Whether you’ve got arthritis, muscle aches, back pain, or inflammation, CBD can be a great natural pain reliever and is gaining more and more traction as cannabis laws are relaxed around the world.

In fact, the World Health Organization recently released a report stating that CBD oil is safe, can treat pain, and doesn’t cause dependency in humans.

But what is CBD oil exactly? Which type should you choose? What is the best quality CBD oil for pain relief?

Here we take a look at the 11 top CBD oils and answer all your FAQs. Let’s get to it!

The 11 Best CBD Oils for Pain Relief

  1. Best CBD ointment for back and neck pain – CBDMedic
  2. Best CBD spray for all around pain relief – CBDMedic
  3. Best CBD cream for pain – Medterra
  4. Best for athletes – Joy Organics
  5. Best 100% organic CBD oil for pain – Joy Organics
  6. Good CBD oil for pain relief – CBDPure Oil
  7. Best lab testing process – NuLeaf Naturals
  8. Best cbd gummies for pain relief – Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil
  9. Variety of flavors to choose from – Fab CBD

1. CBDMedic by Charlotte’s Web – Most Effective CBD Products for Pain Relief

Charlotte’s Web is a company best known for its CBD oils and products which come from USA-grown hemp. One of their most popular brands is CBDMedic, a range of products designed specifically with health and pain relief purposes in mind.

For example, CBDMedic’s Muscle & Pain Relief Spray is formulated with camphor, cooling menthol, and 200mg CBD extract, helping to calm sore muscles in a convenient spray that can help you to reach difficult areas like the back. Lots of people use this spray for joint pain, back pain, foot pain, and neck pain when other products haven’t worked.

But it’s not just sprays!

CBDMedic also makes products like the Pain Relief Ointment for Neck & Back Pain. This CBD-infused ointment is great for relieving pain from muscle soreness, joint pain, stiffness, muscle knots, cramps, and more. As well as 200mg CBD per 40g tube, the ointment contains naturally soothing oils such as argan oil, coconut oil, and myrrh oil, among others.

While there are many CBD oils that are great for pain, CBDMedic has a whole range of CBD pain products to explore, from oils to sprays, ointments, creams, and relief sticks.

2. MedTerra – Best CBD Pain Cream

While MedTerra does produce CBD oil, they also produce a CBD pain cream that is known as the best CBD pain cream on the market.

Based on the menthol ingredients so popular with more conventional pain creams, MedTerra’s cream also contains 99.6% CBD, so you can combine the soothing coolness of menthol with the healing benefits of CBD straight onto the skin.

Great for joint pain, arthritis, and stiff necks, MedTerra’s is available in 500mg and 1,000 mg strengths. It’s formulated with natural ingredients such as peppermint oil, jojoba oil, and aloe for a gentle, smooth application.

If you prefer a skin cream to an oral oil, this CBD pain cream could be perfect for you.

3. Joy Organics CBD – Best for Athletes

Joy Organics CBD Sports Cream is perfect for high-octane athletes and sportspeople who put their body under a lot of pressure and stress for events. If you have issues with sore muscles, sports injuries, or chronic pains, give this CBD Sports Cream a try.

Made with 400mg of CBD, methol, and camphor, this soothing pain cream comes in a convenient 4oz pump container that makes it easy to dispense on a regular basis. We know many athletes who keep a bottle of this stuff on their bathroom sink for everyday use.

It’s very effective!

Oh, and don’t worry about coming back positive for a drug test – every bottle of Joy Organics CBD sports cream contains 0.0% THC, so you’ll pass your drug tests just fine.

4. CBDPure Oil – Pure CBD Oil for Pain Relief

CBDPure does what is says on the tin – this is pure 100% full-spectrum CBD oil with no fancy additives, flavors, or extra ingredients. If you’re not a fan of hemp oil, you can also get creams and soft gels from CBDPure too.

CBDPure’s products are third-party lab tested to ensure their quality, and you can even view the analysis report on their website (though it might not mean much to you!).

This high-quality CBD oil has 10mg of cannabidiol per serving and less than 0.3% THC, so you don’t need to worry about getting high. If you’re looking for pure full-spectrum CBD oil, this is the best stuff you can get.

