BananaTFA: Everything You Need To Know About The Fastest Growing NFT Project of 2022

2022 is the year of the NFT, these lucrative digital ledgers lit up the financial market in 2021 and now their profitability and popularity are at their peak. With so many NFT projects vying for your attention and investment, it can be challenging to decide which ones truly deserve your time. A surefire way to make the right decision is to pay attention to the projects that have experienced super-fast growth and BananaTFA is at the very top of this list.

BananaTFA (BTFA) is a collection of ten thousand colorful task force apes each with its own unique traits. Founded in November 2021 the project has experienced ultra-fast growth due to the innovation that it has brought to the crowded NFT market. This innovation lies within the fact that all BTFA holders are given a shared stake in the company aswell as being whitelisted for future mint collections. Since its launch, BananaTFA has been steadily building up a generous liquidity pool, with 2% of every transaction going straight into this pool. The ambitious project has shared that its mission is to bridge the gap between tokens and NFTs while also giving support to both floors and maintaining stability for holders.

BananaTFA’s native token gives holders a chance to be a part of their private discord which offers the potential to build new connections and networking opportunities with like-minded holders. Aswell as achieving automatic access to the whitelist of future mint collections, BTFA holders are given VIP access to live events and a guaranteed spot in the project’s future IDOs. The project has also stayed altruistically minded with charity donations and multi-functional cross-chain liquidity rewarding metrics.

Unlike many NFT projects that burned bright on their launch but have already fizzled out, BananaTFA has built on its early success and claimed the coveted spot as 2022’s fastest-growing NFT, a title that they clearly intend to hold on to.

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