and refunds.
  • The gummies have very good texture and flavors.
  • The products are well-priced.


  • Limited availability outside the US

Customer Reviews

Overall, the Delta 9 Vegan gummies of Hemp Collect have been hearing a lot of positive feedback from its customers. They are loving the nice feelings that come after consumption of one gummy. Some say they feel a lot calmer and more productive after they eat Delta 9 vegan gummy, while for some, the best quality of this product is its juiciness and incredible texture.

> Visit the official website here: The Hemp Collect

2. Botany Farms: Delta 9 Gummy – Most Potent Runner Up

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Botany Farms is quite famous for being an artisan company that specializes in the curation, production, and distribution of CBG, CBD, and Delta 8-10 products. As an artisan company, they are more focused on harvesting and processing small batches of cannabis plants and quality products rather than expansion.

The company cultivates a diverse collection of cannabis plants ranging from Indica, Sativa, and hybrid varieties. Moreover, the flowers of these plants are being harvested, trimmed, and dried by hand, which makes their products more special and personalized.

On top of all these, Botany Farms’ CBD products are popular in the market for their performance, quality, and safety. Among these, Delta 9 Gummies has become quite the customers’ favorites.

These Delta 9 THC gummies are produced meticulously from farm to packaging. The company strongly abides by the Farm Bill Law and stringent quality standards, ensuring its clients only the best.

Mentionable Features:

Botany Farms’ very own Delta 9 THC gummy is indeed a cut above the rest. Derived from the organic and non-GMO hemp plant, its extract is being processed until it transforms into fluffy little gummies. Each piece contains a perfect synergy of 10 mg of hemp THC and 14 mg of CBD.

The company also dedicates a significant amount of its time and resources to producing high-quality packaging. Their gummies are placed in sturdy, tightly sealed, and attractive jars that just match the premium quality of the product.

Apart from these features, the hype about this product is because of its potency, flavor, and price.

Budget-friendly Options

People are crazed over the very affordable pricing of Botany Farms’ products. Their Delta 9 gummies only cost 35 USD which is 70% cheaper than most of its competitors. Customers can even buy 2 gummies for 5 USD only.

High Potency

Delta 9 gummies of Botany Farms is most popular for their high potency. In just 30 minutes, you can experience reduced anxiety levels, euphoric sensations, induced relaxation, and even sleepiness. However, it’s always necessary for its users to find the right dosage that works perfectly for them.

On top of the high potency level, Botany Farms’ Delta 9 gummies are also known for their tasty watermelon flavor covered in sweet sugar crystals. The texture and firmness of the gummy are also perfect in every bite.

Botany Farms D9 Gummies Pros & Cons


  • The gummies are 100% natural and certified gluten-free.
  • Botany Farms Delta 9 gummies have tasty and refreshing flavors.
  • One Botany Farms’ Delta 9 gummy is very effective in reducing stress levels and anxiety, all the while increasing feelings of relaxation.
  • Very affordable


  • Available in only one flavor

Customer Reviews

Delta 9 gummies of Botany Farms have been receiving positive feedback from its customers. They are loving the artsy and sturdy packaging of the gummies that makes them safe from kids, as well as transport friendly.

Although their gummies only come in watermelon flavor, their users generally find it refreshing and very tasty. Some say that if it weren’t for the dosage restrictions, they could finish the whole thing in one sitting.

Lastly, their customers keep on coming back for the potency of the gummies. It’s like euphoria packed in a jar.

> Visit the official website here: Botany Farms

3. Home Town Hero CBD: D9 Gummies – Largest Variety

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Hometown Hero was founded by Lukas Gilkey and Lewis Hamer in 2015. These two entrepreneurs were steadfast advocates of hemp and its derivates even before hemp legalization in Texas. They believe in the huge impact of hemp on the quality of life of veterans, a community dear to the founders’ hearts.

Driven by a strong will to help, the two partners worked on building a name for themselves in the cannabusiness, thus giving birth to the Hometown Hero company. From there, the company became a reputable manufacturer and distributor of hemp-derived, Delta 8, Delta 9, and other CBD products.

Hometown Hero takes pride in its very potent products that elicit desired results such as elevated spirits, relaxation, relief, and bliss. The company also offers a diverse collection of Delta 9 from which they are free to choose. Each flavor has gone through a meticulous process of curation, formulation, and production, making it one of a kind.

Mentionable Features:

The year 2022 just got even more exciting as Hometown Hero released their Delta 9 gummies. These products are definitely cut out from the rest as they are made from rosin extract – an exquisite blend of sativa and indica properties that yield exceptional results.

Aside from its rosin content, Hometown Hero Delta 9 gummies are also known for three top features – variety, quality, and safety.

Clean Products

Not all manufacturers of CBD and hemp-derived products conduct full panel laboratory tests and Hometown Hero is among these trustworthy brands that put the safety of customers as their top priority.

The Delta 9 gummies produced by the company undergo routine tests conducted by licensed and registered third-party labs. These tests check for the purity, overall quality, and potency levels. Moreover, these lab tests also check for possible contamination of heavy metals, residual solvents, microorganisms, and pesticides, which are all harmful upon ingestion.


Hometown Hero brags of a huge collection of Delta 9 gummies customers are free to choose from. Their Delta 9 gummies are grouped into 2 main classifications, namely, live rosin and select spectrum.