5. NuLeaf Naturals – US-Made CBD Oil for Pain Relief

Coming in at 30mg of cannabidiol per serving, NuLeaf Naturals is one of the strongest CBD oils on this list by far. It’s made from a mixture of full-spectrum CBD and virgin hemp seed oil combined, so you’re getting the separate benefits of both CBD and hempseed oil.

Made in the US in Colorado, where all the best cannabis-derived products are made, NuLeaf Naturals uses only organic grown hemp for their products. You can rest assured that your drops were not grown using harsh chemicals and pesticides, which is nice!

6. Spruce CBD Oil – Strongest CBD Oil for Pain Relief

If you’re looking for strong full-spectrum CBD oils, look no further than Spruce. These guys create full-spectrum CBD oil in a few different strengths, including their 2,400mg bottle where every dose gives you a whopping 80mg of full-spectrum cannabidiol.

Made in the USA and third-party tested for quality assurance, most Spruce products have no flavorings due to their strength and potency, but if you can handle the earthy taste of hemp, you’re going to get a brilliant natural pain reliever.

7. Sabaidee CBD Tincture – Best Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Sold under amusing names like “Mega Good Vibes” and “Super Good Vibes” depending on the strength, these broad spectrum products come with only trace amounts of THC, so you’re unlikely to test positive for marijauna after taking CBD products from Sabaidee.

The hemp in these products is farm grown in Colorado, so the quality is very good. Most of the products come with peppermint oil as an added natural flavoring, but you can also get a Pure version of their oil that has no flavorings added at all.

8. Hemp Bombs CBD Oil – 6 Different Flavors and 6 Different Strengths to Try

Available in a total of 36 strength/flavor combinations, Hemp Bombs CBD oils range in strength from 125mg per bottle to a huge 5,000mg per bottle. 

The 6 different flavors are what sets this company apart from its competitors – you can choose from Natural Hemp, Watermelon, Peppermint, Mint Chocolate, Acai Berry, and Orange Creamsicle.

Most of the flavors used in Hemp Bombs come from natural sources (i.e. Peppermint comes from peppermint oil) but beware that the Chocolate Mint version has some artificial flavorings. Still, these products are made in the USA and third-party tested to death, so they’re great to use if you don’t like the taste of hemp.

9. Royal CBD –  Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

One of the best products on this list, Royal CBD’s 1000mg bottle is perhaps their most popular product, containing 33mg of CBD per serving. For most people, 33mg is more than enough to take on a daily basis.

Made in the USA and third-party tested to ensure the quality, Royal CBD products are made via the CO2 extraction process which is better for your health and the environment.

10. Fab CBD – Great if Using CBD for Minor Conditions and Pain

Fab CBD comes in 3 different strengths – 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg per bottle. As such, it’s not the strongest CBD oil in the world, but it’s more than adequate for everyday use if you’re suffering from minor pains and conditions.

We don’t all need 5,000mg bottles of CBD!

There are 3 flavors – natural, mint, and citrus – so you can find the perfect taste for you. One of the cheaper CBD brands on this list, FabCBD has all of its lab reports available online for scrutiny so you can check that their product really works.

11. CBD Essence – Very Unique Flavors to Try

Selling both CBD tinctures and CBD oils, CBD Essence is one of the best retailers in this space. Their highly-absorptive full-spectrum cannabidiol product is CO2 extracted in small batches, helping to ensure high-quality drops.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about CBD Essence is the uniqueness of their flavors. If the regular flavors from other companies bore you, you can try flavors like cinnamon, spearmint, mango, grape, and lemon.

What are the different types of CBD?

There are 3 main types of CBD oil that you’ll come across when shopping for CBD products – CBD isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum.

  1. Isolate – CBD isolate is a form of CBD that contains just cannabidiol, the main cannabinoid that humans benefit from
  2. Broad Spectrum – this is when the oil contains a broad range of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, but it specifically does not contain THC (the part that gets you “high”)
  3. Full Spectrum – this is when the oil contains the full range of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, including very small trace amounts of THC (usually less than 0.3%) which still cannot get you “high” but has a very small chance of testing positive on a drug test

If you’re looking for effective pain relief, look for a full-spectrum CBD oil made by a reputable manufacturer.

