Did you know that only 30% of women diagnosed each year with breast cancer will undergo total mastectomy? Out of those, only 38% opt for immediate reconstruction. According to Dr. Alexis Parcells, breast reconstruction is a personal decision and is not necessary for all women.

Dr. Alexis Parcells is a professional breast surgery expert who wants to empower breast cancer survivors. She is involved in several breast cancer organizations like the Breasties, Minette’s Angels, and Fashion for the Pink Crusade. Dr. Parcells has also launched Brave Bras, a website for breast cancer patients and survivors to help them understand the reconstructive options available for them.

It is important to note that many women still live happily without getting breast reconstruction. According to Dr. Parcells, some people choose breast reconstruction for different reasons. Her website educates breast cancer survivors on what they need to know about breast reconstruction and how to continue their lives positively after mastectomy.

Brave Bras is all about being brave and focusing on the fight to live a happy life. Through Brave Bras, Dr. Alexis Parcells aims to have a positive impact on the lives of cancer patients and survivors. It is one of her goals in life to help breast cancer survivors regain their confidence through reconstructive surgery.

Many women diagnosed with breast cancer are initially overwhelmed by the new information and are confused. Brave Bras walks you through every stage by helping you understand everything you need to know about reconstructive surgery.

Together with her team, Dr. Parcells educates patients on the various options available for breast reconstruction. She says that breast reconstruction comes with a lot of emotional adjustments and sometimes adjusting to them is hard. She walks her patients through every stage until they understand the process and what it can do for them.

Dr. Alexis Parcells (@alexisparcellsmd) stresses having a consultation with a reconstructive plastic surgeon before proceeding with the process. A consultation helps the surgeon identify any pre-existing condition and how it will affect the process. She encourages her patients to ask questions where it is unclear and list their reconstructive goals and the purpose for undergoing the procedure. She believes that patients should not consider a reconstructive procedure until they know everything about the procedure and are 100% confident in their decision.

Every woman is different and so is every breast reconstruction process. Dr. Parcells approach to each patient is different and she ensures to work closely with every one of them to help make informed decisions. Having worked with patients for seven years, she understands the concerns when it comes to breast reconstruction surgery.

Brave Bras is on a mission to educate more women about the choices they have when it comes to reconstructive surgery. Dr. Parcells encourages cancer survivors and patients to be bold and fight for a happy life. It is important for patients to know about procedures by working with a reputed surgeon. She believes that whether patients choose to have breast reconstruction surgery or not, they are still beautiful.

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