Best CBD Oil On The Market: Top 5 CBD Oils & Tinctures Online In 2022

Chronic pains, anxiety, and sleeping disorders are common occurrences in these trying times. Many people resort to remedies or medicinal solutions to cope with these problems. Some work, while others are more trouble than they’re worth. Among the countless solutions in the market, hemp-derived CBD products have made a name for itself. It has recently gained much popularity, with users citing it as a highly effective and safe solution compared to other options in the market.

To some, it is a wonder drug that can work miracles in the body. As a result of this growing popularity, the US market has become saturated with CBD oil and related products. Therefore, nearly all CBD companies are trying to make one product that outshines the rest of the competition. Most CBD oil-producing companies use a full-spectrum CBD oil extraction method. This technique extracts all organic compounds from hemp. However, improper extraction methods can result in toxic byproducts ending up in the final product.

So, third-party lab tests are an essential tool to determine the makeup of what you’re buying. Apart from these criteria, you have to look out for factors such as the manufacturing process from start to finish. It’s not an easy job. All companies claim their hemp oil is better than the rest, but verifying these claims is not an easy job. You need to conduct thorough research to compare the products on the market.

However, not everyone has the time or skills to carry out this complex task. So, you end up wanting to buy a product but don’t know who to trust. That’s where we come in. We’ve worked hard to dig through the offerings in the market to save you the trouble. We give you the results so you can shop with confidence, knowing that you’re going to get exactly what you buy. So, how did we manage all of this?

The Top 5 CBD Oil Vendors 

Here are the top 5 picks we made after sifting through a sea of products and services.

  1. Exhale Wellness Best CBD Oil Products, Editor’s Choice
  2. Bud PopHigh-Quality and Most Potent CBD Oil
  3. Cheef BotanicalsOrganic CBD Oil for Chronic Pain
  4. Hollyweed CBDBest CBD Oil Brand with Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  5. FAB CBDPure, Natural Flavors CBD Tinctures for Pain Relief

#1. Exhale Wellness: Best CBD Oil Products, Editor’s Choice

Exhale Wellness is first on the list because it performs well in all areas. It’s a great all-rounder that will satisfy most users. This LA-based company owns a team of highly professional experts who aim to spread wellness worldwide. Moreover, their researchers and cannabis experts have been making organic products for many years. They know what they’re doing, so you can bet the products will be effective.

As the company uses CO2 extraction, its product purity is among the highest in the markets. Therefore, the brand is an ideal choice for people who are obsessed with purity. The clean extraction ensures you don’t consume any potentially toxic chemicals. You get to enjoy your CBD oil with peace of mind.


Third-Party Lab Testing: Exhale Wellness uses third-party lab tests to prove their products contain exactly what is advertised. The involvement of a third party ensures that the results are impartial, eliminating the possibility of interest-driven tampering with the analytical results. What’s more, the brand also posts these results on its website. You’re free to check them and verify everything is above board before making your purchase.

No Additives: Exhale Wellness fulfills the promise of natural organic products. The experts and professional producers ensure that the end product only contains what you expect to find in a hemp plant. They work with farmers in Colorado to provide high-quality harvests without compromising on their promise.

A Detailed Dosage Chart: Exhale Wellness has provided a detailed dosage chart for improving customer experience. This chart is easily accessible and informative for starting, regular and strong dosages. Not only this, but they also cover the dosage quantities for gummies and delta-8 soft gel. You can use this as a starting guide until you gain more experience.

Professional Team: Exhale wellness has a team of highly professional people who know what they’re doing. Their expertise means the product formulations are balanced and safe for human consumption. Focused experience has given them the insight they need to meet all the demands of CBD oil customers. Therefore, you know you’re not dealing with amateurs who might make a mistake.


  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Full-spectrum
  • Clean CO2 extraction
  • Different Potencies available
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • Third-party testing 


  • No flavors
  • Basic taste may not suit all people

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop: High-Quality and Most Potent CBD Oil

BudPop is a relatively new company in hemp circles. It rose in response to the lackluster offerings in the market to fill the gap with excellent products and services. They made it their mission to create hemp products that are safe and organic from the very start. BudPop keeps a close eye on the whole process, from seed formation to manufacturing and the end-user experience. Therefore, they can tailor their offerings to better match client expectations.

Despite being a new player, the company has already made a name for itself. It has carved out a niche by offering high-quality products and excellent customer support. If there’s a player disrupting the market, BudPop would be on the top list of contenders. Their rising success may elevate their rank very soon.


High-Quality non-GMO Products: At BudPop, the issue of product quality is given the utmost importance. The professionals here make sure not to compromise on quality. A strict series of quality control checks ensure that mistakes are minimized.