Is CBD oil safe?

CBD oil has been considered safe by a World Health Organization (WHO) report released in 2018. The report found that taking normal amounts of CBD oil every day could help to relieve symptoms of pain and didn’t cause dependency issues in humans.

Will CBD get me high?

No, CBD will not get you high when consumed in normal amounts. Even the strongest CBD oils usually contain less than 0.3% THC, the part of the cannabis plant with the psychoactive qualities that make you feel “high”.

CBD is perfectly legal in many countries around the world where marijuana is banned. This is because there is no “high” produced by reputable CBD products.

What are the side effects of CBD oil?

CBD oil does have some side effects, though they are quite uncommon. It’s worth mentioning that the WHO has reported that CBD doesn’t have any side effects that could be considered severe.

Side effects of CBD use include:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Drowsiness
  • Irritability
  • Weight changes
  • Dry mouth
  • Hypotension (low blood pressure)

Because CBD can lower your blood pressure and act as a blood thinner, it’s not recommended that you use CBD if you suffer from blood pressure problems.

Hemp Seed VS CBD Oil

So, what’s the difference between hempseed oil and CBD oil? Many companies use terms like “hempseed” and “CBD” interchangeably, but they shouldn’t.

  • Hemp oil (or hempseed oil) is made from hemp seeds and doesn’t contain any cannabidiol. It’s used for its nutritional and mineral content because it’s full of healthy fats which are good for skin disorders (like Eczema) and PMS relief
  • CBD oil is made from the flower, stems, bud, and leaves of the cannabis plant. It’s used for pain relief, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and more

How to choose the best CBD oil for me?

When you’re looking to choose the best product for you, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of CBD do I want? Full-spectrum is great for pain relief, while broad-spectrum and CBD isolate may be better for everyday needs
  • Can I stomach the taste? Hemp-derived products naturally have a very earthy taste that doesn’t appeal to everyone. If you can’t handle the taste, you may need to look for flavored oils
  • Do I want any additional health benefits? Some oils have ingredients like hempseed oil and coconut oil that have their own health benefits too
  • Is the company reputable? These products aren’t regulated by the FDA, so do your research on companies independently. Is their stuff third-party tested? Is it made in the US? Is the hemp organic? etc.
  • Are non-psychoactive cannabis products legal in my area? Some states and countries may have laws banning the sale of all cannabis-related products even if they don’t produce a psychoactive “high”
  • What dose do I need? If you’re not sure, start with lower doses around 20mg-40mg per day and then increase the dosage if necessary

Where can I buy CBD oil near me?

If you’re looking to buy CBD, we’d recommend buying online at reputable shops like CBDPure

The websites on our list above are all very good, though you can also type things like “where can I buy CBD oil near me?” and “where to buy pure CBD oil” into Google. 

Always check third-party reviews of companies and do your research.

How to use CBD oil for pain relief?

Most of these oils are very easy to take:

  1. Calculate the correct dosage you need in the number of drops
  2. Open your mouth and put the appropriate number of drops under your tongue
  3. Hold the drops under your tongue for around 60 seconds
  4. Swallow the drops

Afterward, you may want to drink something to get rid of the taste.

How long does it take for CBD oil to work?

On average, the oil will take about 30-90 minutes for the pain relief effects to kick in, and the pain-relieving effects will usually last around 4-6 hours.

How much CBD oil should you take?

There’s no one dosage that’s right for everyone. If you’re unsure, start with around 20mg-40mg of CBD oil per day and then slowly up the dosage if necessary.

What is CBD good for?

CBD is good for treating chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis. It may also be good for insomnia, inflammation, and treating mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Final Word on Best CBD Oil for Pain

Overall, we’d recommend PureCBD (10mg doses) due to its purity, high-quality ingredients, and usage for everyday pain relief.

However, if your needs are more extreme, we’d recommend that you use NuLeaf Naturals (30mg doses) or Spruce (80mg doses)

Whichever CBD oil you decide to use, just remember to stay safe, follow the instructions, and buy from reputable high-quality manufacturers.


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