Best Delta-8 Flower and Pre-Rolls for Total Relaxation  

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Looking for the best delta-8 flower, pre-rolls, and blunts options for relaxing highs? Here are six brands to choose from. 

Let’s be honest: you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to buying delta-8 products these days. So much so, that it can sometimes feel difficult to find which products are right for you — and which ones are any good in the first place. But, that’s why we’re here.

Below, we’ve come up with a list of the best delta-8 flower and pre-rolls to enjoy for the most relaxing, soothing highs. These brands all have crafted high-quality delta-8 infused flower that’s wonderful for getting the couch feeling comfier than ever before. Whether you’re looking for the best brand on a budget, the brand with the strongest effects, or just an overall top-shelf option, we’ve found something for everyone. Let’s get started with our number one pick: Looper. 

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Looper Delta-8 Pre-Rolls 

Looper delta 8 pre rolls

Looper’s delta-8 pre-rolls smoke beautifully, tastes great, and are the perfect price for a top-shelf flower. 

While Looper may only offer four strains for their delta-8 joints, the options that they do offer are some of the best out there. Their pre-rolls are infused with delta-8 as well as THC-O and HHC. Each pre-roll looks, tastes, smells, and smokes just like classic delta-9 flower, and it creates strong effects that are perfect for inducing relaxation. With some of the highest-rated reviews on their D8 flower and comprehensive lab-test results, Looper’s delta-8 flower ranks high among the rest, putting it at our number one spot — easily. 

Buy from Looper for $29.99 (includes seven pre-rolls)


  • Pungent, tasty flower that reminds you of regular D9 buds
  • Smokes smoothly without harsh hits or effects on the lungs
  • Affordable (but not too cheap) price of $29.99 for seven 0.5g joints (3.5g total)
  • Infused with delta-8 THC as well as THC-O and HHC, and rolled in CBD kief, for super potent effects
  • Relaxing indica strain is perfect for calming the nerves and reducing stress levels
  • Perfect for lowering pain levels throughout the body
  • Absolutely no additives involved 


  • Mixed cannabinoids, not ideal if you only want to consume delta-8 THC
  • Only four strain options

Hometown Hero Delta-8 Flower

If you want some potent, powerful effects from your delta-8 flower, then Hometown Hero has the buds for you. 

Hometown Hero offers some of the strongest delta-8 flower we’ve come across. Though pretty pricey, Hometown Hero’s delta-8 flower offers pungent smells and powerful effects that are great for inducing strong couch-lock and heavy relaxation. They offer their flower in two strains, Zero G and Raygun, both perfect for promoting full-body calmness and decompression, especially after a long day. If you have chronic pain — or simply just a high cannabis tolerance — Hometown Hero’s delta-8 flower is likely the best choice for you.  


  • Produces potent effects that are great for experienced consumers or those with high tolerances
  • High-quality flower that smells and tastes like delta-9 flower
  • Great for reducing pain and discomfort
  • Comes in high-quality packaging that preserves the flower
  • 875 mg. per container
  • A portion of each purchase goes to veterans 


  • Extremely expensive at $50-$60 an eighth 
  • Only two (pretty unknown) strain options: Raygun and Zero G
  • Sticky buds make for difficult packing and rolling  

Hi On Nature Delta-8 Flower 

Hi On Nature’s delta-8 flower is one of the best options for pain relief that your joints and muscles will find. 

Looking to get rid of some muscle or joint pain while you relax? Then Hi On Nature’s delta 8 flower is the best option. This $30 eighth is wonderful for promoting calming properties while also washing away aches and pains with a smile on your face. The bud itself smokes well and tastes great, despite being a bit sticky at times. You can choose between three delicious strain options, too: Gushers, Northern Lights, or Sour Glue. 


  • Three delicious strain options to choose from
  • Powerful flower is great for reducing muscle and joint pain
  • Wonderful for sleep support
  • Great for reducing stress and anxiety 
  • Smokes smoothly and has pungent flavors 
  • Packaged well and provides all necessary information 


  • Some consumers may not enjoy the sleepiness it causes
  • Only produces a mild high 
  • Buds can be slightly too sticky

Delta Extrax Pre-Rolls Infused Liquid Diamonds

Enjoy a good joint from time to time? Well, Delta Extrax has the best delta-8 pre-rolls we’ve tried yet. 

Delta Extrax offers a huge selection of delta-8 pre-rolls that are great for helping you feel euphoric, comfortable, and incredibly chill. But, they offer their infused Liquid Diamond pre-rolls that take your D8 experience to a whole new level. These joints are D8 pre-rolls that have been painted with delta-8, delta-9, delta-10, and THCO extract and then rolled in kief to produce the strongest pre-roll journey you’ve had yet. You can choose between five different strains, each one just as potent as the next. Simply put, if you want a powerful pre-roll, Delta Extrax has you covered. 


  • Incredibly strong pre-roll option
  • Pre-rolls are painted with delta-8, delta-9, delta-10, and THCO extract then dipped in kief
  • Five different strain options to choose from
  • Affordable at $19.99 for a 5-pack
  • Effects are strong enough for even the most experienced consumers 
  • Eye-catching, high-quality packaging that protects the product 


  • Only pre-roll options available
  • May be too strong for most consumers 
  • Pre-rolls burn poorly and unevenly 
  • Harsh hits 

Blue Moon Hemp D8 Flower

If you want to save some money while still buying top-shelf delta-8 flower, then Blue Moon Hemp is your place to shop. 

Blue Moon Hemp offers both delta 8 flower and delta 8 moon rocks, and both are at incredibly affordable options. You can indulge in their raw delta 8 flower for just $19.90 for an eighth, and you have three different strains to choose from. This flower is 20% D8 and 16% CBD, making it potent and supportive, helping you feel relaxed and pretty giggly at the same time. 


