Hundreds of online stores are selling products like Delta 8 THC, HHC, THCO, and most recently Hemp Derived Delta 9 THC  have been popping up all over the internet. 

We’ve connected with the most reputable brands in the industry and have been granted early access to what their Black Friday Cyber Monday deals, and here are the best Delta 8 THC Black Friday Cyber Monday deals. 

Reef Canna – Best Black Friday Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Deal $100 for 10 . 

Reef Canna has some of the best Delta 8 vape cartridges on the market. Known for their award winning flavors, and potent 92% Delta 8 THC distillate in their products it’s no wonder why they are the most expensive brand on the market today.  Their disposable delta 8 vapes are sleek devices that don’t clog or taste burnt after a few hits like many other vendors.  While this brand’s retail prices are higher than others, their products speak for themselves. 

We spoke with Reef Canna and they gave us the inside scoop on their Black Friday deals. 

The Deal: Buy 5 Get 5 Free Site Wide on Delta 8, Delta 10, HHC, and THC-O vape cartridges.

Black Friday Pricing Breakdown After Discounts

10 HHC Carts $200

10 Delta 10 Carts $150

10 THCO Carts $175

10 Delta 8 Carts $100

Sale Starts: 11-23-21

Sale Ends: 11-30-21

How to get this deal – Visit and add then 10 items that you want. Mix and match is allowed. 

Kandy Girl – 6 Bottles Delta 9 THC Gummies Only $100 + Free Shipping

Kandy Girl is a women owned business that specializes in Hemp Derived Delta 9 THC Gummies. The gummies are potent with 10mg Delta 9 THC in each gummy. These Delta 9 THC Gummies are legal to ship to all 50 states due to having less than .3% total Delta 9 THC in the product.  We tried the gummies and they are strong however they have a very strong taste of marijuiana.

The Deal: 6 Bottle Assortment, 20ct 10mg ∆9-THC, 200mg total per bottle. Only $100 + Free Shipping!  Click here to grab the deal

Black Friday Pricing Breakdown After Discounts 

After your discount you’ll be getting 120 Gummies 10mg Delta 9 THC Gummies for $0.80 Each
(1200mg Of THC Total inside all of the bottle)

Sale Ends: 11-30-21

How to get this deal – Visit and the 6 bottle bundle to your cart. The checkout will reflect $100.50 including shipping + any applicable taxes.

Buy Delta 8 Online – $2  $5  $10  $20 Dollar Menu

For those of you wondering what happened to Hempire Direct, they have changed their name to Buy Delta 8 Online and will be doing various price based menus.  

Black Friday Pricing Breakdown After Discounts 

The Deal: Products will be listed on their website in the following categories. $2, $5, $10, and $20. All other discounts will be turned off for black friday. Spend $200+ to get free shipping


Sale Ends: 11-30-21

How to get this deal – Visit and simply add the products to your cart from the homepage. The price you see is the price you pay. 

Fuked Up – 60% Off THCO Gummies, THCO Carts and Ounces of Distillate

Fuked Up, known for their amazing flavored Delta 8 Lean, discount THC-O Distillate Ounces, and high quality HHC Vape Carts. Fuked Up is a newer company in the cannabinoid game but they seem to be very popular in the space as they are now being carried by thousands of shops after being picked up by 3 of the largest distributors in the country. Fuked Up is by far the best priced brand out there. Our favorite product was the potent THC-O Gummies. We did notice the vape cart flavors weren’t as good as Reef Canna, but the flavors are still better than 95% of the other brands out there.

 Black Friday Pricing Breakdown After Discounts 

You’ll be enjoying $8 delta 8 vape carts, $80 THC-O Distillate Ounces, And $4 THCO Prerolls all day long, + so much more.

Sale Ends: 11-30-21

How to get this deal – Visit and add any of the product you like to your cart. When you checkout a 60% Discount Will be applied.

THCXtract – Bundle of 11, 500mg Delta 8 Gummies (11 Total Flavors) – ONLY $111 

THCXtract is a well known brand that comes very well recommended by the Delta 8 community so we had to give it a try ourselves. First thing right off the bat that we noticed is their 2 Free Delta 8 samples with any order! This is definitely an awesome opportunity for people who haven’t dipped their toes into Delta 8 THC yet, but we have to warn you: start slow and dose low because these edibles are strong!

We also noticed their extensive selection of Delta 8 gummies with over 11 delicious choices, including popular options like cannaburst gummies, stoner patch gummies, & so much more!

With so many options to choose from, making a decision on which gummies to pick can be challenging!

 Thankfully they have bundle deals you can take advantage of this Black Friday.

The Deal: 11-Pack of 500mg Delta 8 Gummies – ONLY $111 per Bundle 

Black Friday Pricing Breakdown After Discounts

11 Pack of 500mg Edibles (5,500mg THC Total) –  $111

Sale Starts: 11-23-21

Sale Ends: 11-30-21

How to get this deal – Visit or visit the 500mg Delta 8 Gummy Bundle Pack product page. (Free Shipping on orders $200+)

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