Bagcalls – the Telegram Channel That Trades Meme Coins and Crypto Projects Daily

It’s easy to get lost in all the buzzwords and lingo in the cryptocurrency world. This can make the day in the life of a cryptocurrency trader challenging. There are highs and lows, winners and losers. In this space where information moves at lightning speed, it can be daunting to keep up with everything going on, and in fact, success is often seen as a game of luck rather than skill. However, one man has made a name for himself by becoming an expert on cryptocurrencies, derivatives, and meme coins. BagCalls, the owner of a popular Telegram channel for crypto traders and enthusiasts, says there’s more to success than luck and chance. The self-proclaimed Crypto Gem Hunter, Memecoin Connoisseur, and Pre-Sale and Launch Addict helps others with their cryptocurrency trades by promoting the coins set for success and helping them decide.

A successful trader needs a variety of skills. BagCalls has all these skills, and he uses them to help other traders succeed in this rapidly-evolving space. With over ten years in the field, he has amassed wisdom on how to trade successfully in this quickly changing world. In his time as a crypto trader, BagCalls has made plenty of mistakes that have cost him money. He has also made tremendously successful trades that have brought him a lot of money. Now, he helps other traders succeed by promoting different products on Telegram and Twitter. His work has featured in notable publications like Forbes and earned him partnerships with several large brands and projects, including major meme coins such as Hokkaido Inu, Meme Kong, Cult, Rloop, etc.

BagCalls believes that success in cryptocurrency trading starts with finding a great coin before its pre-sale or launch date. To help his followers, he lists the promising coins on his channels as soon as these dates are announced and promotes them relentlessly through different strategies, such as giveaways. These strategies have made him a force in his field and earned him thousands of followers who turn to him for advice. BagCalls often shares the mistakes he made along the way and the wisdom he learned to teach other traders what to do when trading or participating in pre-sales for new projects. He also reviews new projects and highlights those that are trending or provide the most profit potential. Projects he is personally interested in always get a special review that helps other traders see what BagCalls does in them.

After over a decade in the cryptocurrency space, BagCalls observes that succeeding in this world requires patience and dedication. With fresh developments disrupting the space daily, traders must be ready to learn and be deliberate in their trades. “Be patient and learn the fundamentals of what you are passionate about,” BagCalls says. “The space changes daily, and adapting to it is key.” Despite being a seasoned expert, BagCalls says he continues to learn, implement new things, and strives to stay ahead. His current goal is to establish his own personal swap platform where users can contribute tokens from existing projects. He is also planning to expand his philanthropic ventures and establish a major project for supporting animal shelters and the less fortunate.

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