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Backyard Revolution Review: Everything you need to know about Backyard Revolution 2021.

The discovery of electricity in 1758 was one of the greatest discoveries in human existence. From our home and kitchen appliances to school, offices, factories, hospitals, universities, everywhere there is electricity demand.

For this reason, we need a sustainable source of electricity, and this is what Backyard Revolution is all about.

The advancement in the field of technology has also increased electricity demand. With this increase in demand comes the question of the sustainability of this resource. What will happen if we don’t have electricity?

Considering this question, we must take responsibility to save this resource for the future generation.

Zack Bennett, a 42-year carpenter from Orlando, has taken this responsibility and create an easy, sustainable, and affordable method of generating electricity that comes with the name “Backyard Revolution.”

Backyard Revolution Reviews: Brand Overview

Backyard Revolution is an informational program that teaches you how to set up your own 3D solar panel and generate electricity for your home using the sun.

What differentiates a 3D solar panel from other traditional solar panels is it cost only a fraction of what you pay to set up a traditional solar panel, and you can put it on the balcony of your apartment.

The best thing is, you don’t need to buy expensive batteries and panels to set up your electricity-producing unit.

Backyard Revolution comes with videos you can follow to make your 3D solar panel. Additionally, you will also get a shopping list to get everything you need in one trip.

By following these videos, you will able to create your 3D solar panel in just 2 hours that will start collecting and storing power for you.

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Pros of Backyard Revolution:

  • 3D Solar Panel is very easy to setup
  • Video tutorials to show you from arranging materials to setting up 3D solar panel
  • Environment friendly
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Materials don’t cost a lot (Zack set up his first 3D Solar Panel is just $206)
  • Reliable customer support
  • 3D Solar Panel takes very little space
  • Suitable for people living in apartments

Cons of Backyard Revolution:

  • Backyard Revolution is only available online
  • You may need someone on your side to set up this unit

Can Backyard Revolution Power A House?

Just like everything, there’s a catch. The electricity-producing unit you will set up with the help of Backyard Revolution is enough to keep your emergency lights on, keep your batteries charged, and power up small appliances. In fact, you can store the electricity in a battery and power a small cabin.

However, if you live in a standard-sized house and with multiple people, then ONE battery and ONE solar panel will not be enough. Thankfully, Zack accepts this reality in his video presentation, and he suggested building multiple units or increasing the dimensions of the unit.

Now, this is interesting.

Instead of creating a 12×12 frame size, you can double the size to 24×24 and increase the number of solar panels. With more solar panels, you will make more electricity, and since you are following the plans and not changing the basic concept (zigzag pattern), you will not lose efficiency.

Moreover, you can get more batteries from the junkyard to create a serious power bank. This is how you can slash your electricity bill by a good percentage while taking only a small area.

Always remember, Backyard Revolution is the plan to set up a small electric-generating unit, but this is also a CONCEPT to end your dependency on electric companies.

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What You Will Get Inside Backyard Revolution?

As we already mentioned, Backyard Revolution is an informational product that contains diagrams, eBooks, and videos from which you will learn a step-by-step process of setting up your 3D solar panel.

Here’s what you’ll get:

1. Backyard Revolution eBook:

This is the main eBook in which you will get all steps and diagrams to create your 3D solar panel and start producing your electricity. This is a 117 pages book with detailed steps, diagrams, and detailed graphics.

2. Alternative Electric Energy Sources For Your Homestead:

This bonus guide is included in this program because the instruction provided inside this book will make your 3D Solar Panel disaster-proof and EMP-proof. Your family will continue to have electricity, even if, God forbid, EMP takes down the national grid system – your family will never remain in the dark.

3. How To Build Energy Stockpile:

This report will show you how to store the power to utilize it anytime you need to power up your appliances. Using this, you will not waste valuable power juice again.

4. How To Protect Your Homestead In Case Of An EMP:

This report talks about absolute essentials that even energy enthusiasts don’t know. You will get this valuable book free of cost with Backyard Revolution.

How Much Did The Materials Cost You?

We tested out this program by building a miniature version, and the total material bill was something like $185. Much of the cost was for solar cells and batteries. We followed the guidelines provided in the book to get solar cells at very reasonable rates.

When we scaled it up to 24 x 24 frame size, the price followed the same trend. It doesn’t matter to us if we paid a little extra to set it up. As long as the device is working and generating electricity, it will pay by itself.

Conclusion: Is Backyard Revolution Worth Your Money?

Undoubtedly, electricity plays a vital role in our life. From the enormous manufacturing process to simple working of TV, everywhere there is need for electricity.

As days are passing, it is becoming difficult to preserve electricity resources. Backyard Revolution is just one of the ways to preserve resources.

Backyard Revolution is an easy-to-follow plan that gives out all guidelines you need to make your electricity generator easily and affordably. This generator works by taking energy from the sun, then converts it into mechanical energy, which is further converted into electrical energy to become usable in electric devices.

This is one of the safest and environment-friendly methods to generate electricity as compared to other generators. The maintenance is also very low as there is no fuel involved. This is the best situation for someone who wants to save money on electricity bills but doesn’t want to invest too much money in electricity generators.

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