Delta 8 THC products have taken the market by storm. Not only has this product been legalized but many also claim that it might just be a lot better than Delta 9. Reason being, it doesn’t make you feel sick or anxious. What more could you possibly need?

What brings around customers time and again is the endless list of options they have for this cannabis-derived compound. You can consumer delta 8 in the form of supplements, mix it into your food, bake desserts and much more.

However, consumers who have a daily intake consider the other alternatives to be mild and though you still get high, they aren’t just isn’t as potent. This is one of the reasons why many people find it best to smoke the dried version of Delta-8. You can easily find a vast variety of cannabis flowers on the market which come in numerous different flavors of their own. This can become quite tough. Especially as a new consumer who has no idea what each flower contains. Which is why we believe it’s imperative for you to make the right choice before you opt for a particular brand or strain.

The products chosen for this list are all legally grown abiding by the 0.3% THC standards. In addition, they are all organic, natural and not artificially contaminated.

Let’s have a look at some of the best Delta-8 flowers you can try:

Bubba OG Kush:

A product by Delta Effex, the Bubba OG Kush is one of the best strains of the Delta 8 Flower you can get your hands on. In terms of taste, you can expect a slight sweet flavor with just a tinge of citrus. The most fascinating feature of this strain is the green and purple, Indica-dominant buds. Since Delta Effex only believes in providing the best of the best to their consumers, you can expect to lay your hands on 100% natural and organic hemp that will aid in decreasing anxiety, serve as a muscle relaxant, reduce inflammation and have mild sedating effects.

Sour Diesel:

Produced by the well-known Delta Effex, the Sour Diesel is a strain that can definitely be trusted. As Delta Effex is recognized for their high-quality products, rating 5 stars on most occasions, you certainly should jump on this bandwagon. However, before you do, we’d like to tell you that the Sour Diesel gained popularity in the 1990’s for the strong scent of Diesel that it brings with it. If you’re someone who can’t stand pungent aroma’s, maybe you should sit this one out. However, if you’re a sucker for strong smells then Sour Diesel can be useful in helping you attain some mental clarity and regain focus to get you through your day as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

ATLRx Delta 8 Flower:

This company, though relatively new in the market, has gained tremendous popularity for their high-quality cannabis products. The company vouches for its all organic, natural hemp flowers that are sourced from several farms across the U.S. The company offers various strains such as Sativa, Indica and other hybrid strains with different levels of Delta 8, nevertheless, keeping with the legal limit. The company also stands with its unmatched quality claims stating that they’re fully transparent with their consumers and to maintain their reputation, they get all their products tested from third-party labs. ALTRx also has some of the best strains including White Runtz, Tahoe OG, Headband and Girl Scout Cookies.

Many customers who have used ALTRx’ products before claim to have had a smooth, subtle high that has helped alleviate stress, pain and insomnia.

Blue Dream:

This strain is a sativa-dominant mixture created by crossing between the flavors blueberry and haze. This strain is perfect for anyone looking to enter Zen mode. You can forget all your worries and stresses once you’ve had a whiff of this. It is known to aid in complete body relaxation as well as mental invigoration, if that is what you’re looking to get out of your experience. Blue Dream is a great option that helps with bodily pain but doesn’t act as a strong sedative. You can expect to taste a slight hint of berry notes that are sure to cure your pain, depression and nausea.

OG Kush:

These are pre-rolled Delta-8 joints produced by Chill Plus who pride themselves on the 100% natural hemp products. With this strain you can expect to feel a slight buzz but also be in control of your senses. Since this flower is designed in a way to serve as a relaxant as well as energy enhancer, you can truly expect to enjoy the best of both worlds. For those of you who smoke regularly, to understand the high a little better, the OG Kush is a blend of the very popular classic Hindu Kush in combination with the California blend.

However, before you begin your hunt for some of the best Delta 8 flowers out there, we’d like to remind you that since Delta 8 is found in very small concentrations in the hemp or marijuana plant, it costs a lot more than the average weed. But if you do have the funds to finance this unforgettable experience, we highly recommend getting one of the strains listed above, from the companies that make them. Delta Effex and ALTRx are at the top of our reliable company list and they offer numerous strains for you to pick from. You have to be sure of what you’re consuming and hence need an extra reliable source to get it from. Lastly, check the dosage on each of these strains. Though they work a lot faster than edibles and you will somewhat have an idea of what to expect within minutes of consuming it, it’s always better to be safe.

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