With CBD taking the past couple of years by storm, it hasn’t exactly been traditional marijuana flower that’s taken the top spot. 

As CBD’s popularity has largely come from those who either never tried traditional marijuana or prefer CBD’s more calming, non-psychoactive effects, the largest group of consumers prefer to have their doses via edibles or oils. And as gummies have exploded as a premiere choice amongst old and new CBD users alike, we decided to take a look at what the top products on the market might be. 

By surveying CBD users, thought leaders, industry experts, and fellow CBD companies alike, we compiled what we believe to be the top 40 choices for you to consider when shopping for CBD gummies. Check them out below:

Verma Farms

One of our favorite gummies, hands down…Verma Farms has perhaps some of the richest lineups of THC-Free, tasty gummies out there. They’ve gained significant notoriety for their world famous CBD Gummy Rings.

Over the past year, they’ve really built out their selection to be one of the most diverse on the market, including everything from sour worms to sugar-free teddy bears. Oh, and if you’re a fan of dry fruits, they’ve got you covered in that category as well, offering interesting selections like Pineapple, Rainbow, and Overall, their products are some of the most consistent quality on the market, and with a selection of starter packs as well, is an easy brand to dive into.

Penguin CBD

In a short amount of time, Penguin has established itself as one of the most reliable CBD companies around. They offer a great selection of CBD consumables that include oils, creams, capsules, and gummies. All of their products are made with top-quality hemp grown in Oregon, using sustainable farming methods without any pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.


One of the most reputable suppliers in CBD, Koi has a great pack of soft gummies. Coming in either regular or sour flavors, they additionally offer packs in either six or 20, which all come in 10 mg per gummy. As one of the most popular CBD brands on the market, Koi has an excellent reputation for quality and should be noted as a top choice for your CBD gummy. For a full-spectrum choice, Koi is one of our favorites, bringing in a powerful punch that’s combined with a solid lineup of other ingredients…hosting an enjoyable experience for any CBD fan.

Premium Jane

Expect all the stops to be pulled out with a name like Premium Jane. As a CBD company, they’re noted for hosting pretty top-tier ingredients, bringing on organic, high-quality hemp that packs a decent dosage too. At 25mg per gummy, Premium Jane’s pricing at $55 for 750mg isn’t bad, especially considering how they use organic ingredients like carrots, pumpkins, and black currant, as well as organic sugar too. Overall, the types of ingredients and dosage make Premium Jane a top competitor on the market, and should definitely be a consideration for your CBD arsenal on your day-to-day. 


Yumi is a gummy company first and foremost, but offer a CBD variety called Recover and De-Stress, which they’ve designed to help deal with calming your mind and healing your body, reducing stress and inflammation. Each bottle comes in either a 300mg (30 gummies) or 600mg (60 gummies) variety, which they view as a one month or two month supply. Additionally, Yumi’s Recover and De-Stress also is vegan-friendly and palm oil-free, being made with ingredients that are a little more traditional to regular gummies. As we said, Yumi is a gummy company first, which means if you’re looking for a CBD product made by those more in the candy industry than the CBD industry, this is still a strong choice amongst cannabinoid fans.


Although they only have two offerings, cbdMD is a premier brand when it comes to CBD. Coming in at 300mg or 750mg bottles respectively, cbdMD sources broad-spectrum CBD from USA grown hemp. Offering 10mg per gummy, the pricing of $29.99 and $69.99 give a pretty fair deal considering the ingredients practically all come from organic sources, which is a refreshing change. All-in-all, cbdMD has more good to what they’re offering than bad, which makes them a fair choice for newbies and long-time CBD fans alike; check them out if you’re looking for a boost from a gummy that doesn’t play around with quality.

Royal CBD

With a name like Royal, the expectation for quality is that of royalty. From our perception, this is accurately true, with Royal CBD being one of the tastier varieties we’ve come across. Currently offering a deal of their 300mg (10mg, 30 count) at $54.99, Royal has a great assortment of prices to consider, with bulk pricing available if you buy 2 or more bottles as well…which is perfect for those looking for a deal. Coming in with the three flavors strawberry, orange, and grape, this simple, but effective CBD offering is as solid as they come.

