Battle Approved Motors Ushers in a New Generation of Earth Friendly UTVs

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While producing the Amazon Prime series Mod Kids USA, Chris James had a vision for the next generation of utility terrain vehicles (UTVs). His experience showed him that UTVs could be much more than boring boxy work vehicles; they could be fast, fun, and pleasing to the eye.

He dreamed up a UTV that could handle just about any battle and look cool while doing it, so he named his company Battle Approved Motors (BAM). BAM provides the much-needed punch to the gut to the UTV and ATV industry. UTVs and ATVs have many work and recreational applications, but besides personal modifications, they have not experienced much of a redesign since their development.

BAM also addresses another issue that no one else in the industry is considering; climate change. Their UTVs run on 100% electric power. Making BAM possibly one of the only companies on the market to focus on EV UTVs. So, BAM is offering faster, sleeker, more rugged, and environmentally friendly UTVs than anyone else in the space.

The UTV Prototype Design

The design is chock full of goodies; imagine a fancy new Porsche that you don’t mind getting dirty. It is built for speed, and the carbon fiber body makes it perfect for any utilitarian effort. BAM UTV owners will be able to haul equipment, race from worksite to worksite, mess around with friends, and keep track of it all with a digitized dashboard while being protected from the elements in a fully enclosed vehicle.

The prototypes are not quite ready yet, but the company plans to have the UTVs legal to drive on and off the road in most states, which means they will also function as an alternative to full-sized passenger cars.

Right now, BAM is perfecting their r101 prototype, and they have two more designs in the works. The r101 prototype is coming along nicely and is slated to be ready at the end of 2023. They have already purchased a 200-acre plot where they plan to invite top investors to test the prototypes as they become ready.

In an effort to keep fans in the loop, the company publishes production updates on its website regularly. They also host a podcast called Battle Approved, which interviews entrepreneurs from the music, business, sports, and entertainment industries. Chris James’ BAM is a truly exciting venture for those interested in electric sports car development and utilitarian UTVs.

About Chris James

Chris James’ father was a Formula 3 racer, and they got along very well. So, naturally, Chris loved sports cars and sports too. But, oddly enough, Chris had never worked in the automotive industry until his vision for the future of UTVs inspired him to move in that direction. However, he was good at organizing and getting things done, as displayed in previous jobs he held in the record label and TV production industries.

After his ideation of BAM, he set out to make his dream a reality by organizing funding and assembling a team of engineers. He explained what he was thinking, and the beginnings of the r101 prototype were born. Chris is genuinely excited for the future of BAM and the subsequent UTV iterations he and his team will create.

To find out more about BAM, visit their website, and if you are as excited about the idea as we are, check out their StartEngine funding page. Through StartEngine, investors can become an owner in BAM before it potentially IPOs with added benefits like membership and the opportunity to test prototypes. Check it out today!

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