Bear Quartz Continues to Establish Itself as a Leader in Quartz Accessories

Bear Quartz introduces a new line of innovative products aimed at securing its spot as a household name.

Bear Quartz has recently announced plans to become a household name for consumers and quartz connoisseurs around the world. The company specializes in providing premium affordable quartz and concentrate accessories to cannabis users.

Part of their long-term goals includes furthering research and development (R&D) to provide the most innovative products to their customers.

Bear Quartz continues to combine art with cannabis as we all see on multiple mood mats and glass collaborations. One of its most recent projects involved collaborating with a very talented Ukrainian digital artist. The company recently announced it to its broad Instagram following. Although the project is still ongoing, Bear Quartz says more information is forthcoming.

Keeping high quality products affordable

Bear Quartz places a heavy emphasis on its high quality and innovative designs. The company has designed and manufactured numerous industry firsts aimed at providing customers with the ultimate experience. While maintaining cutting-edge designs, Bear Quartz continues to ensure all products remain affordable and accessible to consumers.

Some of the company’s most well-known products are their Quartz Bangers which are essentially used to vaporize cannabis concentrate. Some of their most notable Bangers are; The Highbrid Pro, The Big Bear Series, and the all new Hourglass Series

The HighBrid Pro brought the world the first-ever externally flat, and internal Round banger. This game changer combines the optimal heat retention of a thick flat bottom, and the easy to clean aesthetics of a round interior. Next we have The Big Bear Series which gave the Industry three historical products. The Big Bear Flat, Big Bear Round, and The Big Bear Slurper (Which came in with a 50-millimeter diameter and 90-millimeter length), making it the largest, novelty functionally high-grade quartz banger to date. And just recently they introduced the all new Hourglass series, which consists of the Hourglass, The Hourglass Slurper, and The Hourglass Blender. All of which combines their revolutionary Hourglass design, making it a must have for consumers around the world.

Additionally, the company also provides a wide variety of caps, converters, marble sets, dab tools, pearls and more… The brand highlights its dedication to designing and delivering top-tier accessories through its primary mission statement:

“Our everyday goal is to bring you all of your dabbing accessories and quartz bangers with the highest quality at the most affordable prices!”

The company continues to lead the cannabis accessory market. “We have a lot more coming in 2022…” said their CEO.

Customers can purchase Bear Quartz products directly via their online store, or by visiting one of the thousands of Authorized Retailers around the world that carry their product lines.

About Bear Quartz

Bear Quartz was founded in 2019 with a focus on customer care, innovation and affordability. Based in Southern California, Bear Quartz has raised the standards of the quartz bangers industry when it comes to quality, value and service. All their products reign in at unprecedented affordability.

Bear Quartz products became available in thousands of retail shops, both nationally and globally.

The Bear Quartz family continues to grow at a rapid pace, but their focus continues to be on delivering high quality products. As an industry leader, providing great quality products and exceptional service is always their priority.

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