Best CBD Disposable Vape Pen to Buy Online in 2022

CBD Disposable Vape Pen

Disposable vape pens offer a convenient vape experience for vape lovers. But CBD disposable vape pens take things to the next level. CBD, or cannabidiol, is abundant with wellness benefits. It is also low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the compound in cannabis plants that gets people high. So, don’t expect to get high with CBD disposable vape pens. CBD creates more of a medicinal, wellness-packed vaping experience that helps some with stress and various pains. When you vaporize this notably therapeutic compound, you are on track to the ultimate cannabis experience.

Best CBD Disposable Vape Pen To Buy In 2022 101

Deciding which CBD disposable vape pen to try is not easy. There are many to choose from and let’s face it, not all CBD disposable vape pens are made equal. Searching for disposable pens requires time and effort because these products are designed to offer a quicker experience than some other products. Unfortunately, this means that the quality level is not always where it needs to be. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t great CBD disposable pens out there. In fact, we put together a guide filled with 4 of the best CBD disposable vape pens that you can buy today.

Pure CBD Disposable Vape Pen

Pure CBD Vapors isn’t only home to a plethora of top shelf CBD products made by the best brands in the hemp industry. They also have a line of CBD Vape pens of their own. That’s right! The Pure Disposable Vape pens crafted by Pure CBD Vapors are exactly what you would imagine them to be — perfectly pure!

Minimal in design and magnificent in taste, these disposables are made in the US and lab tested by third party labs. The Pure Disposable Vapes are conveniently sized for a deliciously discreet experience. These pens come in a pack of four, and each pen includes 350 mg of full spectrum uncut CBD, plus a different terpene-rich blend to suit all your fruity flavor cravings.

The 4-pack includes a tropical pineapple strain, which is sweet and tangy in the best way. This strain will leave you feeling calm and cheerful. Also in the group is a juicy grape strain, because who doesn’t love grape flavor? The Pure CBD Disposable Vape Pen is also available in an exciting blueberry smoothie strain, which is refreshingly sweet just like your morning smoothie. Last in the bunch is a lip twisting lemon head strain which is reminiscent of canna strain Lemon Head. This fruit basket of CBD disposables deliver on taste, and they are low maintenance. No need to charge or fill empty cartridges, just skip to the top tier vapor!

It gets no better than a four part myriad of disposable vape pens that are simple to operate, packed with pure CBD and naturally flavored with terpene flavors you know and love. These disposable vape pens are perfect for sharing with your CBD crew or adding some excitement to your hemp stash! To up level your vaping  experience, grab a pack of the Pure Disposable Vape Pens on the Pure CBD Vapors website.

Americana Disposable Vape Pens

It’s hard to miss the bold red, sleek Americana Disposable Vape Pens when searching for a CBD vape option. This is the 4-pack of pure CBD pens you have been waiting for. Each of these top ranking vape pens are made with 350mg of high-quality, pure, lab-tested, full spectrum CBD. So, there is plenty of your favorite hemp-derived compound to go around. These pens also include carefully sourced terpenes that offer a natural and clean taste as opposed to some of synthetically sweet pens out there. There is a noticeable difference in quality with Americana disposable vape pens. You will love the first-class and natural-tasting flavor you get with each puff.

Americana Disposable Vape Pens are user-friendly and low-maintenance. These pens are easy to use and don’t require any additional set up. These disposables are packaged all charged up and ready to enjoy, so there is no charge or piecing parts together with these pens. Simply unbox and enjoy the smoothness these pens have to offer.

This deluxe 4-pack of CBD disposables includes some must-have terpene profiles. The Green Apple strain is a harmonious blend of sweet and sour if you love a tangy twist. There is also a Bubble Gum strain, which is just as fun and sweet as you would imagine it to be– a definite crowd pleaser! There is also a Wild Berry disposable that offers a delicious fusion of blackberry, raspberry and boysenberry which has a deeply relaxing effect. Tropical Melon is another strain flavor that blends sweet melon with hawaiian fruit punch to create the vacation in a vape vibe you deserve right now.

If you want top quality uncut full spectrum CBD vape disposables in some unique strains, check out Pure CBD Vapors and give Americana Disposable Vape Pens a try!

HempZilla CBD Disposable Vape Pen

Hempzilla is a Colorado-based beast of a brand that specializes in all things CBD. They offer a giant selection of CBD products, but their disposable and rechargeable CBD vape pen is one that ranks high on our list. Ironically though, these vape pens won’t get you high as they are THC-free. Hempzilla’s CBD disposable vape pen offers what you love most about CBD in one of the most effective ways to consume it. These CBD disposables include full spectrum CBD extracted from organic, non-GMO hemp and terpenes grown under the supervision of the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

All of the disposable CBD vape pens at Hempzilla are lab tested at third party testing facilities. These industry leaders follow a clean process which gives us a potent product with optimal flavor. Did we forget to mention that these vape pens are air-activated? There is button activation with these CBD disposables, simply draw in the vapor which adds to the convenient nature of disposable vapes.

The cherry on the hemp sundae, though, is the variety of flavors available of course. There are 6 ways you can enjoy the Hempzilla CBD disposable vape pen and you will get a pure and strong pull with each one. First up, it gets no purer than their Natural Hemp flavor for a minimally flavored option. There is also tropical paradise Tango Mango if you want island vibes or Strawberry Créme Gelato for something smooth and sweet. This pen is also available in a cool and refreshing Watermelon Ice flavor and Berry Wild Gelato as a take on one of your favorite desserts. The last in the batch is Loop Milk, which is perfect if you want Saturday morning cartoons and cereal vibes but in a CBD disposable vape.

The Hempzilla CBD disposable vape pens are conveniently sized vape pens made with the best CBD. These pens can be found in Pure CBD Vapors online shop now.

Hemp Wholistix Disposable CBD Vape Pen

The Disposable CBD vape pens by Hemp Wholistix includes 200mg of CBD– a cannabis compound that we all know to be rich with therapeutic and medicinal benefits, minus the psychoactive effects that come with tetrahydrocannabinol, THC. The vape pen itself makes the vaping process as simple as possible. It is a pre-filled, buttonless device that just requires you to insert the mouthpiece into your mouth and draw in the flavored vapor. You will enjoy the sleek, slim solid black design of this pen, as it is discreet to hold and easy to bring with you on-the-go.

The Hemp Wholistix disposable CBD vape pens include a built-in battery that helps this small but mighty pen deliver smooth blows of CBD vapor. These disposables pack up to 300 puffs, which is pretty good for a CBD disposable. What we love most about these pens though is no doubt the many flavorful terpene profiles to choose from. Blueberry AK is a blissful berry pen that is much needed in your stash. And if you love watermelon as much as we do, then Watermelon OG will not disappoint. We are also absolutely goo goo for Goji OG, a unique terpene blend that gives you bits of Goji berry you didn’t know were possible. And if you know your canna terpene profiles, then you will love the Strawberry Cough strain available in this Hemp Wholistix CBD disposable. We all know that every good batch of vape pens has a berry flavor option. Hemp Wholistix gives us exactly what we want– an easy and delicious way to enjoy the healing properties of CBD. They keep the pen technology simple but functional and deliver a variety of fruity flavors that we are obsessed with. These CBD disposables can be purchased from Pure CBD Vapors.

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