Berify, Secret Sauce Bring Optimal Security And Community To SoCal And Beyond

            Two of Southern California’s most dynamic names in business, Berify and Secret Sauce, have united to elevate a thriving web3 landscape by offering coveted authentication and invaluable camaraderie to new and existing users. Both brands remain formidable leaders in their respective markets, and together they are redefining what we know and understand about web3 culture through a distinctly human lens.

Secret Sauce disrupted the sneaker community in 2020 when they introduced a stellar blueprint of resale strategy unlike anything we had seen before. Since their debut, the wizards behind the Secret Sauce Group have executed razor-blade shreds to scores of high-end markets without cutting any corners, securing the best, most sought after pieces in pop culture. The team works around the clock to stay ten steps ahead of the game, offering 24/7 insight and support to its members who remain the envy of the streetwear scene. Devoted comrades are rewarded handsomely for their dedication, and therein lies the secret to their success. The community-driven aspect of Secret Sauce is unrivaled in resale markets, where so much of the interaction is transactional, cold, and, at times, cut-throat. Their platform presents a very human experience for fans of sneakers and streetwear, which deemed itself an ideal partnership with another SoCal tech powerhouse.

Berify, officially launched in early 2019 in Costa Mesa, entered a digital domain swarming with deception and supplied a trustworthy space for managing and verifying original content from photographers, artists, and other creators. Through a two-step verification process, Berify puts the power back in the hands of its creator and clears cyberspace of its cobwebs. At its core, Berify deals in security, but the brand goes far beyond those pragmatic markers. In their partnership with Secret Sauce, Berify is adding another level of authenticity to Secret Sauce’s model while also creating an expansive platform of opportunities for existing users. In short, they’re bridging the gap between physical product and the web3 universe with a handful of treats peppered throughout.

“Innovating and empowering Secret Sauce with our technology is paving the way for the sneaker community by establishing greater confidence, trust, and enhanced engagement and experiences” said Matt McGuire, Business Development from Berify.

Traditional web3 spaces can feel alienating to many users, and web2.0 has a habit of excluding the ill-informed. With Berify joining forces with Secret Sauce, people are given the chance to do more with the things that matter most to them, with added legitimacy, of course. Secret Sauce already offers a channel on Discord dedicated exclusively to legitimizing product, from sneakers and NFT’s to skate decks and streetwear. It’s a labor of love, and completely necessary, considering the skepticism involved with any high-end consumer good. Berify takes this approach and goes a step further, providing a chain of custody that clarifies where a product has been and who handled it before. This breadcrumb trail invites another layer of confidence in consumer goods, especially with sneakers and other premium collectibles.

Additionally, Secret Sauce and Berify are planning to launch the Marketplace in the coming months, which will stand as the most transparent platform available for users. Members of Secret Sauce will be able to leverage this space for heightened visibility and value within their networks.

These efforts establish a range of utility for users that significantly overstep the traditional tech threshold. By getting “berified”, anyone can have a voice in the web3 space, and the perks don’t stop with Secret Sauce. The unity between these two brands symbolizes the possibility of other industries following suit. Berify seeks to mobilize and organize disparaging markets that were previously given closed doors, allowing more room for innovation and creativity in their growth and development. With a partnership like Berify and Secret Sauce, opportunities to expand beyond the usual protocol are increased and open the floor for stronger relationships with the products and people we care about the most.

“We’re excited to bring forth a new era of sneakers, authentication, and a chain of custody for our members and the greater community with Secret Sauce powered by Berify” said Michael Schneider, founder of Secret Sauce.

Earlier in July, TIME published a story on the looming expanse of the metaverse, pointing to the critical balance between human interaction and technological advancement. In a similar vein, the rising tide of web3 innovation may take some time for people to warm up to, but the beauty of alliances like Berify and Secret Sauce is that the humanity is never lost on progress but rather enhanced in the process.

By Secret Sauce getting Berified, it pushes us to connect further with our counterparts and never settle for face value. Secret Sauce supplies the prize, while Berify builds the winner’s circle. It’s here that we can engage with more meaning and add purpose to our progress. Berify achieves this with a simple tap of a smartphone, ensuring that our integration of web3 is seamless and full of opportunity.

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