Bad Wolf Social Club NFT to Provide Rewarding Play to Earn Experience

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The Bad Wolf Social Club is an Ethereum centered NFT project with a prime objective to incorporate staking protocol and play-to-earn mechanics. The project aims to provide enthusiasts with a more fulfilling and immersive gaming experience and entire Metaverse and IRL (in real life) events only for BWSC holders. Bad Wolf Club is a project that has everyone at heart as long as you have a dream and a passion for leading a successful and fulfilled life. They are creating a platform where you have the opportunity to choose what you want to become through your unique crafts and actively allow you to get involved in changing the world around you.

Bad Wolf Social Club NFT was founded by Nico W. alongside four other partners in December last year. Nico W. runs the project as the CEO, Omar E. as the developer, Kim. N. as the artist, Chris K from CK Media and MarkNft from Blitz Marketing as the marketing advisors. They are passionate about the NFT space and are enthusiastic about creating a project with stunning and exceptional art, utility, and play to earn mechanics, Metaverse and real-life experiences for community members. Bad Wolf Social Club’s vision as an NFT project transcends the norm to provide outstanding art, holder utility and NFT gaming. They are also keen on creating a tightly-knit community of passionate NFT fanatics while still retaining values of equity, integrity, transparency, and inclusivity worldwide.

Bad Wolf Social Club team is proud to have launched a coin $BWSC with staking protocol as a reward for staking NFT. Rewards of play to earn game will be in the form of a coin, which is key to accessing the entire BWSC ecosystem. The team is zealous and committed to providing meticulous, rational, unique and innovative work. They believe that it is a dream come true for the project to have BWSC as their Opera Prima.

“It’s been a lovely but rough couple of months with lots of occurrences: Bear Market, War on Croatia, Luna collapse and many more undesirable events. However, our most difficult challenges were human-based, as we suffered many scams of diverse magnitude and impact, especially from promoters. Conversely, we were able to overcome these challenges and come out even stronger, better and more experienced. The coming back was only possible because of the loving community.”

Bad Wolf Social Club team admonishes anyone looking to launch into the NFT space to adopt critical values to live by; they highlighted six core principles: resilience, discipline, focus, stability, passion, and kindness. They added that by adopting these virtues, nothing would hinder you from attaining your set goals. In the coming years, Bad Wolf Social Club looks forward to being established as an intangible brand and community in the NFT space. The team is committed to innovating new projects. They strongly believe that the best is yet to come.

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