Bakhar Nabiieva: You Can’t Become Your Best Self if You Don’t Love the Body You Have

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How often have you seen someone on social media who has a seemingly perfect body and wished you were them? If you’re like most people, you’ve had days where you wished your butt was bigger, your arms skinnier, or your entire body was different. Maybe there’s an area stubbornly refusing to budge, and it’s frustrating to deal with this issue daily.

Social media makes it even harder. Everywhere we turn, we’re bombarded with images of other people’s success and happiness that fuel our frustrations and remind us of our inadequacies. And because it’s in our nature to want to be perfect in some way or another, we become overwhelmed and discouraged. If this sounds familiar, I have some advice for you: unless you love the body you have, you will never become the best version of yourself.

The first step is accepting your body as it is now because we only get one. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s too fat or not toned enough. Every “fit and perfect” person you know has a behind-the-scenes story you don’t know about. It may seem like an easy task, but really, it takes work.

Based on the hundreds of pictures on my socials, you may doubt I know anything about “imperfection.” However, as a renowned athlete and fitness influencer, I have gone through my own personal struggles with my body image, which prompted me to embark on my fitness journey.

Growing up, I never really felt beautiful or comfortable in my skin until I discovered the fitness space. With my friends’ support and encouragement, I started consistently going to the gym and working out. Gradually, I began noticing changes in how I felt and looked, motivating me to work even harder. Meanwhile, my circle of friends started becoming smaller. As my workouts improved, my body transformed and became more sculpted. I began chronicling my journey on social media, and my audience grew in leaps and bounds.

This didn’t sit well with many of my friends. As my fame grew, many withdrew, and I found myself standing alone. I also started getting hate for how I looked, which was ironic because I’d worked so hard to become a better version of the small, shy, and bullied girl I had been. However, that didn’t deter me. I learned how to be my own best friend and worked harder.

Today, I am a world-renowned athlete with fans worldwide. I’ve earned multiple bodybuilding awards and am recognized for my physique and strength in the gym. I have also been featured in the 100 best athletes in the world list. On social media, I have attracted over 3.5M followers on Instagram and 236K on TikTok, where my workout videos have earned millions of likes and shares.

“You don’t need anything else besides yourself” is what I say to encourage my fans who want to transform their bodies. I hope to continue posting videos and encouraging my fans and followers on social media, and I would also love to open a gym to help people feel more confident about themselves.

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