Best CBD Vape Starter kit 2022 – Top 5 Brands

CBD Vape Kit

As you may know, CBD products have been in the hemp spotlight for quite some time. Scientifically known as cannabidiol, CBD is known for its unique healing properties and research-backed medicinal benefits that helps distinguish it from its family member, THC. Unlike THC, CBD does not get you high. So it is popular for those that want general feelings of wellness rather than getting stoned. CBD can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, but vaping CBD is among the most effective. CBD Vape Kits make enjoying CBD as simple as possible.  A CBD vape kit is designed to simplify the process of enjoying CBD through vaporization by including all the essential components that you need. This includes a cartridge that is pre-filled with CBD-infused oil or isolate and a compatible battery. Most batteries are pre-charged, which makes these products enjoyable out of the box. CBD vape kits are for those that do not wish to fill cartridges or piece together batteries and carts before enjoying a nice smooth CBD vape session.

Best CBD Vape Starter Kit to Buy in 2022

Finding the best CBD Vape Kit for you can be a little challenging. There are so many different technologies and formulas that different brands follow to create the perfect CBD vape pen! But what if finding a CBD Vape Starter Kit was made easier for you? If you are new to vaping CBD or just want to simplify the process, you are in for a treat.

We did the dirty work to find the best CBD Vape Starter Kits you should add to your stash this year so you don’t have to. A CBD Vape Starter Kit should include the highest-quality hemp-derived CBD and a battery that is functional and effective. Believe it or not, there is a CBD Vape Starter Kit out there for us all. Our list of the best vape kits to buy this year includes a satisfying mix of potencies and strains no matter how you like your CBD.

Pure CBD Vapors Distilled CBD Vape Kit

Your favorite CBD gurus have a CBD vape kit you should try! Pure CBD Vapors was in the hemp industry before it became the place to be. Based in Arizona, Pure CBD Vapors is home to a ton of great products that will satisfy all your CBD needs. Their Distilled CBD Vape Kit is great for vaping beginners and for those that want to make vaping CBD a part of their regular routine. This kit includes a pre-filled cartridge of full-spectrum of CBD and a battery. These cartridges are made with the highest quality CBD and MCT oil. MCT oil is made with a type of fat called medium-chain triglycerides which is most commonly extracted from coconut oil and used as an energizing supplement. This natural boost creates a nice uplifting balance when paired with CBD. There are two different CBD strengths to choose from – 150mg or 300mg. Although these CBD vape cartridges are THC-free, we recommend starting with the lower dose if you are trying CBD for the first time, or if you are new to vaping! You can enjoy the Distilled CBD Vape Kit in 5 different strains including Natural, Pineapple Express, Mango, Sour Diesel, and Skywalker OG all made with natural terpenes. Head over to Pure CBD Vapors and grab a Distilled CBD Vape Kit in a flavor of your choice today.

Americana Uncut CBD Vape Kit

Americana Uncut is an Oregon-based company known for their diverse selection of high-quality, hemp-infused products. While they offer many top shelf hemp-infused products, one of our favorites is their CBD Vape Kit. There is a lot about this kit that makes it one of our top favorites! It features a vape pen that pairscutting-edge technology with the cleanest, undiluted and most bioavailable CBD possible. All Americana Uncut CBD is sourced naturally from hemp and processed to meet the highest standards.

The pen itself is optimized with a 5-click power on setting and adjustable heat settings, so you can vape safely and comfortably. This high-performance pen is also rechargeable and available in 3 different colors– silver, black, and gunmetal.

You might be wondering what more you can ask for in a CBD vape kit. Oh, that’s right… Two different CBD doses to choose from and a variety of naturally delicious strains. The Americana Uncut CBD Vape Kit is available with 325 mg of CBD or 650 mg to match your CBD vape level and preference. You can also choose between 8 delicious terpene profiles including powerful lemon and mint sativa, Trainwreck, juicy strawberry indica, Strawberry Shortcake, deliciously nostalgic hybrid, Fruity Cereal, and more! The Americana Uncut CBD Vape Kit gives you everything you can ask for in a vape kit. Start customizing your CBD vape experience  with the Americana Uncut CBD Vape Kit now at Pure CBD Vapors.