Multiple Flavors: At BudPop, you don’t have to settle for the basic earthy taste. You can make consuming CBD oils a bit easier by choosing one of the many flavors they offer. These will help you down your fix without making you gag or leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

Exceptional Customer Support: BudPop’s customer support is one of the primary reasons why it has such a high place on our list. The money-back guarantee and the quick shipping means you can test different products before settling on what you like. So, with all assurance, what have you got to lose?

Infusions: The oil comes infused with coconut oil and terpenes. This helps improve the overall experience of consuming CBD oil while also giving you a little nutritional boost. While not overly strong, these compounds can provide a complimentary delight to your CBD experience.


  • Money-back guarantee 
  • Multiple flavors
  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • No additives and non-GMO


  • Pricier than other products
  • CBD tincture only offers two flavors
  • Only ships to select US states

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop

#3. Cheef Botanicals : Top-Rated, Organic CBD Oil for Chronic Pain

Cheef Botanicals is third on the list. After seeing the devastating side effects of traditional medicines, Cheef Botanicals stepped in to provide a healthy solution. They use a full-spectrum extraction method which ensures that the end product contains all the goodness you have come to expect from CBD. Aside from the CBD, you may get a benefit from the other compounds thrown into the mixture.

What’s more, the company offers multiple sizes and potencies. This means every user, from beginner to expert, can find something to suit their needs. You just need to pick out something that fits your specific requirements, and you’re good to go.


Variable Potency: Beginners and experts require different potency levels due to varying tolerance levels. Some people can get by on a lower dose, while others need something stronger. With Cheef Botanicals, you don’t need to worry; you can pick out something that matches your dosage needs. 

Limited to No Taste: You no longer have to worry about the earthy taste commonly associated with CBD oil consumption. Cheef Botanicals offers you CBD oil that you can enjoy with food or mix in a drink. This is ideal for situations where you just want the positive effects but can’t stand drinking something that tastes like medicine.

No Dietary Restrictions: You need not worry about breaking ethical or religious practices. The organic and vegan nature of CBD oil means you can enjoy a relaxing day without having to disturb your conscience. Responsible consumerism is a big part of sustainable living, and Cheef Botanicals does what it can to help the cause.

No Artificial Colors or Flavors: You get what you see. The lack of any synthetic colors or flavors means your oil is not cut or diluted by unnecessary compounds. This allows you to experience the CBD oils in their original and untainted state. Plus, you avoid the potentially harmful health effects associated with artificial colors and flavors.


  • Online information guide
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Variable Potency 
  • Bundle Discount
  • Free and fast shipping


  • No flavor variety 
  • Multiple dosage options may confuse newcomers

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Cheef Botanicals

#4. Hollyweed CBD: Best CBD Oil Brand with Anti-Inflammatory Properties 

With a name that has puns and a website with a user-friendly interface, Hollyweed came fourth on our list. However, the company is known for more than just its sense of humor. It’s also a strong player in the hemp market. Hollyweed is deeply involved with all parts of the manufacturing process. This oversight is what allows them to adapt quickly to the market.

The company uses hemp grown on the most fertile soils. Professionals monitor the progress to ensure that only the best plants are selected. This allows them to carefully control each step, resulting in an effective and safe product.


Organic: Hollyweed keeps a close eye on its production and growing process. This allows the company to employ the best agricultural practices to maximize the goodness inside the plants. You can rest easy knowing your pure CBD oil is free from any herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides.

Blog and Information Center: The company has a dedicated blog where it regularly posts vital information and guides on using its products. These can help newcomers clear up any confusion and decide what dosage they want to take. This resource is especially great for those who may have some problems using CBD oil and other CBD products.

Affiliate Program to Earn More: The company is so confident in its products it offers an affiliate program. Users can refer other people and earn a commission in return. This feature alone sets Hollyweed apart from most companies. You can help your friends and make some money; it’s a win-win for all involved.

User-Friendly Experience: From the website, shopping experience, and all the way to customer support. Every step is polished to make things as streamlined and straightforward as possible. This makes shopping at Hollyweed a fun experience in and of itself. You can find what you’re looking for and order something without running into any confusion.


  • Third-party lab testing 
  • Full-spectrum oil
  • No harmful additives or preservatives
  • Multiple potency levels
  • Hemp seed oil infusion


  • Only available online
  • No flavors

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed CBD

#5. FAB CBD Oil: Pure, Natural Flavors CBD Tinctures for Pain Relief

FAB CBD started producing hemp-based products in 2017 and has gained much appreciation over this short period. The premium quality hemp is grown organically on the fertile lands of Colorado. The manufacturing process does not use any further harmful additives. This helps keep the final product pure and effective. 

