Best CBD for Pets this Holiday Season

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Top 9 Brands & Buyers Guide

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is growing in popularity for humans as well as their furry companions. Many studies have shown that CBD may be useful in treating chronic pain, anxiety, and other ailments. It also boasts general wellness benefits for sleep, stress, and mood enhancement.

The Benefits of CBD for Pets

Pet owners might consider using CBD for the following reasons:

  • Hemp CBD oils have the potential to offer anti-inflammatory effects for dogs suffering from arthritis.
  • CBD may reduce a dog’s anxiety and is especially useful for dogs with separation anxiety, fear of loud noises, and travel anxiety.
  • CBD hemp oil may help lessen the frequency of seizures according to a recent study. 

Is CBD Safe for Your Pet?

While pet owners and even veterinarians may recommend that a dog or cat start taking CBD, it is essential to remember that the FDA has not evaluated these supplements. There is also the potential for mild side effects, but several doctors and experts have noted that the benefits outweigh these.

To ensure safety, consult with your vet and follow these baseline dosing recommendations based on weight:

  • 10 pounds → 2 milligrams
  • 20 pounds → 4 milligrams
  • 30 pounds → 6 milligrams
  • 40 pounds → 8 milligrams
  • 50 pounds → 10 milligrams
  • 60 pounds → 12 milligrams
  • 70 pounds → 14 milligrams
  • 80 pounds → 16 milligrams
  • 100 pounds → 20 milligrams

Top 9 Pet CBD Oils on the Market all Season Long

The rising popularity of CBD oils has led to an influx of product options on the market. To help consumers choose a high-quality, effective product for their pet this holiday season, we created a list of this year’s best pet CBD-infused oils and dog treats.

1. PlusCBD Pet CBD Oil Ranked Best Pet CBD for your Pet’s Daily Routine

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Designed for both cats and dogs, PlusCBD Pet oil comes in a pump top and is easy to administer. Pet owners have said that they trust PlusCBD Pet as their go-to pet CBD product as it has improved their pets’ quality of life! 


  • 5 mg CBD per serving
  • 1 fl oz | 250 mg total CBD or 1.86 fl oz | 750 mg total CBD
  • Easy to dispense pump top bottle
  • Available in 5 flavors: Beef, chicken, peanut butter, salmon, and unflavored
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Become a +PlusPOINTS Rewards member and get exclusive discounts on CBD oils
  • Free tennis ball with PlusCBD PET purchase

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  • Helps maintain emotional balance*
  • Relieves occasional joint stiffness*


  • Not available in a CBD chew

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2. NuLeaf Naturals Pet CBD Oil

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This is another great option for quality, organic pet CBD. They also make it easy to adjust the dosage. The only downside is that it contains lower amounts of CBD, which may not be right for long-time users or pets with more serious conditions.

3. Spruce Dog CBD Oil

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Spruce provides a CBD oil for dogs made with coconut oil and full-spectrum CBD oil. It is a good option for treating joint pain but does not have any flavoring which may not be ideal for pickier dogs.

4. Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for Dogs

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Charlotte’s Web’s full-spectrum CBD oil comes in two different strengths and two different flavor options.

5. Medterra CBD Extracts for Pets

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Medterra utilizes CBD isolate that is completely THC-free in their tinctures for pets. These are available in customizable strengths and pet-friendly flavors, but pet-owners looking for the benefits of a full-spectrum product will be disappointed.

6. Cornbread Hemp CBD Oil for Pets

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Cornbread Hemp makes a CBD oil for pets that uses USDA certified organic hemp extract and organic coconut oil. The full spectrum product is free from additives and preservatives. This brand’s products do land on the more expensive side.

7. CBDistillery Pet CBD

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This company offers CBD products processed with cold-pressed hemp seed oil to make it easier for dogs to ingest. It is also one of the more affordable options, offering a 150 mg tincture or a 600 mg oil, but there are no flavor options, which may make it difficult to get your furry friend to ingest it.

8. Fab CBD Dog Treats

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This option is great for dogs that aren’t fond of the oils and tinctures. The treats come in three flavors and include an array of beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids sans any dairy, corn, wheat, or soy. Each treat only comes with 3 mg of CBD, so some pet owners may want to choose a product with higher potency.

9. ABSC Organics Pet CBD

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What stands out about the pet CBD products from ABSC is that they are the only line that has been clinically tested. The extracts are derived from organically-grown hemp and feature a natural chicken flavoring. This product does come in at a higher price point than others.

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Why Choose PlusCBD Pet Oils

PlusCBD stands out from the crowd as they offer full-spectrum, high-quality CBD in a wide variety of potency options and flavors. Some of the biggest reasons pet-owners end up choosing Plus CBD pet oil includes:

  • Formulas made using CO2 extracted hemp
  • Strict quality standards
  • Third-party lab testing
  • Several potency options
  • Good pricing
  • 30-day return policy
  • Easy pump top
  • Designed for BOTH dogs and cats

PlusCBD leans heavily on research to create some of the best CBD formulas aimed at supporting your pet’s quality of life. PlusCBD is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). NASC members must follow the guidelines of the organization and demonstrate a commitment to responsible conduct in the industry.

About PlusCBD Oil

CV Sciences created PlusCBD to provide high-quality CBD products for humans and their furry companions. They are one of the top-selling natural hemp extract companies in the U.S. Currently, and they are committed to creating more products to support a healthier future.

Consumer Feedback

Customers report that the pet CBD oils from PlusCBD had helped soothe anxiety and discomfort in their pets and provided support and recovery after vigorous exercise or for older animals with arthritis. Consumers also noted the fast and accurate shipping and quality customer service when ordering available products through PlusCBD.

Buy Pet CBD from PlusCBD

Ready to get started with one of the best pet CBD oils on the market this year? High-quality pet-specific products are available now in a variety of sizes, strengths, and flavors, including:

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Always seek the advice of a physician before consuming or using any of the products mentioned.

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