Award-Winning Pianist Anna Goryacheva Announces Release of New Single “Glass Etude”

“What next?” is the question that often plagues highly successful individuals, and as a response, some opt to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their work. Meanwhile, others seek more opportunities and generate more wealth to secure a financially stable future. In the case of Anna Goryacheva, an award-winning pianist and entrepreneur, slowing down is not an option for a musician deeply passionate about her craft. Despite the long list of accolades under her belt, she intends to reach greater heights and make bigger waves in the industry by releasing her new single, “Glass Etude.”

It was to no one’s surprise when Anna, the founder of Elite Piano Institute and Piano Bloom, managed to establish a name in the world of music and arts. From the beginning, the acclaimed soloist showcased her exceptional talent. At the age of six, she appeared on stage for the first time and would debut with the orchestra three years later, performing Haydn’s Concerto in D major in Hungary.

So far, the musician has graced numerous recitals and performed worldwide. Her solo and orchestra performances have reached countless people broadcasted on the radio and television in Hungary, Lithuania, Sweden, and Russia. Without fail, every appearance is met with a considerable buzz because of her powerful playing, unique individuality, and sparkling technique. However, it isn’t solely her artistry that propelled Anna toward the limelight. The pianist, a powerhouse in the commercial space, has also hogged the spotlight for launching two purpose-driven ventures.

Between spearheading the rise of Piano Bloom and running Elite Piano Institute, Anna Goryacheva has a lot on her plate. Industry peers and listeners alike would have understood if she had expanded her business portfolio. Still dominating the entrepreneurial realm, she demonstrates her deep-seated love for classical music by releasing a range of beautiful works for piano.

Her upcoming single, “Glass Etude,” is a phenomenal instrumental track composed by Philip Glass, one of the most prominent musicians of the twenty-first century. Minimalist in nature, his compositions leave listeners in awe, and Anna Goryacheva was among those astounded upon discovering his music. “The structure, repetitive sounds over long periods, colors, rhythm patterns – everything builds up slowly and captivates you,” she explained. “I found myself in a hypnotic, meditative mood that I have never experienced before while performing traditional classical music.”

The highly anticipated single is but a small part of what can be expected of Anna Goryacheva in the months to come. On top of its release, listeners can also look forward to her debut album, which would include works by Chopin, Debussy, Satie, and more. Given her talents, any project from this prodigious musician is guaranteed to be an absolute experience.

LA Weekly