Thanks to a lot of positive feedback from regular CBD users, as well as advancements in research, the hemp industry has grown in leaps and bounds. Along with that growth, has come an influx of CBD creams onto the market. Our Best CBD Cream for Pain guide will help you sort through the confusion to pick the brand that’s best for you. 

Thanks to continuing research and a huge boost in popularity by customers who swear by the positive health benefits of their daily CBD use, the hemp industry and the number of brands that create products from hemp, have grown considerably over the years. To that end, CBD is more popular than ever among groups of individuals who are looking to take part in the many health benefits that CBD has to offer. 

Top Seven CBD Creams for Arthritis Pain

FAB CBD — Best Overall

Medterra —  Most Sustainable

cbdMD — Numerous Topical Options

CBDPure — Best for Beginners

Joy Organics — Best THC-Free

CBDistillery — Wide Variety

Poplum — Best Hemp Rub

Our CBD Cream for Pain List

When we began looking at different CBD brands, we wanted to begin with a fairly robust list. After we compiled a strong list of reputable brands, we next put together the guidelines that we wanted to adhere to as we started to narrow the list down. Our primary objective in researching all of these brands was to help our readers find the most potent, cleanest, and most effective CBD cream for pain. 

In putting together our list, we also carefully examined: 

  • How long the brand has been in business
  • Cream ingredients
  • Verified customer reviews
  • Third-party laboratory reports
  • Whether or not the brand made those reports easy for customers to find on its website
  • Hemp source
  • Write-ups from both CBD journalists and industry experts
  • Cream purity and quality
  • Brand reputation 
  • Product price

Of course, as we began to run through our guidelines, our list began to grow. This made our list feel unmanageable and overwhelming, so we started to cut it down until we were left with the top seven brands that we’ve presented to you below. 

What We Looked For In a Good CBD Cream

When we were looking to put together our best CBD cream for pain list, we looked for a lot of things with both the brand as well as the product. When it came to the brand, we looked at all of the criteria that we have listed above. However, when it came to looking at CBD creams for pain, we needed to hone in on an entirely new set of criteria. 

When we looked at CBD creams for pain, we carefully researched: 

  • Core cream ingredients
  • CBD extraction process
  • Verified customer reviews — did the CBD cream help quell their pain?
  • Independent third-party lab reports
  • Whether not there were any unnecessary and unnatural ingredients included
  • Texture of the cream — was it thick or greasy or was it difficult to apply?
  • Overall product effectiveness based on testing and industry reviews
  • How much the brand’s CBD cream for pain costs in comparison to other reputable brands

Best CBD Cream for Pain: Top 7 Brands in 2022

#1 FAB CBD — Best Overall

FAB CBD has always pushed the envelope when it comes to new and innovative products. The brand, which was established in 2017, has quickly risen in both popularity and reputation as being a strong, transparent brand that produces potent, effective, and clean CBD products. Since its inception, the brand has always had a core mission of creating the best possible CBD and nutritional products so that customers can live a preventative wellness lifestyle. 

Everyone who works at FAB CBD has a strong understanding of the brand’s mission and what it takes to create an amazing CBD product because they have all worked in the health and wellness industries for a good number of years. FAB CBD’s customers as well as industry experts consistently also praise the brand for its excellent customer service. It is for these reasons, and many more, that we’ve selected FAB CBD as our number one pick for best CBD cream for pain. 

FAB CBD prides itself on being transparent. To that end, the brand hires a third-party laboratory, ProVerde Laboratories, to test all of its products. Those results are published on the FAB CBD website where customers can easily find them. FAB CBD’s Topical CBD Cream is potent, light, creamy, and has an uplifting citrus scent. The cream is easy to use, as you only have to massage a small amount of cream into the affected area once or twice a day. Customers report that they have felt relief from their muscle and joint aches and pains with consistent use of FAB CBD Topical CBD Cream. 

For those customers who need something a little stronger for their chronic pain, FAB CBD offers a full-spectrum CBD Body Salve. What’s special about this salve is that not only is it packed with the purest, most effective CBD extract, but it also contains soothing heating and cooling elements that help to calm tough muscle and joint aches and pains. FAB CBD Body Salve is easy to apply and is easily massaged into the skin for targeted relief. 

