After Bitcoin’s spectacular fall, it might be tempting to seek out other crypto alternatives – but leading venture capitalist Tatiana Koffman warns that might not be the best plan

Investors looking for the best crypto to invest in 2022 may be heavily swayed by the latest news about soaring interest rates and the fact that 80% of US dollars in circulation have only been printed in the last two years.

But Forbes columnist and venture capitalist, Tatiana Koffman, is very clear about her stance on the temptation to convert to the church of crypto in these strange and uncertain times. Be cautious, do your research, and don’t believe the hype.

Here is Tatiana Koffman’s tale of caution:

“So many investors I meet ask me about the best crypto to invest in, but in my eyes, most crypto projects are overvalued – even in the current climate of low prices. People raise their eyebrows at this in surprise at my next piece of advice but Bitcoin is extremely undervalued globally – and yet it could easily become a $1,000,000 asset by 2027. Yes, it has taken a $35,000 fall but there is a lot of potential available.

The religion of crypto, as I call it, is a very tempting place to take salvation – we know that crypto is enormously influential, but I warn you against following it randomly. Businesses must invest in anything that makes intuitive sense to their portfolio. So as long as you do your homework and go with your trusted experience, and then leave the pot to boil away on its own, you will have so much to gain – after all, we know that investments come with risk as well as reward.

Don’t take everything at face value – while we are seeing stimulation of the economical market, there is no need to run for the crypto hills. As I have said, despite its recent 50% fall, Bitcoin is yet to be used to its fullest potential, for example, it has only just been adopted by Rio de Janeiro and El Salvador.

So if you are researching the best long term crypto investments, my advice is that short-term investments on robust assets leave room for flexibility and can withstand changes.”

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