Azlan Releases His New Single and is Set to Throw A Highly-Anticipated Event Later in 2022

Undoubtedly, the music industry is in dire need of change. Spencer Davidson, a well-known producer, known asAzlan, has the experience and knowledge to bring the industry’s much-needed dynamism. Spencer is a music producer, DJ, event planner, and label A&R committed to changing and developing the music scene. With a degree in Audio Technology and over 12 years of experience under his belt, he knows what it takes to create innovative music that stands out in the music industry. With the release of a new song meant to jumpstart a new era of Drum and Bass in North America and an upcoming event on the horizon, Spencer is set to revolutionize people’s perspective about independent music production.

“Music production alone will not get you to the finish line,” says Spencer. “Music production alongside other aspects of the music industry provides the magic to get you to that next level.” Spencer knows that from experience. Over the years, he has worked on jobs out of his comfort zone; including collaborating with other creative music producers, bands and talented vocalists, all in an attempt to bring out the best performance possible. He continues to put in the work and go all out to carve a unique career path for himself. As proof, he has used mixing and mastering techniques known only to a small percentage of the music industry, such as 3D Reverb and the Haas effect method. Using other techniques often overlooked by most producers and engineers, such as experimental plugins, Azlan has elevated his sound.

The Azlantian has helped produce records that have garnered over 50M+ streams across various streaming platforms. These include works he’s made with artists like Rockit Gaming, THMPSN, Fake Feathers and more. Additionally, he has performed all over the United States in over 500 shows.

Spencer has always had a forward-thinking approach to music production, which drives him to create connections with like-minded brands and individuals. One such partnership is the one he made with his friends at Sci-Fighter, an event and festival company based out of Orange County, California. Azlan and the team at Sci-Fighter have been putting up innovative shows and events for the last 5 years. Following the success of their previous performance, Electric Future, Azlan and the team are gearing up for their next event, Rave from The Grave II, slated for this October 2022. Sci-Fighter promises this highly anticipated show to be an immersive electronic music experience specially created for lovers of the sci-fi genre, and will include performances by Doll Machine, Ravyn, and Robot Sunrise, in addition to Azlan. “SCIFIGHTER’s staging, lighting, visuals, and sound will transport you to another dimension,” reads the announcement in part. Sci-Fighter’s website will provide updates and ticket information.

In other news, the Sci-Fighter team recently announced the launch of a new pillar in the company called Sci-Fighter Records, which they believe will help more artists promote their work. “Sci-fighter Records will be releasing records constantly for the next few months,” says Spencer. “This was a natural step in the evolution of our event company because we have many talented artist friends who want to be in control of their release.” In recent years, there’s been a massive shift in how people perceive and use media, which means artists must also pivot. Spencer believes the new branch of their company will help artists do that effectively. Looking towards the future, the label will be incorporating Blockchain and NFT technologies to allow more transparency for the artists.

Sci-Fighter Records will primarily be electronic music-based; conversely, the brand is also working to bring new bands on board. As a fully integrated member of Sci-Fighter, Azlan will be one of the first artists to release his projects through this label. After a four-year hiatus, he just released his latest single, “Patience”, on May 27th, with more songs scheduled to follow soon.

LA Weekly