Happy Hemp

Happy Hemp offers a lineup of CBD candies and gummies that are just as fun as their brand. Currently, their products on the chewy side include red licorice, a gummy party pack, regular gummies, cherry gummies, peach rings, rainbow pieces, sour gummies, sour worms, and regular gummies. Furthermore, each offering comes in different sizes, including 750mg, 1500mg, and 3000mg, giving you enough versatility to get the dosages you desire. For one of the more extensive CBD gummy companies, Happy Hemp knows where it’s at for CBD users, relaying the best in taste, dosage, and variety.

Kats Botanicals

Although they might look small, Kat’s Botanicals CBD gummies are one of a kind. Coming in at $15.99 per pack, they’re one of the more budget-friendly options on the list, and are offered in two captivating flavors as well, which include Watermelon and Blue Raspberry. For contents, Kats uses organically grown industrial hemp from Colorado, which is non-GMO and allergy-free. For a company that puts a lot of care into its service, Kats has a product that’s accessible to new and old CBD users alike, providing a unique product that the industry has overwhelmingly fallen in love with.

Just CBD

With a name like Just CBD, the answer to what it’s their products should come as no surprise. Yes, Just CBD are masters of the cutting away process, enabling you to have a CBD experience with your gummies that’s both well-worth the buy without any of the fancy frills. As a pretty pure product, Just CBD offers gummies in bears, party packs, rings, and sour worms, which all come in different varieties between 250-1,000mg packs. Plus, with their lineup starting at $19.99, they’re one of the more affordable CBD companies on the app, and definitely a great edible to consider if you’re a daily user.

Green Roads World

As a brand that’s become synonymous with CBD, Green Roads World has one of the best lineups of CBD gummies on the market. Currently offering gummy bears, fruit bites, and froggies, the best part about Green Roads is that they have diversified their lineup of gummies to include such specialties like Sleepy Z’s, their melatonin infused gummy, as well as different “On The Go” packs that start at $4.95. While it’s still smart to buy in bulk, Green Roads World Drives a hard bargain with their to-go packs, providing convenience for those looking for a CBD supplier that can accommodate a busy schedule.

Charlotte’s Web

An OG name in CBD, Charlotte’s Web comes from the story of Charlotte Figi, a young girl who had Dravet syndrome that was cured by CBD (specifically, a high CBD, low THC plant, which is how we got the name Charlotte’s Web for the strain). Naming your company after such an integral part of the CBD community is a big step, however, it is well earned by Charlotte’s Web. Their gummies include Calm, Sleep, and Recovery, as well as variety packs, which give you a wide range of products to choose from that can help tremendously. The best part about Charlotte’s Web? If you don’t know which CBD is best for you, they have a quiz to help in aiding that choice, providing the right relief every time.

Highline Wellness

While their lineup is pretty straightforward, Highline Wellness has two very, very well-designed CBD gummies. Currently offering Day and Night, both are a great value (especially for the subscription pricing), which are made from scratch, and are gluten-free as well. It’s worth noting that Night is melatonin-infused, enabling you to rest and get to sleep much easier and more efficiently. At 10mg per gummy, their 300mg bottle starting at $37.99 is competitive, but still a little pricey; however, coming with a valuable product overall.

Medix CBD

With four delicious offerings, Medix CBD has its bases covered. Currently, they have gummy bears, sour bears, rainbow bites, and sour snakes, which are all great staples of the candy family. As their prices are a firm $16.99-$49.99 depending on the dosage, their products feature a full spectrum dosage in combination with regular candy ingredients and flavoring. While they don’t necessarily aim to be the healthy, all-natural, or organic CBD company, Medix CBD does offer a great price for the products they do have, offering an alternative from the premium brands.


One of the most attractive offerings on our list, CBDfx is a stellar brand for your CBD needs. What we like the most about CBDfx is their options are all based around making the best experience for the user, complete with a plan version, one with turmeric and spirulina, as well as a melatonin sleep aid gummy too. They additionally have $9.99 8 count packages too, which are perfect for when you’re on the go. As a company that utilizes all-natural and organic ingredients to create the perfect vegan gummy, CBDfx is a choice we highly recommend you don’t sleep on for your needs.


