Be Beautiful and Fierce with Nikki Corson, President of Beauty Brand Prissy Nikki

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The beauty industry is a paradox of messaging: ‘Love Yourself’ and ‘Fix Yourself’ tend to be constantly at odds. When it comes to self love, all of us have heard, to the point of numbness, that we should do it. Most of us don’t know what ‘it’ means, and some of us hide behind irrational confidence, in denial that we need to love ourselves more.

Nikki Corson, President of Prissy Nikki and multi-million dollar Roofcrafters, is at the forefront of the movement to break this habit in subscribers to the beauty industry. Prissy Nikki is an alternative option for reusable lashes that are high-quality and handmade with premium ingredients while still bringing out your natural, bold, and beautiful self. As Corson herself and every lash box in her line says, “Be Beautiful and Fierce.”

Here, Corson gets vulnerable with us about the complex topic of self love and how it relates to her business.

Insecurities Encased in Confidence

“When I was younger, I didn’t even realize I didn’t love myself,” Corson said. “I ran around with such huge confidence and I didn’t understand that it was to hide my extreme insecurities. I was so mean to myself under the guise of confidence. I think a lot of women can resonate with that.”

Corson is bubbly, beautiful, edgy, and bold. She believes that to be feminine does not mean one is weak, in fact the opposite is true. She says that one can be very feminine and in touch with being a woman while being strong at the same time.

“I kick a lot of butt in my heels every single day!” she said. “When you put time into your appearance, you feel ready to take on the day.”

That is exactly what Prissy Nikki stands for: The ability to be strong, empowered, self-loving, feminine, and beautiful, all at the same time. Corson wants to inspire others to conquer what she calls the ‘inner B voice,’ telling us that she has studied how to combat our negative self-talk very intensely over the last several years. This studiousness was burgeoned on both by negative life experiences and she sought-out work with many mentors.

Passion Project: From Roofing to Lashes

“We were blessed that our roofing business did not have to close down over the pandemic,” Corson said. “Prissy Nikki wouldn’t be possible without my amazing team. Roofcrafters is my legacy; Prissy Nikki is my passion project.”

Rightfully so; the entrepreneurial powerhouse has been wearing lashes for the better part of 15 years, sometimes even to sleep!

“I can put them on in 30 seconds,” Corson remarked. “The first time I did it, we were getting ready for a night out, and I had glue all over my face — it was so stressful! If you’ve never worn lashes before, practice with cheap ones before you get our designer lashes. And practice well before your event.”

Corson wants to send the message to her consumers that indulging in beauty doesn’t mean you don’t love yourself. It means you are taking care of yourself, which is a step in the right direction. We hear platitudes all the time: ‘Follow your dreams,’ ‘Be confident,’ ‘Have a positive body image,’ — she maintains that it’s one thing to say you should be and do those things, but entirely another to actually execute them.

“Practicing self love is just that: A practice,” Corson explained. “You can’t just wake up one morning and say, ‘I’m gonna love myself today!’ and that’s that. Otherwise, we would all just do it and I wouldn’t be saying any of this. It takes multiple steps, every single day. Some days will be better than others, but it is about practice. It is ongoing.”

The Turning Point: Corson’s Big Question

As a young adult, Corson was once asked a simple question by her mentor. The two had been discussing a completely unrelated topic, and the mentor asked her, ‘Nikki, why don’t you feel that you deserve to be loved?’ He had seemingly picked up on her negative self talk.

“I instantly thought, ‘I don’t think that. I think I deserved to be loved.’ I sat there and thought about it,” said Corson. “All the negative and harsh things I told myself every day came flooding to the forefront of my mind. I burst into tears. It was true, I didn’t think I deserved to be loved by anyone because I didn’t even love myself.”

Now, Corson’s purpose is to break down what self love is and teach other women how to turn things around and how to release the negative talk from our heads — even if we are in denial like she was.

“I love the devil’s advocates out there, too,” Corson finished. “They’ll say, ‘If you’re supposed to love yourself, why put on false lashes? My answer is this: Self love does not mean that you do not enjoy enhancing the natural beauty that you have. I want to take care of myself. That is a tremendous form of self love.”

Corson spoke on the topic of self love and does so often. Her stories resonated with guests and her active listeners that tune in for her popular podcast, Life Amplified with Nikki.

“Women came up to me after my talk to tell me that I inspired them and made them realize that they need to make some changes in their own lives. It meant the world to me to hear that. I feel like I did my job from that stage.”

About Nikki Corson

Nikki Corson is a powerhouse CEO of Prissy Nikki, who provides top-tier lashes to bring out your natural bold, and beautiful self. Nikki is a Women’s Entrepreneur VIP Award winner, a certified roofing contractor in three states, and is recognized as one of the Top 3 roofing contractors in Georgia. She is also the host of the popular podcast, Life Amplified with Nikki. For more information on getting high-quality lashes, please visit

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