  • Source of Hemp — FAB CBD sources all of its organic hemp from Colorado. The brand also uses state-of-the-art harvesting and cloning equipment as well as the industry-preferred, clean Co2 extraction process to obtain all of its CBD extracts. This ensures that all of the extract that FAB CBD uses is clean and free of pesticides, herbicides, and other dangerous chemicals.
  • Reputation — FAB CBD has a stellar reputation for being a strong, transparent brand that creates and sells clean, potent, affordable, and highly effective products. The brand also has an amazing reputation for having an excellent and responsive customer service department.  
  • Price — Since FAB CBD creates all of its products from clean, organic, and high-quality sources, the product prices reflect that. The brand also takes great care to make the cleanest, most potent, most effective products from the best quality ingredients so that customers can buy some of the best CBD products on the market today. Having said that, all of FAB CBD’s products are priced accordingly. Customers and potential customers should be aware of any brand whose products are cheaply priced because there is a possibility that those products contain harmful pesticides or other dangerous chemicals.  
  • Effectiveness — FAB CBD’s Topical CBD Cream is smooth, light, potent, and highly effective against tough muscle and joint aches and pains.
  • Our Thoughts and Conclusions — We selected FAB CBD as our top pick because not only are the brand’s products clean, effective, and highly potent, the brand is also extremely transparent and has always kept its customers’ health needs in mind. FAB CBD’s Topical CBD Cream is light, effective, has a pleasant citrus scent, and is easy to use. Everyone at FAB CBD is involved in the creation process from seed to sale, which means that customers can be sure that they will always get the very best. 

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#2 Medterra — Most Sustainable

Medterra was created by a group of friends who were passionate about CBD and what it can do to boost overall health and wellness. All those associated with the brand strongly believe that CBD should be both affordable as well as easy for anyone and everyone to purchase. Those who work for Medterra are involved in the entire CBD creation process from seed to sale. In doing this, they are assuring to customers that every product is of superior quality. Medterra also uses an independent, third-party laboratory to regularly test all of its products for quality and purity. 

Medterra has been in a partnership with the Hemp Pilot Research Program for quite some time, and through that partnership, they are able to provide their products throughout the entire United States as well as to some countries internationally. The brand also sources its hemp through partnerships with hemp farmers who, along with Medterra’s team of experts, regularly study farming methodologies, food grade compound extraction, vegetable genetics, quality control, and so much more. The brand also works hard to eliminate the negative beliefs that are tied to cannabis cultivation by educating people on the plant’s sustainability and effectiveness. 

  • Hemp Source —  All of Medterra’s hemp comes from a Kentucky farm that has been registered with that state’s Department of Agriculture. 
  • Reputation — The brand has a solid reputation for creating high-quality products, transparency, and for being involved with the creation process from seed to sale. Medterra also uses an independent third-party laboratory to regularly test all of its products for quality and effectiveness. 
  • Price — Medterra’s product prices fall in line with that of the other reputable brands that we’ve profiled. Like FAB CBD, Medterra also uses top-quality ingredients to create its CBD products. While it may feel tempting to purchase products from cheaper brands, keep in mind that those cheap products can also be laden with dangerous and unnecessary chemicals and pesticides. Moreover, those products might not be as effective as the products that reputable brands like FAB CBD and Medterra create. 
  • Effectiveness — Much like the other brands we’ve profiled in our guide, Meterra also uses clean, high-quality ingredients, as well as the industry-preferred Co2 extraction process to obtain its extracts. This ultimately ensures that Medterra’s products are potent, clean, and effective. 
  • Our Thoughts and Conclusions — Customers also cannot go wrong in choosing Medterra. This also is a strong brand with a great reputation for putting forth clean, potent, high-quality ingredients onto the market. As an added bonus, the brand also strives to educate as well as raise awareness about the world of cannabis. 