For all the vegans out there, Fab CBD is an excellent choice for the price. Their offerings include chews that have organic ingredients including cane sugar, tapioca syrup, grape juice, as well as other alternatives. For a dosage of 750mg, their organic, all-natural choice is one that health fans have been applauding over in the CBD world.


With two solid offerings, CBDistillery has CBD Nighttime as well as a regular CBD Gummies in their arsenal, which both come in 30mg dosages at a 25 count. Additionally, both products are proudly vegan, meaning they can be enjoyed by the masses. And as the Nighttime specifically has melatonin as a sleep aid, the two versions are perfectly suited for any user, with CBDistillery coming out with a product that is one of the most competitive on the market. Check them out if you’re aiming for a smart value product. 


As one of the most popular CBD brands in America, PlusCBD is an excellent choice for your gummy needs. Although they only have one offer, it’s pricing is some of the most competitive on the market, starting in at $11.95 for a 10 count, with a discount as you buy in bulk up to the 60 count. Coming in two flavors at Citrus Punch and Cherry Mango, PlusCBD is vegan-friendly and all-natural CBD that’s definitely a strong brand to buy into. Check them out if you’re looking for a solid, reliable choice with easy level entry pricing.

CBD American Shaman

With a mixed bag of offering for gummies, CBD American Shaman definitely charges a premium for their product. Currently, they offer a 30 piece, 10mg per piece package that prices out to $60.00 per bottle, which considering the gummies are made with glucose, sugar, as well as other flavorings that shies away from being organic or all-natural, isn’t the best value we’ve seen. However, the premium items Gourmet Gummies and Energy Gourmet Gummies show promise as interesting products ($49.95 price tag aside). Granted, CBD American Shaman does do some fascinating things that somewhat make up for the lack of organic material, however, it is really a brand that’s for niche use more than anything overall. 

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs currently offers three solid choices for their CBD gummies which include an original, a high potency (complete with 25mg per piece strength), and sleep gummies (which of course, contain melatonin). Additionally, almost all of their products come in sizes five,15, 30, and 60 count, which are priced competitively starting at $14.99 to $99.99. With ingredients that hail from broad-spectrum CBD a big point of Hemp Bombs is to be reliant on strength, which so far, the results have been pretty promising. Yes, for an all-killer, no-filler CBD gummy, Hemp Bombs knows where it’s at.

Savage CBD

While they only have one offering, Savage CBD knows how to do it well. With a starting price point of $29.99, Savage CBD is packed with 6 50mg pieces (that’s right, 50mg) making it one of the strongest gummies on the market. Although they aren’t as particular in using all-natural or organic ingredients, the point of taking a CBD like Savage is to really feel the effects of your favorite cannabidiol, giving you a clean and satisfying experience out of your usage. This is a great choice if you’ve been taking CBD for a while and looking to up your dosage for the day-to-day. 

Creating Better Days

Coming in with their Nano-CBD offerings, Creating Better Days has a lineup that every candy fan will love. Currently, their candies include sour gummy worms, sour gummy bears, sour gummy slices, watermelon rings, sour apple rings, rainbow belts, pop bottles, peach rings, fruit salad, cherry bomb, and even a kid flavoring too. Packing in dosages that include 150mg to 300mg, many of their CBD treats are around 15mg per piece, giving a dose that’s competitive to the industry while still offering a great price (starting at $26.99 for the fruit salad gummies). With CBD grown in the US, Creating Better Days is a sleeper pick, but one that anyone looking to get into CBD can get down with any day.

Holiday CBD

As their only offering, Holiday’s gummies certainly hold up well to the rest of the field. As a vegan alternative, their pricing is some of the most competitive to buy in bulk, coming in at $119.99 for a 3 bottle pack. Additionally, Holiday also has subscription-based pricing, giving you the opportunity to pay up now and get it shipped over the long term. Although their ingredients are pretty clean comparatively, what you’re really buying here is a long-term value pack for CBD, one that some in the industry consider a steal.