Live Rosin Delta 9 gummies are produced by pressing bubble hash plant to harvest rosin extract (hemp concentrate). Take note too that this process does not make use of any chemical solvent. On the other hand, a select spectrum is made by combining hemp-derived Delta 9 THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, creating a perfect entourage of effects.

Whether Live Rosin or Select Spectrum, Hometown Hero’s Delta 9 gummies are available in numerous flavors. You can choose from mango, strawberry, citrus, and pineapple.


The Delta 9 gummies of Hometown Hero are of premium quality, especially since it has rosin extract in them, which is considered the caviar in the cannabusiness. On top of this, their products also undergo the scrutiny of third-party laboratories, ensuring their customers only the best.

HomeTown Hero D9 Gummies Pros & Cons


  • Hometown Hero’s Delta 9 gummies are very potent, tasty, and safe.
  • The company strictly abides by the law.
  • The Delta 9 gummies undergo routine lab tests to ensure quality, purity, and safety.
  • Comes in many forms and flavors


  • Quite pricey compared to its competitors

Customer Reviews

Hometown Hero has been gaining loyal customers since its establishment for its good and trustworthy reputation as a company. Their products, including Delta 9 gummies are well-loved by its users. They often commend the bliss, relief, and calmness that each gummy brings into their lives. They’re also quite fond of the texture and flavors of the gummies. Overall, these products are indeed worthy to try!

> Visit the official website here: Home Town Hero CBD

How Did We Select These Delta-9 Gummy Brands?

Gummy Quality

Needless to say, for any product that we use, or more importantly, consume, quality is the topmost priority. So, we selected the Delta 9 gummy brands in this article based on the overall quality – purity, potency, texture, and safety.

Hemp Source

Hemp source is often missed by reviewers. However, this criterion plays a major role in determining the quality and safety of hemp-derived products such as Delta 9 gummies.

The first thing that we searched for is if the farms from which the hemp plants are harvested comply with safe agricultural practices. Some customers prefer non-GMO and organic hemp plants, which are also major considerations.

Apart from the farm itself, this article also looked closely at how these products are developed and produced. Companies like these three are noteworthy because they use chemicals minimally, which makes the products a lot safer for customers.

Third-party Lab Testing

This criterion is actually an extension of safety concerns. This is probably the first thing we look for in a company. Routine laboratory tests are a reflection of how meticulous a company is, as well as how much they care about their customers.

Shipping & Returns Policies

Lastly, this article takes into account the shipping and returns policies of every company. All the brands mentioned above have a customer-friendly return policy. They allow refunds to unsatisfied customers. Moreover, they also waive shipping fees as long you purchase the minimum amount required which goes around a minimum of 75 USD.

Factors to Consider When Buying Delta-9 Gummies

Lab testing (Third-party)

We always remind enthusiasts to look or ask for proof of laboratory results because these are confirmatory documents that the Delta 9 gummies are of good quality and are safe to consume. Moreover, lab testing is an effective means of checking whether the hemp-derived or CBD products remain compliant with the 0.3% rule of US Federal Laws.

Included ingredients

This reminder must always take precedence for any food or substance you consume. It is very necessary that you inspect the components of the Delta 9 gummies you love. Check the properties of each one so you avoid having unwanted side effects or allergic reactions.

Brand reputation

The brand is another important consideration, especially in choosing any hemp-derived and CBD product. Since recreational use of cannabinoids is monitored legally, it is necessary that the brand you’re buying from abides by the law. Moreover, you must feel the pulse of their customers. Look for valid feedback or personal recommendations. This will help you build confidence in the brand.


For any customer, price is always the topmost if not a major consideration. Worthy are those of great quality with reasonable prices. Remember that premium quality things need not be overly and crazy expensive.


For some, this is the most important criterion in choosing delta 9 gummies. A product that proves to be effective in lowering anxiety and stress levels while inducing calmness and bliss is definitely worth the shot. The duration of effect and how long before the effects kick in can also gain some points.

Delta 9 THC – FAQs

What’s the best Delta 9 THC dosage?

There is not really one best for everybody. The best dosage size often varies from one person to another. People who are more sensitive can get the best results at relatively lower dosages while people who are already used to them might need bigger dosages. However, in general, safe dosages are around 10-50 mg.

Can these gummies have negative side effects?

There are still insufficient medical studies to say completely that Delta 9 gummies have zero negative side effects. However, if there are, they can be prevented through a moderate and safe level of consumption.

When do Delta-9 gummy effects begin?

Generally, a delta 9 gummy might need 30-60 minutes to elicit its effects. This seemingly long time can be explained by the mode of delivery that passes through the gut. But this 30 minutes of patiently waiting is nothing compared to 6-8 hours of bliss and relaxation.

Is a prescription required to purchase Delta-9 gummies online?

The answer is no. As of the latest, consumption and use of Delta 9 gummies are permitted by the 2018 Hemp Farm bill. Any product that abides by this law is allowed for consumption.

Final Thoughts: What are the Best Delta 9 Gummies to Buy?

Overall, this article highly recommends the Delta 9 gummies from Hemp Collect because of their far superior quality in terms of strength, flavor, and quality. However, the top 2 and 3 are also worth trying.

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