#3 cbdMD — Numerous Topical Options

cbdMD has always worked hard in its combination of innovation, customer service, and top-notch product selection to both provide customers with some of the most reputable CBD products on today’s market as well as to educate the public on the benefits of incorporating CBD into their lives. As part of its mission, the brand also strives to ensure that CBD is easily available to everyone. 

cbdMD creates THC-free products, and specifies on its website that its manufacturing process is the only one that is able to preserve the hemp plant’s properties while removing all traces of THC. The brand also offers a 60-day, money-back guarantee on all of its products, which is great for those who are trying CBD for the first time. 

  • Hemp Source — cbdMD’s hemp comes from farms in both Kentucky and Colorado. Moreover, the brand also owns and operates its own production and lab facilities. 
  • Reputation — This brand is well-known for creating high-quality broad spectrum products. Since cbdMD uses both a clean Co2 extraction process as well as top-quality ingredients, the brand’s products are reported to have many of the same benefits as most full-spectrum products out on the market today. 
  • Price — Considering that the brand uses top-quality ingredients and industry preferred, clean extraction methods, its product prices fall right in line with that of the other brands we have profilled. It’s also encouraging that cbdMD offers free shipping on all of its customers’ orders. 
  • Effectiveness — Customers who have left verified reviews on the brand’s website consistently say that cbdMD’s products are extremely effective at handling tough muscle and joint aches and pains. Moreover, the brand also uses a third-party lab to regularly test all of its products for potency and effectiveness. 
  • Our Thoughts and Conclusions — cbdMD strives to be a transparent and customer-centric brand. Much like our previous two brands, cbdMD is also highly recommended by both verified customers and industry experts. We also really liked the fact that cbdMD shows it cares about veterans and people who are on disability by offering a 30% discount for veterans and a 40% discount to those who are legally disabled. 

#4 CBDPure — Best for Beginners

CBDPure is a brand that’s highly invested in growing and producing high-quality, full-spectrum CBD products that come from certified organic industrial hemp from Colorado and Washington. The brand makes it a point to never use any harmful herbicides or pesticides. On its website, CBDPure also boasts that the genetics of the hemp plant that’s used for its CBD extracts is specifically chosen for its high CBD content. 

CBDPure also adheres to strict manufacturing guidelines as well as strong quality control protocols so that high-quality full-spectrum CBD products are produced. In fact, the brand’s products are consistently tested by a third-party lab and reviewed for both quality and potency. According to CBDPure’s website, the brand is involved with the entire process “from soil to oil.”

  • Hemp Sources — CBDPure sources all of its organic industrial hemp from Colorado and Washington.
  • Reputation — The brand has a solid reputation for creating clean, potent full-spectrum CBD products. CBDPure also offers a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee available to all of its customers. The brand also has a reputation for thoroughly testing all of its products through an independent third-party laboratory. 
  • Price — CBDPure’s product prices are a bit on the high side, but when you take into consideration that the brand uses high-quality ingredients as well as clean extraction methods, the price then looks to be in line with other reputable CBD cream brands. 
  • Effectiveness — CBDPure’s Muscle and Joint Formula CBD cream contains 250mg of full-spectrum CBD. It’s also made with menthol and white willow bark to help boost the cream’s overall effectiveness. The formula is light and non-greasy and has gotten strong overall reviews from verified customers who have purchased this product.  
  • Our Thoughts and Conclusions — Along with our other top brands, it appears that you can’t go wrong in choosing a CBD cream from CBDPure. Not only does the brand use top-shelf ingredients, it also regularly tests all of its products using an independent third-party laboratory. Moreover, CBDPure also offers a money-back guarantee to all of its customers. 

#5 Joy Organics — Best THC-Free

Joy Organics was co-founded in 2018 by Joy Smith, who struggled for years with various health issues. Smith eventually turned to CBD as a way to help her find relief from her chronic pain. Before she began exploring the world of CBD, Smith also struggled with sleep issues. She was able to help both her sleep issues as well as her other health concerns through regular use of CBD. 

After Smith took it upon herself to purchase and try a host of CBD products, experiencing only minor and few positive effects, she decided to create her own line of clean, potent, and effective CBD products. To this day, Joy Organics is well-known as being a strong brand with a positive reputation for creating clean and effective CBD products.  

