Believing in Oneself Can Do Wonders, Introducing Aliia Roza

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The essential key to sticking to the idea of success is possessing respective personality traits and ensuring that one has the stable belief to make their dreams and goals achievable. It takes the right amount of confidence, sense of responsibility, self-accountability, faith and trust to pursue what one dreams of.

The amalgamation of these personality traits emerges as a person grows and through how they develop their routes towards success. Individuals who understand the importance of becoming professional and stable human beings also understand that it does not end here. It grows towards helping motivate and encourage others to do the same. One such individual who has managed to stand out through her life experiences is Aliia Roza.

Standing Firm in Her Beliefs

Born on May 18, 1984, Aliia was born in USSR. Her heritage comes from Kazakhstan and Tatarstan. Ever since she was young, she knew what it took to become a successful individual. Keeping that in mind, she started pursuing her education. By the time she was 18, she was sent by her father, who was a high-ranked officer, to a military secret service academy in Russia, where she learned seduction, influence, and manipulation techniques to take out information from criminals that would be resourceful for the Russian Army. She was sent for missions to stop human and drug trafficking. The whole family, including cousins, brothers, and father, served in the military. Her grandfather’s name, who was a National hero of the country fighting nazi during the second war, is engraved on the main famous motherland monument in Stalingrad.

 After one year program, she was sent for the practice to the department of investigation and operational detective department, where she was working on her first mission to fight against human trafficking ( illegal under-age prostitution, that girls who were kidnapped from different former Soviet Union counties: Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan.)

After successful missions, she was promoted and sent to the department of drug control and stop drug trafficking department under FSKN.

Her mission was to infiltrate criminal gangs to help bring their crimes to justice.

The FSKN shared concurrent jurisdiction with the Federal Security Service of Russia and MVD. The FSKN had sole responsibility for coordinating and pursuing Russian drug investigations abroad, especially in Central Asia. ( the main supplier was Afghanistan )

Federal Drug Control Service of Russia

She was performing well on missions, but things changed when she had her last mission to infiltrate her next target, the biggest drug lord in Russia, 2003, ironically, also named Vladimir.

Aliia had successfully seduced the drug lord. He fell in love and trusted her much that they had a few months of relationship. Being together mostly every day, she reported the main places of drug suppliers to her commander, but unfortunately, Vladimir’s associates found out that she was a mole who was working for the Russian Police.

They planned to kill her, but Vladimir stopped them and saved her. He helped her to escape because he knew she would be killed. Vladimir was brutally murdered a few months later.

Aliia Roza was promoted by the main commander to work for FSB for successful mission accomplishment, but she denied and quit serving in the military. She was depressed and heartbroken.

She knew the criminal gang would find out about her eventually in Russia and kill her, so she fled Russia. She moved to Europe, changed her identity and name and once she was convinced that she didn’t have surveillance any more Aliia Roza started to live her public life.

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Continuous Effort and Struggle Encourages Others to Grow

She moved to London, living between Monaco, Milan, Paris. Aliia Roza earned a master’s degree in fashion from the University “Istituto Marangoni” in London. After completing her education, she wanted to work. To her, her past experience is nothing but a concept that keeps her driving with her work to date. She believes that no matter where a person comes from, one should define success. She further clarifies that success is merely an environment created by a person where the impossible can always be made possible.

Upon graduation, she went on to found her Women Empowerment fashion-related club and pr agency, organized more than 30 charitable events in aid of underprivileged children & women in London, Paris promoting brands including Cartier, Chopard, Rolls Royce, Balmain, Roberto Cavalli, and others. Since 2018 She has been appointed ambassador of the respected Best beginnings Charity which has British Royal Family patronage in London and due to her excellent volunteering work was introduced to the Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, Princess Of Kent.

In addition to owning a luxury public relations firm, Aliia also founded a platform, “Super Lady” that provides training courses that she learned in the espionage academy : how to influence people and overcome difficulties helping women. The membership club organizes women empowerment events to support and inspire women all around the world where they can learn psychological techniques and influence, seduction skills, learn new trends in the beauty and fashion industry, network, and share their knowledge, life stories, life challenges, failures, and achievements.

Paving The Way Towards Success

For Aliia, everyone that is a successful and driven individual is her inspiration. She searched out for ways to become and pursue her dream of becoming a role model to other women

In 2017, she was honored to receive the title of Miss Asia and received her crown by former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen. During this time, something which she never let go of was her dedication. She stayed firm and believed in herself despite the challenges and there has been no stopping her ever since. Aliia went out of her way to speak for women’s empowerment as a public speaker for women empowerment, philanthropist, TV host, producer, actress, and influencer with over 1,3 million followers on her verified Instagram account. In 2019, she was awarded the Best Women Empowerment Influencer at the World Influencer and Blogger Awards in Cannes. In 2022, she received an award as a women empowerment influencer, according to Forbes, at the hotel Martinez during the 75 Cannes Film Festival. Later she received a Venice Edition award as a successful activist for women empowerment during the 79th film festival in the hotel Ausonia Hungaria Lido.

Aliia delivered a powerful and moving speech in front of the distinguished guests at the events sharing her inspiring journey from former secret service agent to successful entrepreneur. In addition to her career as an entrepreneur and an actress, Aliia Roza has also worked as a TV presenter with CBS TV Network and as a red carpet fashion presenter in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, producing fashion documentaries for 24 fashion TV. Currently, she is a producer and host of “Seduce Like a Spy,” a TV show on Gossip Stone TV where she reveals spy secrets of the art and science of seduction and manipulation to prevent women from falling victim to those who wield it. Moreover, she is now aiming to become a successful author as she has already started to write a book “Psychological Techniques: Influence and Seduction.” She also shares seduction, influence, and manipulation techniques in her master video class, available online on the website. The podcast, “Seduce like a spy”will be available for the audience shortly.

In her entire career, Aliia made sure she remained focused and steadfast, as well as always working hard towards a brighter future. Today, she also encourages every individual to work hard, believe in themselves and most importantly, look towards the positive aspect of life as it will help them achieve success at a steady pace.

Facing all these hardships and staying firm in her journey, she earned everything she has and became a self-made woman.

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