Be Great Or Be Nothing: Jeremiah Evans’ new book “Alpha Hero” challenges the standard of greatness.

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“Be Great Or Be Nothing”

That is the message that Jeremiah Evans delivers in his new book “Alpha Hero.” Jeremiah is a 26-year-old entrepreneur credited with more than $50 Million in sales to his name. He shares that the world needs heroes now more than ever and that the term “Alpha” is one of honor.

His mission is to help individuals take control of their stories, live a life of freedom, and become their own hero. In his career, he has helped hundreds of students earn six figures in their own businesses, while changing the trajectory of their lives forever.

“You have no idea just how powerful you are. Being an Alpha is about taking responsibility for your life. Having honor in leading yourself and your family. Having the courage to serve, protect and stand up for what is right.”

The book, “Alpha Hero” is about creating the supreme confidence and unrelenting courage to conquer your fears and create greatness in every area of your life.

Today, Jeremiah Evans is strong leader with more than 400+ employees, recently launching the Alphas Creed and his signature event, AlphaCon.

After being bullied at age 11, Evans shares that it was a long road to get where he is. “This book is the message I wish I had growing up. I was looking for a hero. My dad pushed me to make a decision to become my own hero.”

What happened?

“Be great or be nothing because nobody is coming to save you.”

Those were the words from Evans’ father that changed his life forever. He  had just been bullied and beaten up, which had become a near daily occurrence.

“I had to make a decision to save myself and become my own hero.”

That was the day he says he discovered courage to fight back. At 11 years old, Jeremiah believes  he learned a lesson that everyone needs to hear right now.

Jeremiah shares that the world can be a dark and scary place. Every day we have a choice to stand up to fear or run from it. When Evans speaks about fear, he isn’t talking about life or death situations. He recalls the fears we face every day living in todays world.

“If you were born a few hundred years earlier, you would have to wake up and find your own food each day. You would be worried about finding clean drinking water and a safe place to sleep at night. We are blessed and fortunate to have the “problems” that we have each day,” Evans explains.

“We live in civilian culture where society and the media teach us to be afraid of everything. Our fears are not “fight or flight” fears. Today, many of our fears come from our ego.”

Evans shares that most of our fears are internal. For example, many people have fears about money, love, or doing something challenging in their life. Many people cite public speaking as their #1 fear. Evans believes that by facing our fears, we find courage and confidence.

“If you can, you must. I believe we all have that voice in our subconscious mind that tells us what we should be doing and the life we should be living. I call this the God inside of you and your mind palace,” says Evans.

He shares that the key to living the life of your dreams is facing your fears head on.

“When you are willing to stand up to fear and stare it dead in the face over and over, you will continue to grow and get closer to your mind palace. We are not taught to stand up to our fear and become our own hero. In fact, were taught to stay safe, comfortable, and scared.”

Jeremiah has a deep belief in the internal power that we all have inside of us. His new book, “Alpha Hero” shares how to discover the greatness and the super hero inside of you so that you can live the life of your dreams while protecting the people you love.

When you discover how powerful you are, you find the courage to thrive no matter what challenges you face.

“Life is always going to hit you with resistance. The universe is going to test you to see how bad you want something. Whether it’s writing a big check, speaking on stage, or overcoming a challenge in life, there will always be fear present, says Evans.

“You have the opportunity to run and hide. Or you can choose courage and lean into fear each time. When you start to face your fears, you start to gain confidence and your mindset changes.”

If you take anything from his book, Evans hopes that you choose to be courageous in everything that you do.

“When you adopt courage, you live in faith. Fear is just a challenge to your faith.”

Evans speaks throughout the book about the power of God’s role in his life.

“Most people don’t know how powerful they are. They have the power of God inside of them to become whoever they want to become. Most people don’t think their dreams are possible, so they settle for what life gives them. I want people to decide to become their own hero and realize that anything is possible.”

Jeremiah believes that everyone is born with that same power, but that we forget about our power as we grow older. Evans was bullied, called fat and had food thrown in his face as a child. He said that it forced him to face his fears and learn that power at an early age.

You may not be a child anymore, but Evans believes that we all have similar obstacles holding us back from living the life of our dreams. Every day, we are faced with fears. Every day, we can choose courage.

“Remember, every day you have a choice to make: Be Great Or Be Nothing.”- Jeremiah Evans

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