Becoming Limitless With Johanna Buchweitz

Success does not happen by accident or luck. It results from certain qualities that stem from habits built over time. These qualities include self-reliance, self-drive, self-confidence, self-discipline, honesty, passion, optimism, and determination. Johanna Buchweitz is a successful entrepreneur, a highly-respected business advisor, skilled investor, and founder of Frankly Co. and the Limitless Podcast.

Johanna’s success in pitching companies to buyers at high valuations makes her a sought-after expert for entrepreneurs at all levels and stages of growth, and her years of financial forecasting & strategic planning for Fortune 100 companies have added to her unparalleled business acumen. She’s worked with founders and CEOs, from startup to acquisition, using her holistic approach to help them identify roadblocks and develop data backed strategies to reach the metrics needed to raise millions in capital, hit 9 figure valuations and pitch Snap, Sony and other large private and publicly traded companies for acquisitions. She has successfully started multiple companies, and her latest – Frankly Co., brings together her wealth of experience into an app & an online community that provides driven female entrepreneurs with exactly what they need to know to grow. As the founder of Frankly Co. she believes that women can have both time AND money freedom, and that they should be able to enjoy the business building process, not just the end result.

Johanna has achieved so much in her career and is a force to reckon with. Her entrepreneurial prowess has helped her to launch, scale and exit multiple companies successfully. Johanna’s latest company, Frankly Co., combines her wealth of experience into an app and online community that gives driven female entrepreneurs precisely what they need to know to grow.

Although Johanna is successful, she faced many challenges along the way. Her dad, her most incredible mentor and inspiration, suffered multiple strokes over the course of 11 years. This was one of the most challenging moments of Johanna’s life, but also the most inspiring, as her father never lost that love for live, that huge joyous smile and energy, passion for helping others and determination to rise in the face of adversity.

“My dad was so confident. Before his first stroke, he created programs that were revolutionary and first of their kind in his industry and did not take no for an answer. He had the vision and the ability to execute the vision seamlessly. He was confident in his ability to dream and then deliver on that dream, and when he told people to take a chance on him, he always blew them away with what he delivered. He was fearless and truly limitless,” says Johanna. His name was Frank and she knew she wanted her company to reflect her father’s admirable qualities as well as his name.

Johanna herself is limitless. She closely followed in her dad’s footsteps to be fearless and determined and find joy as well as opportunities to learn in all experiences. To inspire and inform even further, she launched her podcast, Limitless. The podcast provides driven female entrepreneurs with open, honest, and direct communication while giving them actionable next steps for super growth based on proven success tactics from extraordinary women in business.

Johanna has a dream to empower driven female entrepreneurs and help them to achieve the time and money freedom they desire and live the life they dreamed of. She hopes through Frankly Co. and Limitless, she can help hundreds of millions of female entrepreneurs by providing them with everything they need to know to grow so they can take efficient action and feel competent and confident in their business decisions.

“Through Limitless and Frankly Co. I want to help as many driven female entrepreneurs as possible realize that they are in fact limitless, modern-day superheroes who can actually enjoy the process of growing their business, and feel competent and confident in their decision-making, all while having the time and money freedom they desire. I want to help them achieve success as they define it,” Johanna concludes.

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