If we look at the world, we can notice that everything is moving very fast. Events happen overnight and serious problems are not solved. According to Baptiste Monnet, we must be optimistic and we need to boost our mind to stay on our imaginary ladder.

Known for having created Boost Mind, Baptiste Monnet is also the co-founder of BJ Positive Wear (women’s clothing) with his partner Billie Joy Beytrison, the founder. He was born in Ang Thong, Thailand and later was adopted. He grew up in Conthey, Switzerland. Baptiste has an unusual background and has been confronted with several events. As the brand concerns everyone and he is French-speaking, he took up the challenge to launch the concept in English in order to reach more people.

Baptiste accompanies (individual coaching) any person who wants to create a business or who wants to improve their daily life. His clients share that his approach is extraordinary and authentic.

“We are affected by various changes. These affect everyone on this planet. It concerns everybody. Think of change as a ladder.  I say we have a choice if we are in full capacity. I have a huge thought for all those people who have some kind of problem and unfortunately are somehow deprived of certain actions. On a ladder, you climb the rungs and you compete only with yourself. Everything happens inside”.

“I created Boost Mind because there is a certain trend around success. Some people think it is easy to achieve a goal, things come on a platter with a snap of the fingers or a simple picture showing the trophies and a quote can have an impact on how we act. In fact, this is not the case. It is not true at all. Of this fact, I share on social media some contents or some writings that touch on personal development. And all of us have our own definition of success. To me, I see success as an opportunity to be what you want to be every day. It is a duty. But don’t forget that we are affected by the changes. We have to boost our mind to be better in daily life”.

“I also bring this concept to bring some reality. You have probably already seen or heard about these get rich in a week course. First of all, it costs and the only thing it brings is desire. The emotion of desire is toxic”.

“I have created several businesses and I failed some of them. I have been rejected several times, but I knew that I had to try again and learn every day. I have worked in the field of social as educator-coach, in the field of logistics and in the field of security. In all three fields, I saw skills that could be exploited. I am not a guru. Like you, I had to boost my mind”, Baptiste said.

“You feel it and you wear it, Boost Mind”, Baptiste added.

LA Weekly