Wyld CBD

If you’re looking to feel tame and relax, then getting a little Wyld CBD might not be a bad bet. Known for their lineup of sodas, Wyld CBD also has a great selection of gummies to match as well, coming in with a broad spectrum, THC free and vegan recipe. Currently, their flavoring for gummies includes Raspberry, Blackberry, Lemon, and Huckleberry, which all come in 250mg and 500mg varieties. Additionally, with a variety pack of all four flavors for $59.95, they also have a great value pack to consider their treats as well. As one of the best branded and flavored products on the market, Wyld is an absolute gem amongst the mix of gummy offerings.

Calm By Wellness

While they only have one gummy for sale, Calm By Wellness hits the nail on the head with their latest offering. As an organic, vegan CBD gummy bear that’s full spectrum, they enable you to have an alternative that packs enough strength, while still cutting out a lot of the filler. Additionally, as they’ve generously priced the gummies at $39.99 for 30 pieces (or $35.99 with a subscription), the overall quality of these gummies are some of the best in the business. Check them out if you’re looking for a company that uses USA grown hemp with flavoring and strength that’s unmatched by some.

Blue Moon Hemp

Blue Moon Hemp keeps it pretty simple with their offerings, but are also some that get straight to the point. Currently, they offer a 50mg, 100mg, and 250mg bag, as well as 75mg and 150mg bags with melatonin to help with sleep. One of the biggest perks about Blue Moon Hemp is that their CBD is priced to be some of the most competitive in the market, clocking in at $7.50 for the 50mg and making out at $24.50 for the 250mg bag. A convenient choice for the price, Blue Moon Hemp certainly knows how to bring the heat for the low.

CBD Lion

For naming themselves after the king of the jungle, CBD Lion is certainly aiming for the top spot with their gummies. Currently, they only offer three different selections of flavors which all come in 500mg, including Orange, Raspberry, and Strawberry. Priced at $49.99, CBD Lion is a vegan, organic offering that comes with 20 gummies dosed at 25mg per cube. Although the price is slightly steeper, the quality also gives you a much stronger piece of CBD candy, which provides one of the best bangs for your buck on the list. 


With a clean, smart brand that delivers on a top tier product, Neurogan’s CBD gummies are an interesting mix. Currently, the flavors are divided by size and dosage, where the Lemon Tart is 250mg, Berry at 500mg, and Sour Apple at 1,000mg, which each piece holds a staggering 40mg of CBD. As Neurogan also uses full-spectrum CBD combined with a lot of all-natural or organic ingredients, their gummies are probably some of the best on the market, giving you an absolute steal for a high dosage. As an especially great brand for your seasoned CBD user, Neurogan provides one of the best returns for the amount of CBD you’re getting per bite.


As a widely recognized brand in the cannabis industry, Kushly is a great choice for their gummies. Currently offering a 25 piece, 750mg bottle, their 30mg gummies pack a strong dose per use. Although the price of $55.00 can be intimidating, you also are getting one of the strongest, most high-quality gummies on the market. Perfect for those who consider themselves a CBD veteran, Kushly is one of the kings of CBD gummies, hands down.

CBD Infusionz

If you’re picky about your candy, then CBD Infusionz is the gummy shop for you. Not only do they have your standards like sour rings, worms, and bears, but they additionally host an array of other products like fish, starfish, watermelon wedges, berries, and even plain square snacks. With pricing that ranges from $26.99 to $107.99 for more snacks, they offer an affordable range depending on what your needs are. And with most being vegan and all-natural, their CBD ranges from broad-spectrum to full-spectrum, giving you an offering that stays powerful with every dose while staying in a range between delicious and affordable.

Every Day Optimal

Every Day Optimal offers only three types of CBD gummies, which include 10mg, 15mg, and 25mg per candy all within different prices depending on the dosages. Additionally, they also have a sleep aid with melatonin as well, which ranges from $89.99 to $149.99. Their gummies are made with a pretty simple lineup of traditional ingredients, however, they are focused more on the dosage than the natural or organic nature of the product. Regardless, Every Day Optimal has a superb lineup for the price, and should definitely be considered if you know exactly what dosage you’re after with your CBD.

