Award-Winning Health Coach Alina Z Makes Reaching Wellness Goals Easy and Guilt-free

 “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.” – Oscar Wilde.

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Being a gifted chef takes more than just culinary skill and creative flair; it requires hard work, dedication and passion for food. To be a great chef, you must know ingredients and techniques—and be willing to throw caution to the wind to experiment with different flavors and textures.

Chef Alina Z, creator of Harper’s Bazaar #1 Best Diet,  has embodied all those characteristics and more to become one of the world’s foremost nutrition experts, serving up sunshine and satisfaction for all who have the pleasure of experiencing her life-changing formulas. For her, making meals is about more than just taste; it’s also about vitality and pleasure—no will power necessary.

This chef is on a mission to make self-love be an easy, daily affair. According to Alina, men might think women’s biggest dream is to meet their soulmate, but it is really to be able to eat anything they want—without getting fat. Alina Z makes that wish come true.

She has launched a brand new self-study course to help people worldwide adopt her methods for healthy living. The new program by celebrity chef Alina Z is helping women gain confidence and peace of mind, reduce bloating, and easily maintain their ideal weight—all while enjoying eating more food. The keys are integrating fun, joy and quality of food that they consume.

The 12-week course, “12 Tweaks To Transformation: The Art of Becoming Best Friends With Your Body,” is designed to transform the mindset toward food and help women break free from the exhausting dieting cycle.

According to Alina, the on-demand course teaches you how to “age in reverse,” stop dieting, easily maintain your perfect weight, reduce bloating, eat your favorite foods without guilt, and start living fully again.

The program offers guidance from Chef Alina Z, video lessons, worksheets and exclusive recipes.

The course also focuses on adding more pleasure to life through simple and fun recipes that require minimal cooking time. Delicious brownies in three minutes with just four ingredients, anyone?

Chef Alina Z also educates participants on how to use their Ayurvedic body type for customized eating and how to reduce sugar and caffeine cravings.

The course has already helped many successful men and women make dramatic improvements in their lives without making any extreme changes.

One participant, Jonathan Welsh, released 50 pounds “without even trying.”

Another participant, Laurie, managed to maintain her weight while on an Alaskan cruise, and Rosemary healed her nerves and lowered her cholesterol.

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While most of us love to eat, we often forget that food is one of the main sources of our energy and life. While Alina Z is a master at meal preparation, her passion is shaped by a valiant inspiration for healthy living.

Alina is a board-certified health coach, speaker, detox specialist, chef, and creator of the #1 Best Diet in America, as selected by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.

Chef Alina Z began her career as an executive in the corporate world, but changed her path in 2009 to pursue nutrition. Since then she has launched two food lines, co-created two juice lines, and is passionate about bridging the gap between healthy and tasty food.

She teaches that finding foods that fit you is much like choosing the fashions that fill your closet. This philosophy is called Couture Nutrition® and she loves sharing it with others.

Chef Alina Z was not always a successful food expert. She previously struggled with an unhealthy relationship with food, weight control, and self-acceptance, which catapulted her passion for helping others eat in a better way.

She also drew on her background in design management from Parsons School of Design and a master’s degree in public communication from American University to create the successful business she has today—which allows her to help clients all around the world reach their goals for radiant health.

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Chef Alina Z says, “The other day I was putting the second tablespoon of butter on my second piece of toast when I got a weird glance from my boyfriend as he said with surprise, ‘I’ve never seen someone eat so much butter!’ My answer to that comment was, ‘I know, right?’ That’s because most people don’t know the right tricks to eat it for their health!”

“Years ago, I would have felt embarrassed or at least uncomfortable with that comment, but not anymore,” she adds.

There are misconceptions about many things in health, one of them, according to Alina, is that there are some foods that we just can’t eat. According to her, it’s not just about what you eat, but how you eat it.

Alina says there are things you never thought you could eat and be healthy, but you can.

“What if I told you that if you let yourself have butter, carbs and some healthy sugars in the morning, you would not only have more energy for the day, but you would feel so satisfied physically and emotionally that at the end of the day you wouldn’t have those cravings.”

That would be amazing, but how? Well, according to Alina, it has to do with metabolism.

She explains, “Since you had those foods in the first part of day, your body will get to burn them before you go to bed so you can have a more restful sleep.”

While it may sound simple, the process is fundamental because your body needs restful sleep.

Sleep plays an integral role in health, yet many people have difficulty getting the rest they need. The statistics below show the wide-reaching impact of sleep deprivation and sleep disorders in the United States.

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Adults between 18 and 64 need seven to nine hours of sleep per night, while adults over 65 need seven to eight hours. However, almost half of all Americans report feeling sleepy during the day between three and seven days per week. Across the country, 35.2% of adults report sleeping on average for less than seven hours per night. (Source: Sleep Foundation)

“Many of the problems people face every day are due to their diet,” says Chef Alina Z.

“I am not advocating having a pizza and ice cream for breakfast, but if you know that you will have them in the evening, why not switch up the timing and have them in the morning? Try and see how you feel!”

Chef Alina Z has her mind set on one thing: Helping people improve their life by making small, easy changes that make a big impact on their health.

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Chef Alina Z’s message is clear: there is a way to eat healthy without deprivation and guilt.

She currently is offering a 50% discount on the self-study course, “12 Tweaks to Transformation: The Art of Becoming Best Friends With Your Body,” with the code SPRING50.

She can also be found on Instagram @chefalinaz.

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