The CBD oils and other hemp-derived products of FAB CBD come in multiple flavors and choices. It is an excellent opportunity for those who dislike earthy flavors to try and experiment. The wide variety of flavors means everyone will find something that suits their fancy. What’s more, the marking on the dropper can help you get a precise dosage without the need for any other tool. As such, the bottle makes for a great travel companion for those long road trips with messed-up sleep schedules.


Beginner-friendly FAQ section: FAB CBD took this initiative to provide their customers with a detailed question-answer session. Many buyers are often hesitant owing to their lack of knowledge. FAB CBD offers detailed explanations for frequent questions. This helps educate customers while also helping them realize how to use CBD oils better. The company keeps updating its website to address queries presented by users.

CO2 Extraction: FAB CBD uses the CO2 extraction method to deliver the pure and high-quality products they promise their customers. The gas acts as a solvent and carries the compounds in a solution. The lack of harsh chemical agents means that no toxic residue is left behind after the process is complete. This contributes to a cleaner taste and a more effective CBD oil product.


  • Multiple flavors
  • Third-party lab tests and results
  • CO2 extraction
  • Clean taste
  • Multiple potency levels


  • Possible late response to inquiries
  • Free shipping only applies to orders of $99 or more

⇒ Visit the Official Website of FAB CBD

How We Made a List of the Best CBD Tinctures?

Choosing the right product from a pool of options is never easy. However, this process can become manageable if you set some parameters and judge the products accordingly. Therefore, we use criteria specially chosen to weed out any vendors who fall short of the mark.

What We Looked For 

We looked for the following features to get the best-in-class products and services.

  • Authentic Company Background: Given the mass popularity of CBD products, there is a rush to grab customers. Due to this, companies are popping up all the time to get a share of the profits. However, this also means that some sell their products despite falling short of the rigorous health and safety standards as required by law and expected by the customers. To overcome this concern, we did a careful background check on all companies. Furthermore, we made sure dedicated and professional people ran the enterprise.
  • Lab Testing and Transparent Results: Lab tests are the most straightforward way to determine what’s inside a product. Without third-party lab testing, there is always a chance that your CBD oil may be contaminated with harmful substances. Thus, purchasing a CBD product without seeing the proof of purity and safety is a mistake. This concern can be eased out with proper lab and third-party testing. Furthermore, the company should openly publish these lab results for everyone to see. If they don’t, they may be hiding something.
  • Customer’s Response: With the growth in online shopping, customer reviews have become an invaluable way to verify the authenticity of a product. They’re one of the first things people check when deciding whether to buy something. So, we sourced the internet for genuine customer reviews. These gave us an idea of what was happening at the ground level. Furthermore, we looked for companies focusing on customer support to ensure complete satisfaction.
  • Extraction Process: Finally, the extraction process is one feature that determines the safety and quality of the end product. Three main approaches can be followed to extract CBD from hemp. These are; CO2 extraction, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum extractions. Among these, CO2 and full-spectrum extraction are the most efficient. Therefore, a company that aims to create the best product relies on efficient and clean extraction methods for the greatest customer satisfaction and experience.

Buying Guide for Best CBD Oil Brands

While looking for the best CBD oil, you need to check the presence or absence of some key features. If you see that the company you are looking at contains these qualities, there is a chance that you’re in the clear. We have mentioned some factors you should consider before patronizing a company.

The Potency of the Product 

CBD oils come in different concentrations. A beginner and an expert user will both require different strengths. You need to ensure what you buy is within your tolerance limit. The last thing you want is to end up consuming too much CBD oil and end up causing potential medical complications. Also, it is generally a good idea to consult your doctor. A company that does not clearly state the potency of a product could spell trouble for you. Transparency is key, especially with products like CBD oil.

Extraction Method 

The quality of the end product depends on the extraction method the company uses. CO2 is a popular approach that is both safe and clean. A full-spectrum process also extracts additional complementary compounds that can work in tandem with the CBD to improve overall effects. Therefore, you need to decide what specific type of CBD oil you want to consume. As a rule of thumb, avoid going for any CBD oils that have undergone extensive processing with multiple chemicals. These can leave a residue behind, get absorbed into the body, and potentially cause adverse side effects. Always check the extraction process to ensure you’re not gambling with your health.

Company History

Company history plays a significant part in showing the reliability of a brand. Those with an established history demonstrate they have been here long enough to know what they’re doing. New companies form all the time, and only good ones can last for a longer period. Therefore, brands after your money at all costs will slowly get found and ejected from the market. Therefore, buying from a new company is akin to a gamble. Whenever possible, try to go for a brand with a good track record.