  • Hemp Source — Instead of growing and extracting its own hemp and hemp extract, Joy Organics partners with other growers and manufacturers. The brand also places a heavy emphasis on transparency and regularly tests all of its products using an independent third-party laboratory. All of the brand’s hemp comes from Montana, Oregon, and Colorado. The growers who work with Joy Organics are licensed under their individual state’s department of agriculture. 
  • Reputation — The brand has always had a reputation for being transparent and for creating clean products. Customers also rave that Joy Organics is extremely compassionate when it comes to customer support and customer needs. 
  • Price — Joy Organics prices are comparable to those of the other four brands we’ve profiled in our review. The brand does, however, sometimes offer discount coupon codes for customers to take advantage of. 
  • Effectiveness — Customers have regularly praised Joy Organics for having clean and effective products. To that end, the brand uses the industry-preferred Co2 extraction process to obtain all of its extracts. This ensures that the extracts that the products are created from are clean and free of herbicides, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals. 
  • Our Thoughts and Conclusions — In our research, we came to the conclusion that Joy Organics is a reputable brand that works hard to use quality ingredients and clean extraction methods for all of its products. The brand also strives to be extremely transparent with all of its customers, as it regularly has all of its products tested by an independent third-party laboratory and makes those results readily available to all of its customers. 

#6 CBDistillery — Wide Variety

CBDistillery first came onto the scene in 2016 because a group of CBD-loving Colorado natives wanted to rail against low quality brands that were flooding into an already saturated market. The brand has made its mission to educate customers throughout the world about CBD’s healing benefits. CBDistillery also crafts a wide variety of products including CBD topicals, full-spectrum oils, CBD softgels, CBD gummies, CBD isolate powder, and even CBD pet products. 

The brand’s CBD topicals were thoughtfully created from non-GMO industrial hemp that was carefully cultivated using clean and natural farming practices. Some of CBDistillery’s topicals include CBD cream, CBD salve, and a CBD lip balm that helps to soothe and moisturize dry, cracked skin and painful joints and muscles. 

  • Hemp Source — All of the brand’s non-GMO industrial hemp is grown in Colorado using natural farming methods. 
  • Reputation — CBDistillery has a reputation for creating a large variety of products that have been designed to suit the many unique needs of its customers. 
  • Price — The brand’s prices are fairly affordable and fall within the range of other reputable brands.  
  • Effectiveness — Verified customer reviews confirm that the brand’s products are potent and effective. In order to obtain the cleanest and purest extracts, the brand uses the industry preferred CO2 extraction method. 
  • Our Thoughts and Conclusions — CBDistillery is a reputable brand that strives to create effective CBD products for customers with a variety of unique health and wellness needs. The brand is a member of the National Hemp Association and still holds fast to its belief that everyone has the right to the highest quality CBD products at affordable prices. CBDistillery regularly offers customers a percentage off of its products through its special CBDistillery coupon code. 

#7 Populum — Best Hemp Rub

Populum’s founder, Gunhee, founded the brand because he wanted others to embrace the healing power of plants in their everyday lives. To that end, the brand uses natural herbs to help soothe and repair the skin, body, and mind. Populum officially launched in 2016, and the name “Ad Populum” translates to “for the people” in Latin. The brand’s founder grew to have a passion for plant-based supplements growing up. As an adult, the more he learned about CBD, the more passionate he felt abouts making it accessible to everyone. 

Populum offers a Cold Therapy Hemp Rub that contains 100mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, is aloe-infused, cooling, Paraben-free, non-GMO, cruelty-free, and vegan. The rub is a fast-acting topical that offers cooling relief for sore and achy joints and muscles. The product also contains concentrations of CBN, phytonutrients, terpenes, chamomile, and arnica. Third-party lab reports for the CBD rub, as well as all of the brand’s other products, can be found right on the Populum website. 

