CBD for Pets: How CBDistillery™ Full Spectrum CBD Oil Pet Tinctures Saved My Dog

I have a nervous dog. While she is a rescue, she was born into a foster home and has never actually been on the streets; she spent her formative weeks in a comfortable home in the hills, wanting for nothing. Despite her upbringing and constant companionship, her deep-rooted anxiety became clear from the moment we adopted her. From nervous scratching to nonstop barking and mild leash aggression, we have been through it all with our sweet Murphy girl. 

Like all good pet parents, we’ve tried everything from calming treats to heavier anti-anxiety medication prescribed by her vet. Nothing really works, though she does love the treats! With a toddler and new baby in our house, lowering Murphy’s stress levels is a priority. In my search for a remedy that would be healthy and helpful, I came across several trusted sources recommending CBD for pets. I researched how CBD interacts with my pets endocannabinoid system to help regulate her mood, and decided to look further. When I inquired about the best CBD for pets, I kept being referred to CBDistillery™ Full Spectrum CBD Oil Pet Tinctures. 

Unbiased pet tincture reviews

Like most, I heavily rely on unbiased reviews to help make purchasing decisions. These two reviews for CBDistillery™ Full Spectrum CBD Oil Pet Tincture 150mg, 30ml caught my eye, ultimately giving me the push I needed to add the CBD for pets product to my cart: 

It has really helped my dog Sadie a lot, she has separation anxiety really bad but after giving this CBD oil to her in the morning, she is relaxed more.” – Sandra W.

This sounds just like my Murph. More now than ever, she experiences really bad separation anxiety. Because we are home all the time – due to California’s COVID-19 quarantine – the times we do step out to check the mail or take the kids around the block, Murphy loses her mind. We can hear her barking a mile away and always have to rush back to soothe her and avoid angering our neighbors. 

“We purchased this for our friends kitty that’s super nervous around other people she literally runs and hides whenever anyone comes over, we recently got feedback from her that’s she’s been around more often it helps her feel calm she loves the taste of it and actually runs up to her owner when it’s time for her CBD dose, thanks for a wonderful safe product!” – Elizabeth A.

Elizabeth’s review for the CBD pet tincture is what sealed the deal for me, as I also have a cat. And while she doesn’t need CBD, I am all too familiar with how picky and difficult cats can be when it comes to coercing them to ingest anything they don’t want to. Murphy is pretty much the same, so if a cat will take this CBD happily, then she certainly will as well. 

Murphy is extremely picky. Used to begging scraps off our charitable toddler, getting her to swallow anything that isn’t to her liking has become impossible. We had tried a popular brand’s CBD chews once before to dismal results. She won’t eat them, and now won’t eat anything in a pill pocket either she distrusts them so much. What we needed was a CBD for pets product that was easy to administer, effective, and would provide relief for the anxieties our dog was facing. 

Choosing CBD products you trust

As a leading CBD brand, I am not surprised that CBDistillery™had such great and helpful reviews for its Full Spectrum CBD Oil Pet Tinctures. Their CBD is honestly labeled and high-quality hemp-derived. With no gimmicks or tricky marketing, you can check the quality for yourself right on their webpage; they share third-party tested lab results on every item in their inventory so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you want. Pets are family, so it’s important that when you try CBD for pets, you’re giving them a brand like CBDistillery™ that’s honest, trusted, and established. 

CBDistillery™ Full Spectrum CBD Oil Pet Tinctures are available in two different strengths, 5mg and 20mg per dose. Sourced from non-GMO industrial hemp grown in the USA through natural farming practices, the CBD oil used is hemp extract suspended in hempseed oil. Hemp seed oil is safe for pets and aids in easy digestion, a quality that was especially important to me. Given with a meal twice a day, I found that my normally fussy pup suffered no digestive issues when she took her meals with this CBD pet oil. 

How CBD helped calm our dog

For our household, CBDistillery™ Full Spectrum CBD Oil Pet Tincture was just what our dog needed to calm down. It seemed to take the edge off, and she was easier to soothe, and her normal triggers like a ring baby or a ringing doorbell, didn’t agitate her as easily. While we still have work to do when it comes to training and serration anxiety, CBDistillery™ Full Spectrum CBD Oil Pet Tincture provided us the start and push we needed to really be able to do lasting work with our dog. 

When it comes to dog training, we are now able to be proactive instead of just reactive, all thanks to the calming effects of CBDistillery™ CBD for pets. 

If you have an animal like ours, with a sensitive stomach and anxiety, I highly recommend the CBDistillery™ Full Spectrum CBD Oil Pet Tincture. Incredibly easy to administer, the effects of this CBD product for pets makes me wish I had found it sooner. It’s a budget-friendly, natural way to calm your pet and give them the support they need to not only feel better, but live better. 

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