Basbas: Herbal Liqueur Captures, Celebrates Ibiza’s Style, Taste and Slower Side

The headline in Suitcase magazine says it all—“What Makes Ibiza the Perfect Wellness Destination?”

“While Ibiza is best known for its summer parties, this Balearic island is beginning to trade in sundowners for self care,” reads the article. “With fitness camps, health-centric dining and retreats to reset mind and body, the White Isle is set to be the capital of wellness.”

Health and wellness are shaping a new era in Ibiza, and encouraging a slower, more satisfying lifestyle.

Ibiza Health and Beauty is a new health and wellness Club from Fomento del Turismo de la Isla de Ibiza organisation, a private non-profit association backed by local, regional and national government officials.

The slower side of Ibiza is also taking shape thanks to major lifestyle brands that have established firm footholds.

In addition to guest accommodations, residences, mansions and pool suites, Six Senses Ibiza features a spa that offers everything from tailored treatments provided by global practitioners and expert yogic masters; to functional fitness, anti-aging and multi-day immersive retreats. The Standard Hotel’s Ibiza location offers wellness classes, beauty treatments and personal training.

Ibiza’s “North Island Vibe,” generated by yoga, meditation and holistic retreats, illustrates how this destination known for partying has moved beyond short-term gratification to embrace long-term wellness.

Ibiza is much more than a party island. And the breakthrough herbal liqueur Basbas, a premium version of the island’s traditional hierbas libation, comes from the “much more” part of Ibiza’s new era.

Basbas made its North American debut at Art Basel in Miami last year. But the tradition of hierbas has its origins in the 16th century, when it was distilled by monks living in northern Spain. The closely-guarded recipe was handed down through generations and protected by a domain authority prohibiting its production outside of the Balearic Islands.

Before Basbas, hierbas had never been considered a premium drink in Spain. But the recipe is compelling—monks fermented native anise and macerated other medicinal herbs like rosemary, juniper, chamomile and sage into the alcohol. The team behind Basbas built upon this foundation to create a versatile variation that is positioned to disrupt the global alcohol market to the tune of $250 million annually—while giving us all the opportunity to pivot from the beat-the-clock-ATM grind of life.

Basbas stands apart from other spirits for any number of reasons.

The Basbas team maintains the tradition of using ingredients farmed and foraged locally in Spain. And Basbas is processed over five months rather than the traditional two weeks for your typical hierbas.

“Heirbas made from a slower process end up smoother,” Paul said, “and easier to drink.”

The measured process that generates the Basbas experience reflects the transition underway in Ibiza, where Paul was attending a holistic retreat when he was inspired to bring Basbas to the US. Well known for its nightlife and partying, Paul sees Basbas and the time that goes into making it as a reflection of how life in Ibiza is slowing down for some, as it emerges as a destination for introspection, retreats and self-awareness.

Basbas is all about taking time to enjoy one of life’s finer things, a new discovery that invites you to be sipping seaside at the port or the marina, whether it’s Ibiza, Cannes or your own backyard.

“Basbas allows you to feel like you’re in Cala Conta,” Paul said, “even when you’re sitting poolside in your own backyard.”

Drinking Basbas is a transformative experience.

“Basbas does not have a crazy alcohol content,” Paul said. “So it’s not like you’re switching to hard liquor. Basbas is a much easier steppingstone, from a Rose or from Aperol to  a sipping liqueur. ”

But, Paul added, while he can put Basbas in the same neighborhood as an Aperol Spritz, Basbas is much more versatile—“The most versatile liquor ever produced. The monks knew what they were doing.” he said.

You can drink Basbas on the rocks or sub it in for the tequila, whiskey or rum in your favorite drink.

“It’s for sipping by the pool,” Paul said. “It’s easy to move into night mode with Basbas. And night mode does not have to mean goblin mode.”

Far beyond a simple destination, Ibiza continues to emerge as a state of mind and perspective on life for those in search of clarity in their intentions. Slowing one’s life down can take a lot of hard work. Creating your own Ibiza, wherever you are, is a fine first step. But as you make changes for the better, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses—and enjoy a glass of Basbas.

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