However, in some cases, exceptions apply. Try ordering a small sample if you really want to buy from a new brand. If the results turn out great, you can order a larger batch. If not, then you can leave a review and help others avoid the same fate. Either way, you won’t end up out of pocket. Also, try to check if the company has professional staff. It will let you know if the brand knows what it’s doing.

Vegan Option 

This factor is only applicable to vegan people. Many companies on the market are making vegan CBD products. You just need to reconsider our suggestions. However, if you are going vegan because of a health choice, make sure the brand is clearly certified as vegan before taking the plunge. A brief skim of the ingredients list and some online searching should help you figure out all the ingredients of the product you’re eyeing.

Customer Support 

The customer support of any company shows its responsibility and respect towards its patrons. To observe the quality of a brand’s customer support, the best thing you can do is look for the client’s feedback. Most websites will have a separate page dedicated to customer reviews. For a more impartial review, you can even visit third-party websites not under the control of the brand. Read reviews across the 1-5 star ratings to better understand the brand’s practices.


CBD oils can be a bit pricey because their production method is quite complicated. However, with a little bit of research and comparison of companies, you may find something in your budget. Still, if a deal sounds too good to be true, then you shouldn’t take the chance. Scammers and fraudsters lure in victims with promises of cheap products.

In the end, you only lose money and may harm your health. Do not compromise on your health to save a few dollars. The quality stuff costs more because it is worth it. Buy from reputable brands and look out for regular sales. 

Top CBD Products: FAQs

Q1. Is it possible to get high after taking CBD oil? 

No, you can not get high on CBD oil. The legalized CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC, not enough to get you high. Consuming this amount daily and any time of the day will not make you high. So, yes, you can take your CBD dosage at the start without worrying you’ll get high. 

Q2. Is a daily dose of CBD oil harmful?

No, a daily dose of CBD oil is not harmful. In fact, it can potentially provide you with many health benefits. Stress management, pain reduction, better sleep, and anxiety control are some of the main potential benefits of daily CBD oil intake. Moreover, according to a study by WHO, no one has ever reported a physical dependence on CBD oil, which makes it safe to consume daily. In fact, some people club their daily dose of CBD oil with the best testosterone booster for better results and increase testosterone level. 

Q3. Why are CBD products so expensive? 

The price of any product is directly related to the manufacturing process. Furthermore, producing a pure and organic CBD product is very demanding. Moreover, growing hemp plants and taking care of the crop while meeting organic requirements is labor-intensive. Plus, you also have to factor in the quality control and lab tests. All of these factors bump up the price of the final product.

Q4. Does adding flavor reduce the quality of CBD oil? 

No, adding flavor does not affect the overall quality of CBD oil. In fact, it can enhance the experience of the user. Many beginners find it difficult to ingest oil that has an earthy taste. So, to cope with this issue, companies may add flavors to help users down the oil without leaving a bad taste in their mouth. Adding these flavors does not alter the functioning or quality of the product in any way. 

Q5. What if I accidently ingest an entire bottle of CBD oil? 

You will certainly not die from taking a whole bottle of CBD oil. There have been many other cases of accidental overdoses. For instance, users experienced diarrhea, drowsiness, an upset stomach, or fatigue. Moreover, some also experienced an altered appetite, but nothing serious. There has been no death ever linked to an overdose of CBD oil.

However, it is not something that you should take lightly or try to do at home. 

Q6. Can I take CBD oil with other medications? 

A straightforward answer to this question is, no. You should not take CBD oils with other drugs. Many think that CBD oil and other drugs cannot cause harm as they might have different mechanisms of action in the body. However, they may still interact. Moreover, some medicines should never be mixed with CBD oils. Therefore, you should always consult your doctor if you’re taking any medication. 

Q7. Where can I buy legal CBD oil?

According to some states of the US, CBD products with less than 0.3% THC are legal. You can easily find them online on multiple trusted websites. These will have the products delivered to your doorstep without having you leave your home. However, if you need something quick, you can head to your pharmacy or retail store.

Conclusion: 5 Best CBD Oil Brands Online

While we have not yet discovered everything about CBD oils, these hemp-derived products are getting very popular. Many people use these oils daily to help them deal with issues and report satisfactory results. The long list of recommendations and positive feedback has created a serious hype in the market. However, caution should be exercised until further developments are made. 

Until then, users should practice harm reduction and stick to safer consumption methods. If in doubt, always consult your doctor as they can give you advice specifically tailored to your needs. The list above should give you a good start. You can buy from the brands we listed, or you can try and scour the internet with the helpful tips we present in the article.

Either way, you’re going to come out satisfied. Stay safe and happy shopping.

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