  • Hemp Source: The brand sources all of its non-GMO hemp from local Colorado farms. 
  • Reputation: Populum has a solid reputation among customers for crafting clean, potent, organic products. Some of the brand’s most popular products include Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, Cold Therapy Hemp Rub, and Lavender + CBD Face Oil. 
  • Price: Product prices are a little on the steep end, however, the prices reflect the quality of the ingredients used to make the products. 
  • Effectiveness: The brand’s products are free from microbial contaminants, heavy metal, solvents, and mycotoxins. Moreover, Populum strives to use only the best ingredients to craft its products, which translates to potent and effective products for customers. 
  • Our Thoughts and Conclusions: While the brand only has six products, those products are carefully crafted to be pure and potent. The brand also offers a permanent 25% discount to all active and veteran US military personnel. People who also rescue and foster shelter pets also receive a 25% discount on the brand’s pet products. Populum also offers free shipping on all orders. In our opinion, the brand strives to create a solid product line that not only benefits people dealing with chronic pain, but also people with other types of health and wellness needs. 

CBD Creams and Safety

Today, many people are turning to CBD to help with a great number of health issues that include: 

Humans have an endocannabinoid system that helps to regulate the body and bring it back to a state of balance, or homeostasis. The endocannabinoid system, or ECS, can help to regulate: 

  • Digestion
  • Sleep
  • Appetite
  • Fertility
  • Mood
  • Reproduction
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Memory
  • Stress
  • Motor Control

Interestingly, the endocannabinoid system does not need cannabis in order to function. In fact, scientists have discovered two main endocannabinoids that the body produces, anandamide (AEA) and 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG), that work without cannabis to help the body’s internal functioning stay in balance. 

The receptors of the endocannabinoid system are located all throughout the body. In order for the endocannabinoid system to go to work, endocannabinoids need to first bind to the receptors. Endocannabinoids can bind to one of two types of receptors. The resulting effects of this binding largely depend on which endocannabinoid binds to the receptor and where the receptor is located within the body. 

The two major endocannabinoid receptors are CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are located around the central nervous system, while the CB2 receptor can be found in the peripheral nervous system. 

When CBD cream is massaged into the skin, it penetrates the skin to enter into the muscles and joints where it attaches to cell receptors in the muscle tissue, skin, and nerves to help alleviate both pain and inflammation. The difference, however, between CBD cream and CBD oil is that because the cream is a topical, the CBD will not enter into the bloodstream as it would with a CBD oil that is taken internally. 

So, when CBD topical cream is massaged into the skin, it has a better chance at alleviating sore joints and muscles because the cream is being massaged directly into a specific area on the body, therefore creating a means of targeted relief. When it comes to trying to figure out whether or not it’s safe to use CBD cream, the answer is quite simple: Yes, it’s very safe to use CBD cream. That simple answer does, however, come with a caveat. CBD creams are safe to use providing you purchase a cream from a reputable brand that is transparent and whose products are clean, potent, effective, and free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides. 

Buying CBD products online is one of the best ways to go. When you find a couple brands that you are interested in, you can take the time to research each brand by looking at independent third party lab reports as well as verified customer reviews. 

How Can CBD Help Alleviate Pain

CBD can help alleviate pain in a great number of ways. However, as we stated before, CBD works differently when it’s taken internally as opposed to when it’s rubbed topically onto the skin. When CBD cream is rubbed into the skin, it penetrates into the muscles and joints.

It then attaches to cell receptors on the skin, muscle tissue, and nerves to help calm down areas of pain. The endocannabinoid system, as we’ve also talked about above, also plays a large part in this by helping to bring the body back to a state of balance. When the body is brought back into homeostasis, it can better deal with pain and inflammation. 

What You Should Know When Purchasing a Quality CBD Cream

Before you jump in and hastily purchase the first CBD topical cream that you see online, you should take the time to thoroughly research any CBD cream brands that catch your eye. You should know that not all CBD creams or brands are created equal. And while it may feel good to save money by buying creams that are kinder on your wallet, please know that those cheaper brands may also be harboring dangerous chemicals and additives in them. 

