Both CBD and vaping are children of the previous decade, and someone has found out that they are great playdates. CBD is slowly proving to be a miracle cure of our age, while vaping is the most effective way of consuming CBD. So why not combine them into one? That is what a lot of people are doing and a reason we are going to review the best CBD vape oil options on the market for you. 

CBD as Anxiolytic 

Anxiety is a serious problem nowadays. It affects almost 20 percent of the population, and most of these people are not taking care of it. That is not a wonder considering that pills come with many side effects, and therapy is time-consuming. Many scientific studies strongly suggest that CBD might be an extremely potent anxiety relief medicine. It is one of the main reasons people are so crazy about CBD.

Two main ways to use CBD are via sublingual tincture or by inhaling it. The first option is more natural and long-lasting, but the second one utilizes CBD better and kicks in much faster. And time is of extreme importance when it comes to anxiety. Maybe someone stepped on your toe at work, you are stuck in traffic or you feel suddenly overwhelmed. Either way, you need to dissolve your anxiety soon. And vaping your CBD is the most direct way to do it. 

The Best CBD Vape Juice

When choosing the best CBD vape oil on the market, there is a couple of things you ought to have in mind.

  • It is of utter importance that CBD has to come from organically grown hemp farms.
  • CBD should be extracted using the CO2 extraction method.
  • Your provider should offer easily accessible, independently tested lab results.
  • Your CBD vape oil or liquid should have MCT or TEC temper as a solvent.

Taking these and a couple of other criteria such as CBD concentration, strain choice, presence of THC in the mixture, we have narrowed down our selection to five of the best CBD vape juice options. 

  1. Try The CBD

Try The CBD offers some of the best CBD vape juice on the market. Their products entirely cover our high standards and even set some of their own. The CBD vape oil they provide is grown from Colorado-based hemp farms. They extract their CBD oil by utilizing the highest quality extraction, which uses carbon dioxide, low temperature and high pressure to get the purest CBD of the highest quality. When it comes to vaping, they provide either disposable CBD vape pens,  disposable cartridges or CBD vape juice for more advanced vaping devices like mods and squonks. Both the pre-filled cartridges and the juices are infused with natural CBD free of any THC, mixed with natural terpenes to get the taste of some of your favorite strains like Gorilla Glue #4, Pineapple Express, O.G. Kush and others. There are two main differences between cartridges and CBD vape juice. Pre-filled cartridges come in a smaller dose packs — 300-500 mg per cartridge — while the CBD vape juice packs come in doses of 1,000 mg or 3,000 mg. Also, CBD in vape pen cartridges is mixed with TEC temper, which is a natural mix of terpenes, that guarantee a smooth vaping experience. CBD vape oil bottles, on the other hand, contain MCT ( medium-chain triglycerides), which are naturally occurring fats such as coconut oil or palm kernel oil that increase the bioavailability of CBD. It makes you utilize more CBD than you would with another solvent. All of this makes Try The CBD indeed the best choice for anxiety relief. Also worth noting, they are currently offering a “buy one, get second at 50 percent” action. 

2. HealthworxCBD

HealthworxCBD provides 100 percent organic Colorado farmed and distilled CBD, free of any pesticides or heavy metals. Their CBD vape oil is free of THC, all of which is confirmed with easily accessible third lab test results on their page. HealthworxCBD offers both CBD vape juice mixed with MCT and CBD vape cartridges and vape pens with TEC temper. The factor that gives Healthworx an edge is grater choice of strains, like Banana Kush or Durban Poison.

On the other hand, they provide their CBD vape juice only in the 1,000 mg option. Either way, whatever you choose, you will get a top-notch CBD vape product. It’s like the Beatles or The Stones. You’ll never go wrong. Both are world-class, and the choice only depends on your personal preference.

3. Vapenterps

These guys are crazy about both vapes and terps (terpenes). Unfortunately, they do not offer CBD vape oil for refillable mods yet (coming soon though!), but their CBD vape pen choice is truly fantastic. After making sure their product is of  100 percent organic, top quality and a third lab tested, we were taken away by the array of different tastes (strains) they offer. These guys love their terps. Each of their 33 (in words: thirty-three!) different strains of CBD vape oil cartridges provides a unique mix of different terpenes that not only benefit your health but also modify the effect of CBD on you. While the GG#4 will give you a full-relaxing effect, Blue Dream will make you feel euphoric and energized. OG Kush will improve your focus and give you that motivational spark you need, and Strawnana will make you relaxed, happy and a bit hungry.  You can have fun just by reading through these diverse strains, let alone tasting them. All of these cartridges are filled with 500 mg of CBD, amounting to 1 ml per puff. All in all, one of the best CBD vape options there is. 

4. CBDfx

These guys have been on the market since 2014 — almost from the beginning of the CBD vaping movement. What makes these guys amazing is that they offer great CBD vaping devices. Their CBD vape kit is a great and affordable option that specializes in vaping CBD oil. Besides, their CBD vape juice and vape pens are a quality option as well. Their vape pens come in a lower concentration of CBD (30 mg and 50 mg) than the previously mentioned brands, which makes them a good place to start if you are an absolute beginner. The only downside to their products is that they use propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine (PG and VG) as solvents, which are not as good as MCT and TEC temper are.

5. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs are for experienced users. They do not offer CBD vape pen options, only CBD oil for vaping mods. Another peculiarity of Hemp Bombs is that they provide full-spectrum hemp CBD vape oil. It means that the oil in their juice contains other cannabinoids besides CBD, including THC. And it ensures that you get the full-spectrum effect of vaping CBD. Depending on what you want, this can be a plus or a minus. Like CBDfx, they also use PG and VG as solvents, which is why they are only fifth. But still, their products are of good quality.

Final words

Whichever choice out of these you make, you will get a high-quality, safe CBD vape product. Nevertheless, CBD does have some minor side effects. It does interact with certain drugs, so be sure to consult your physician before starting to vape your anxiety away. 

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