Beasen Home Unveils Innovative Smart Blinds, Setting a New Standard in Home Automation

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Beasen Home, a leader in home automation technology, has unveiled its newest line of smart blinds, taking convenience and intelligence to bold new heights. With advanced features like app and voice control, scheduling, automation, and seamless smart home integration, Beasen Home’s revolutionary blinds aim to redefine the modern living experience.

Founded in 2010 to develop the most advanced smart window solutions, Beasen Home spent over a decade refining its products. After eliminating tangled cords and wires, simplifying remote functions, and connecting their motorized blinds to popular smart home platforms, the company earned a reputation for its elegantly designed, easy-to-use automated window coverings.

Beasen Home’s new line of smart blinds allows homeowners to control their window coverings from their smartphones or through voice commands. The blinds can be scheduled to raise or lower at certain times of day or in response to changing light conditions, creating the optimal lighting environment at all times. Homeowners can even automate their blinds to work with other smart devices, like setting the blinds to close when the security system is armed, or the temperature drops below a certain level.

But convenience and automation only tell half the story. Beasen Home’s products are thoughtfully designed with sustainability in mind. Their blinds are made from eco-friendly OEKO-TEX-certified materials, which help reduce energy consumption by blocking excessive sunlight and heat gain during warmer months. This allows homeowners to minimize air conditioning usage, cutting electricity costs and carbon footprints.

In addition to energy efficiency, Beasen Home’s innovative blinds provide privacy and serve as a decorative element. With a wide selection of fabrics and colors, the blinds complement any decor style. Light filtering options allow you to reduce harsh sunlight and get perfect natural light without sacrificing privacy. It ensures you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality.

Beasen Home is poised to redefine intelligent smart window blinds. Upcoming product launches and partnerships will solidify their footing at the intersection of cutting-edge tech and practical home solutions. With a focus on customer-driven innovation, Beasen is ushering in a new era of seamless, sustainable smart living.

Extensive testing and research enabled the company to work out any kinks and optimize their blinds’ performance. Customer feedback played an integral role in perfecting Beasen Home’s products, with the company implementing suggested improvements and new features based on user experiences.

With homes transforming into smart hubs of efficiency, connectivity, and comfort, Beasen Home aims to make intelligence and convenience accessible. Their blinds don’t just block light but enhance ambiance, conserve energy, provide security, and simplify life, all while looking beautiful. While Beasen’s mission is far from over, their continued commitment to developing the smartest window solutions promises an even more effortless and sustainable future for homes worldwide.

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About Beasen Home:

 Established in 2010 in Wilmington, DE, Beasen Home focuses on integrating practical design with modern technology for home solutions. Committed to sustainable practices, Beasen Home utilizes eco-friendly materials and promotes energy-efficient designs. Today, Beasen Home is a leader in smart home solutions, consistently prioritizing functionality and user experience.

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