People have always loved donning jewelry throughout history. Jewelry has become a common mode of gifts and a symbol of showing love and appreciation. It goes beyond the beautiful accessory complementing your fashion to identifying your personality. Recent years have witnessed a rise in the popularity of custom jewelry, which is gradually taking over the fashion jewelry industry.

However, getting the perfect piece of jewelry has remained a significant challenge for some custom jewelry enthusiasts. It’s understandable, bearing in mind that it’s a considerable investment with a sentimental attachment. It’s therefore essential you get it right from the start.

Benny Nisanov, aka Benny da jeweler, is popularly known among the best custom jewelers in the world. At 30, Benny is taking the New York custom jewelry industry by storm with his unique and magical pieces. He has established himself as the celebrity go-to for high-end custom pieces, having been in the business for only five years. He is known for designing some of the most expensive jewelry pieces in the industry that have had price tags of more than $200k.

His incredible talent exploded in 2016 when he sold four custom jewelry pieces to Casanova, who could not hide his appreciation of the outstanding pieces. Since then, he has been selling to most renowned celebrities, including Lil Tjay, Mary J. Blige, Pop Smoke, Diddy, and French Montana.

Benny learned the jewelry art from his father, who had been in the business for 20 years. He has learned a lot, ranging from making custom pieces to helping clients make the right decision when making a purchase.

You are probably excited to hold that precious piece of jewelry and, therefore, prone to make mistakes. One common mistake is failing to conduct research. Research on the various available jewelers is essential. The kind of jeweler you choose has a direct impact on the final product. A well-established jeweler does not mean they are perfect in creating fine jewelry. Check out the various websites or blogs and reviews to identify the right jeweler to actualize your idea.

Your research should not end after finding a jeweler; proceed to search for the best designs. The aim is to find a better idea of what you have in mind. Benny believes it’s essential you do some background checks on the different types of gemstones, band, metal, among other aspects. All this is in preparation for the actual consultations. It will make you more comfortable while describing the kind of piece you want the jeweler to make. The jeweler only builds from your ideas and will not alter the design without your consent and approval. This won’t be an issue while working with Benny, as he always carves a wooden replica of the final piece to give you a three-dimensional view.

Always endeavor to work within a budget; remember custom jewelry can end up costing almost three times the shelf price as everything produced will be unique. A good jeweler should give you an estimate of how much the different ideas can cost you.

A contract will be signed by both parties detailing the terms of engagement, including the delivery date after agreeing on the price and timelines.

Here is a quick hint; check out Benny’s work on his Instagram account @bennydajewel.

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