  • Affordable flower at $19.90 for an eighth
  • Three great strains to choose from: Bubba Kush, Sour Space Candy, and Cowdaddy Crush
  • Each strain produces pungent, unique flavors and scents 
  • Smokes smoothly, just like delta-9 flower
  • All buds are hand-trimmed and don’t contain any additives 
  • Good for reducing anxiety and stress, especially at the end of a long day 


  • Only mild effects
  • Not strong enough for those with high tolerances
  • Bud is quite dry, easily falls apart when handled 

Serene Tree Delta-8 THC Flower

Whether you’re interested in delta-8 pre-rolls, delta-8 flower, or even delta-8 moon rocks, Serene Tree has an impressive selection for you to choose from. 

Serene Tree’s selection of delta-8 flower is truly impressive. They offer raw delta-8 flower in various sizes, as well as moon rocks and joints in several different strains. No matter what kind of flower is your preference, Serene Tree likely has a great option for you. Plus, the brand’s products are quite affordable, making them a wonderful option for beginner consumers who just don’t know what they like most yet. 


  • Huge selection of different flower products
  • Various strains and quantities to choose from
  • Affordable prices across the board 
  • Moon rocks create very potent effects that are great for relaxation and sleep support
  • Good for reducing anxiety and pain 
  • Products produce soothing, sleepy effects 


  • Euphoria and typical psychoactive effects are mild 
  • Flower is very harsh and doesn’t smoke as well as other brands
  • No COA is provided for the raw delta-8 flower

Delta-8 Flower FAQs

In case you’re still curious about delta-8 flower, we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions below. 

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What is delta-8 flower? 

Delta-8 flower is hemp flower that is rich in the delta-8 cannabinoid. Growers can do this by infusing the flower with delta-8 extract after it has been grown and harvested already. The delta-8 cannabinoid is one of many cannabinoids found in cannabis, and it has a mild psychoactive profile.

You smoke delta-8 flower in the same way you would delta-9 flower, and it often looks and tastes indestinguishable from D9. 

How is delta-8 flower made? 

It depends on the grower. Some professionals choose to grow CBD or CBG flower and then infuse it with delta-8 extract, either by dipping it, spraying it, or painting it on the buds or pre-rolls. The actual process will vary from brand to brand, but most producers should be open and transparent about where the delta-8 comes from and how it is infused. 

Does delta-8 flower get you high? 

Yes, delta-8 flower does get you high. Delta-8 is a psychoactive cannabinoid that produces strong supportive effects, as well. However, compared to delta-9 THC, D8 is only about half as potent. So, you’re not going to get as high from 50 mg. of D8 as you would from 50 mg. of D9. But, many consumers enjoy the more gentle, mild highs that delta-8 flower brings. 

What is the most potent delta-8 flower? 

The most potent delta-8 flower on this list comes from Hometown Hero, while the most potent delta-8 pre-rolls are the ones from Delta Extrax. Both of these brands curate strong, effective delta-8 flower that is wonderful for promoting full-body relaxation and a lot of euphoria. 

Does delta-8 smell like delta-9? 

Yes! Your delta-8 flower should smell just like your delta-9 flower, especially if the strains are similar. Delta-8 flower has appearances just like delta-9, and you shouldn’t really be able to tell the difference by just looking at the two. 

However, some delta-8 brands’ flower may not be as pungent or powerful as delta-8 flower, but that’s the company’s fault — not the cannabinoid. 

Is it legal to buy delta-8 flower? 

smoking delta 8 flower

Yes, it is legal to buy delta-8 flower as long as you live in a state that allows D8, and as long as the product complies with the 2018 Farm Bill.

The 2018 Farm Bill states that products derived from hemp are legal as long as they don’t contain more than 0.3% delta-9 THC. So, as long as your delta-8 flower comes from hemp and doesn’t have more than 0.3% D9, you have a federally legal product. Unfortunately, many states have banned delta-8 and delta-8 products, so make sure to check the D8 laws in your area before trying to make a purchase. 

How long does a delta-8 high last? 

How long a delta-8 high lasts is going to depend on two things primarily: the type of product you consumed and your body chemistry.

Some delta-8 products produce longer-lasting highs than others. Because delta-8 flower kicks in immediately, the effects also fade quickly. Your delta-8 high from flower will probably last about an hour or two, maybe up to three if you’re lucky. However, if you consume a delta-8 edible, it will take about 1-2 hours for the effects to work; but, you will be high for up to 8 hours possibly. So, it simply depends. 

Is delta-8 safe to smoke? 

As long as you purchase your delta-8 flower from reputable sources with accurate, accredited lab-test results, it should be safe to smoke your D8 flower. But, you always want to go to extra lengths to ensure that you’re buying from sources that aren’t cutting corners, mislabeling their products, or falsifying their lab reports. Take the time to research the brands you’re buying from and ensure that they are a company you feel you can trust. 

Finding Your Favorite Delta-8 Flower

These days, finding your favorite delta-8 flower can seem impossible — but it doesn’t have to be. When you stick to brands like the ones on this list, you’re able to enjoy top-shelf delta-8 flower and delta-8 pre-rolls at affordable prices and in some incredibly delicious strains. Not all brands produce flower with the quality that these six brands do, so you’re getting to choose from the best of the best.

No matter what, always remember to check for COAs and customer reviews whenever you’re buying delta-8 (or any cannabinoid) products. These will help guarantee that you’re sticking with the best.

The next time you’re in the market for some quality delta-8 flower, turn to one of the brands on this list. From smooth smoking to pungent smells and full-body effects, these are easily some of the best delta-8 flower products on the market today. But, don’t just take our word for it! Try some for yourself today. 

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