FTP Uncut CBD Vape Kit Set

Are you tired of vape cartridges with artificial flavorings that include agents, like PG and VG? You are not the only one… For The People Uncut CBD Vape Kit Set is made for people like us that prefer raw, organic, and additive free CBD. The FTP Uncut CBD Vape Kit is made entirely of natural ingredients, including pure CBD and naturally-occurring terpenes. This kit comes with a standard and expert level of ​​500 mg or 1000 mg @ 40% CBD.

We love the FTP vape pen because it includes some must-have features like adjustable voltage settings, including a pre-heating setting. We appreciate a good safety-focused vape pen, and the FTP pen is another one that includes a 5-click power on and power off feature. This pen is also rechargeable, and you will know that it needs a charge thanks to a flashing red light that indicates a low battery. Once you charge your FTP vape pen, that light will switch to green and you are good to go!

And like a vape kit that is truly designed for us, there is a wide variety of natural terpene strains to choose from– 14 to be exact. This includes fruity satiating sativas like Sweet Guava and Super Lemon Haze. There are also indicas strains like Candy Cane and your fave, Granddaddy Purp. And also hybrids like Orange Cookies and the clever Strawana, a fusion of strawberry and banana. This is not a strain line up you want to miss out on. Visit Pure CBD Vapors and take your pick from the bunch!

X2 Uncut CBD Vape Kit Set

Want to get your hands on one of the most powerful and potent CBD vapes on the market? CBD For The People released a new vape kit with a potency that will leave you feeling rejuvenated like never before! Their X2 Uncut CBD Vape Kit is among the most potent and favored full-spectrum CBD vape kits out there. It is a total must-have if you are a fan of CBD. It includes a 510 battery that is designed especially for the X2, which packs a generous amount of potent and pure CBD oil. The kit also includes a charger and it is ready-to-use right out the box. The X2 Uncut CBD Vape Kit can be enjoyed with either 750 mg of uncut CBD, or 375 mg. No matter the amount of CBD though, this vape is known to be one of the most powerful on the market. The X2 is available in a fresh range of exclusive terpene blends – 19 to be exact. This includes a colorful collection of sativas, dominants and hybrids for everyone and every mood.  This includes your favorite sativa strain Pineapple Express, must try indicas Dark Silk and Juicy Fruit, and popular hybrids Blue Dream and OG Kush. This varied collection of natural terpene flavors of the X2 Uncut CBD Vape Kit is definitely for the people. You can find these flavors and more for sale on Pure CBD Vapors.

CLEEN CBD Full Spectrum Uncut Vape Kit

The Cleen CBD vape kit includes all you will ever need to enjoy CBD. Cleen CBD is dedicated to making products that use full-spectrum extract. There is nothing that we love more than an organically sourced CBD vape! They follow a plant to product process, so their products are solvent and preservative free. Cleen CBD makes their products using only what the wonderful hemp plant has to offer. Even the terpenes used in the Cleen CBD vape kit are clean.

The pens, on the other hand, are well-designed and built to last. Each kit includes a Cleen 510 thread pre-filled cartridge and vape battery. We love the industrial-like, minimal and sleek design on this CBD pen. Take your pick between three colors including black, gunmetal and stainless steel and enjoy this CBD pen wherever you go. What makes these pens even better is that you can expect a clean hit every single time. This is major because we love pure CBD and we like it smooth! These carts are pre-filled and you can choose between 275 mg or 550 mg CBD.

Speaking of the smooth taste of the Cleen CBD vape kit, there are also 4 terpene profiles to choose from– Wedding Cake, Purple Punch, Platinum OG, and Zkittlez.

If you want a CBD vape kit that is organically sourced from high-quality hemp, the Cleen CBD Vape Kit can be found for purchase on the Pure CBD Vapors website. Thank us later!

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