Cheaper creams made by less reputable brands are sometimes made with extracts obtained  using other less clean methods such as solvent extraction processes. Not only that, but their hemp sources may also not be on point, and may not be organically grown or thoroughly regulated. In purchasing cheap creams, you could be using a product that is loaded with harmful chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides. When you take the time to research both the brand and the product by reading independent third-party lab results, reading verified customer reviews, exploring brand reputation, and other criteria, you’re ensuring that the product you’re purchasing is clean, potent, and will not do more harm to your body in the long-run. 

Any CBD cream that you purchase should be reasonably priced, crafted from organic hemp that is free from herbicides, pesticides, and other dangerous chemicals, and is routinely tested for quality and potency by an independent third-party laboratory. Moreover, you should be able to easily find those third-party lab results on the brand’s website. The cream should also have solid customer reviews for being clean, easy to use, potent, and effective. 

Lastly, it’s also best to purchase CBD creams online as you will be able to take the time to do the research you want to do. If you stop in at a brick and mortar store, you could be limited in the information that you find.  Keeping all that in mind, it’s best to take your time and do your research before jumping to buy the first CBD cream that you find online

Does CBD Cream Work for Pain?

The quick answer to this question is yes. CBD creams do work for pain. The tricks to effective pain regulation through the use of topical CBD cream are consistency and purchasing a high-quality, potent product from a reputable brand. When it comes to consistency, it’s best to use the cream the same number of times per day around the same times a day. It also helps to keep applying the cream to the same areas, as this will give the CBD a better chance at effectively targeting the same muscle tissue, skin, and nerve cell locations on your body. 

Also, as stressed throughout this guide, you should purchase a CBD cream from a reputable brand to ensure that you are using a clean, potent product that is free from chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and other dangerous additives. It may feel risky spending a larger sum of money on a seemingly small jar of CBD topical cream, but remember, with CBD cream, a little dab of cream goes a very long way. You can always re-apply the cream to the affected area if needed. 

How to Use CBD for Pain and Arthritis

Recently, the Arthritis Foundation has stated that ongoing research regarding the effectiveness of CBD cream on arthritis pain is promising. Studies show that CBD helps to reduce the inflammation that causes arthritis pain. What this means is that the cream has to be used regularly in order for arthritis sufferers to see long-term results. 

Using CBD cream for arthritis pain is fairly simple. How you use the product will largely depend on both your needs as well as the directions listed on the product’s packaging. Some easy suggestions for how to use CBD for pain and arthritis are as follows: 

  1. Always follow the instructions that are listed both on the product’s packaging and container. You should try to steer clear from using excessive amounts of cream and stick to using only what is suggested. 
  2. Massage the cream into the area or areas of soreness. When you massage the cream into the skin, not only are you working the CBD into the skin, muscle tissues, and nerve cells, you are also increasing blood flow to the area, which in turn helps to alleviate muscle tension and pain. 
  3. Use the cream for several consecutive days and make notice of any results that you see. Increase or decrease use and amount as needed. 

Final Thoughts/Bottom Line

CBD cream is a great way to help alleviate localized muscle and joint pain. However, before hopping online to purchase the first CBD cream that you find, take the time and do some research into both the product and the brand. When you do find the right reputable brand, make sure that the product is made from high-quality ingredients and that the cream is thoroughly tested by an independent third-party laboratory. Moreover, those results should be easy for you to find on the brand’s website. 

CBD cream is a quick and easy way to naturally help alleviate tough joint and muscle aches and pains. Consistency is key, though, as you should apply the same amount of cream to the same areas around the same time or times each and every day. Always check in with yourself to see how your body feels. This way, you will know if you need to use more or less cream as well as increase or decrease how many times and days you use it. 

If you’ve been experiencing painful joints and muscles and/or arthritis pain, and have been thinking about incorporating CBD cream into your daily natural healthcare routine but are unsure of where to start, then our guide is the perfect place to begin! Our top seven brands for Best CBD Creams in 2021 are excellent to go with for all of your tough aches and pains. If, however, you are nervous about trying CBD topical cream, then you can always contact your primary care physician or specialist to set up an appointment to discuss the best options to use CBD cream in your daily life.

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