Kush Queen Gummies RX

Kush Queen offers three offerings deserving of royalty. With 12.5mg of CBD per piece, their dosages come in 375mg or 750mg, where both are USA grown hemp from the Pacific Northwest, as well as taken from full-spectrum plants. It’s clear that Kush Queen put a lot of effort into delivering one final product they could take a lot of pride in, which is where this holds the cake. Overall, they host one of the best up-and-coming CBD brands, with quality that’s currently unmatched for the low price.

Not Pot

For a clever name like Not Pot, their CBD offerings are serious business. Perhaps one of our favorite brands on the list, Not Pot made a name for themselves by coming out into the CBD community as a company that said the literal, only their gummies are far from the norm. Their vegan CBD gummies call themselves a ‘strawberry-flavored hug for your endocannabinoid system’ which we tend to agree to be true; Not Pot is not only a full-spectrum product giving you a higher effect, but also understands how to deliver on a quality product. As one of the most entertaining, but smart companies on the CBD market, Not Pot is one to keep your eye on as a rising star.

Radiate CBD

While they only have one offering, Radiate CBD remains competitive with their gummies. As a $49.99 offering of 300mg for 30 pieces, the 10mg per dosage isn’t bad, however, you can also find others at a lower price if you’re strictly looking for dosage. One separation with Radiate though is their CO2 extraction process, which they believe to yield the most CBD out of every batch. Considering they also use a lot of natural and organic ingredients in their gummies, it’s apparent Radiate CBD puts a lot of care into their product, so although it might be a little more expensive, it also has a pretty good lineup of other features to it as a product overall.

Jolly Green Oil

As a brand that’s been on the come up over the past year, Jolly Green Oil has invested a lot of time and effort into improving both their product and offerings. For their edibles, they have an impressive lineup that includes a party pack, regular edibles, and bubble gum. Their pricing is some of the best on the market, coming in at $29.99 and ranging only up to $49.99, providing one of the best value companies out there. With CBD that’s made with high-quality hemp, Jolly Green has been putting the work in, which is why it’s worth buying in early before other people catch on.

Sensei CBD

Offering an isolate, Sensei CBD still has a pretty great product for the price. Offering 20mg at a 50 count for $99, they remain competitive to the rest of the market while focusing on giving you a little bit of a higher dosage than most companies. While it’s not quite a heavy hitter, Sensei CBD will have you feeling right for your daily usage, utilizing not only an isolate but fully organic ingredients as well. As one of the most purest CBD products you could get, Sensei does a great job of offering a killer gummy that’s still natural but also clean to take all-in-all.

Infinite CBD

Although they only offer three gummies, Infinite CBD has an excellent selection. Their sour and regular gummies come in packs of 5, 10, and 20, which all come as 25mg per gummy, as well as are made with Colorado-grown hemp. Their Apple Pie Asteroids offer a limited collaboration with Big B’s Orchard, which brings you an apple cider infused CBD isolate. All-in-all, if you’re looking for a little bit better of a dosage that still is a good value, Infinite CBD is by far, one of our favorite choices.

Balance CBD

Currently hosting a half off sale, Balance CBD is an absolute steal right now. With gummies coming in the flavors Orange Dreamsicle, Cotton Candy, Granny Smith, or Wildberry, the former half of their CBD comes in 100-250mg doses, while the latter comes solely in 100mg. As an organic gummy company, the quality is pretty top-tier for 10mg/dose packs, and should definitely be considered for both their flavors and clean product. 


To round out our list is Soothe, which offers an organic, fast-acting CBD gummy to sink to your teeth into. With a potent dosage of 30mg per gummy, their price point of $50 per a 30 count bottle offers a pretty decent deal considering the potency. Additionally, with pricing that rewards buying in bulk, this is a company designed for those who know what they want out of a CBD gummy. And if you’re looking for a great deal that utilizes strong hemp, then Soothe might be exactly what you need to take the edge off.

What are your favorite CBD gummies? 

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