Hit Us With Your Best Shot

Readers are busy responding online to L.A. Weekly’s Best of L.A. issue [October 3-9], including these comments:


The best roller coaster I’ve been on has to be California Screamin’ at the Disney California Adventure. It starts out fast, like the NASCAR ride at the Sahara in Vegas, and then takes a fairly unpredictable path.

Posted by Juniper Lee on Oct. 3


Did you try Leda’s Bake Shop for vegan cookies? I find them the best in L.A.!

Posted by Diana on Oct. 2


Three sentences? Three sentences is all you could think of to write about the Tiki-Ti [“Best Pub Crawl”]? You write about a pub crawl, but forget the most important things about crawling: having fun with other crawlers and enjoying the atmosphere. You could have then segued into the ceremony of ordering a Blood & Sand or Uga Booga at Tiki-Ti, where the bartenders (and patrons) will yell “tora-Tora” or “uga-booga” as tequila or dark rum (respectively) is continuously added to your drink.

Posted by TikiMango on Oct. 1


I was very disappointed by the way you mentioned the Catalina Jazz Club in your Best of L.A. issue [“Best Classical Gas: The Jazz Bakery”]. Although we are bringing the best live jazz music to this city, giving our support to local musicians and young artists, you just labeled us “pricey,” and a place where you might get disturbed by the servers because of our two-beverage-minimum policy.

We are not perfect, but I think your comments are very unfair. We are not a nonprofit organization that receives grants from the city. We have to survive in the jazz world by selling food and beverages. It is very sad that instead of getting support and appreciation for presenting this wonderful music, we get comments like yours, which show clearly that you don’t understand the time and effort that everybody at Catalina’s puts in, and the mutual reward to the world of jazz that we provide.

Posted by Dan Ciora on Oct. 3


The Best of L.A. item “Best Close-Up Magic Class: Mark Wilson and Nani Darnell’s Magic III” erroneously identified Wilson’s son Greg as a professional musician. He is a professional magician. The item also mistakenly stated that magicians pass an exam to perform at the Magic Castle. In fact, the exam is taken to join the Magic Castle’s membership group.

In “Best Pit Bull Whisperer: Kyle Schwab,” Schwab told the writer of the item that he had been incarcerated 13 times for liberating dogs, when in fact he was arrested 13 times. Also, Schwab’s rates are now based on the needs of individual dogs and their owners.

Finally, our sincere apologies to the Nickel Diner, which graciously hosted a photo shoot to illustrate the “Eat” section of Best of L.A. On our credits page, the Nickel’s name and address were listed incorrectly. The correct address is 524 S. Main St., down­town Los Angeles; the phone is (213) 623-8301.

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