Behind The Dollar – The Crazy Life of An American Stripper

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All set to be released in the Fall of 2022 on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble, Behind the Dollar gives readers the inside scoop of a stripper’s life.

Sitting down and getting to know the life and journey of a stripper or anyone who’s from the adult industry isn’t something most are ever going to be able to do. But when there’s a book in your hands, it becomes a lot more accessible.

Behind The Dollar is all about Summer Cooper’s life, who started out as a fairly ordinary girl but worked hard to become an independent woman. She was focused, driven, and hardworking – all to make sure that she had enough money to not just survive but thrive.

And of course, along the way, there were a whole lot of rollercoasters that she went on! At 18 years old, she was able to move into her own apartment, something most struggle to achieve even in their 20s. And a million dollars, well, she was paid that for dancing. That’s how good Cooper was at what she did.

But it wasn’t all handed to her. Coming from a home of divorced parents, growing up with a stepmother who hated her was something that shaped who she became. Then, at age 15, when she was living on her own, she was abused. A life that no one wants to have but one doesn’t get to choose that, do they?

All of that being said, Summer got herself out of the rut the first chance she got. Finding herself in a long-term affair with a veteran basketball player, she’s had a life most have only seen in movies.

And now, she’s bringing it all to the public, in her book, Behind the Dollar! Whatever Summer Cooper needs, Summer Cooper has. Now, that’s a life that most want.

An interesting read for anyone who wants to know if the grass really is greener on the other side and needs a little bit of motivation to get their life back on track.

The book is all about making the world work to benefit you, conquering it so you can have a good life instead of crying about the home, or lack thereof, that you grew up in. Cooper is an inspiration for every woman out there, who simply wants to make herself a home better than the one that she was born in.

About Summer Cooper –

Cooper is an American author and ex-stripper who was abused at age 15 by someone much older than her. On her 40th birthday, Cooper quit stripping and by then, she had earned more than what one could imagine, even being given a million dollars for a dance. Summer was an exceptional stripper who danced in numerous clubs and was always loved and desired by her audience. She can be found on a number of platforms.

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