Tony Mostrom

Tony Mostrom

Artist, illustrator and writer TONY MOSTROM has written for the Weekly about Books, Los Angeles history and the Arts since the late 1980s. From 2010-12 he wrote the L.A. Times’ L.A. THEN & NOW column about vintage crimes, eccentrics and disasters. His 350+ illustrations adorn Jack White’s recent Grammy-winning musical Box-set opus, THE RISE & FALL OF PARAMOUNT RECORDS, 1917-1932.

Latest Stories

  • 5 months ago | Hippie Era

    You think these are contentious and nerve-racking times? Well, they are. But America in 1968 had reached a truly dangerous flashpoint, one that fulfilled T.S. Eliot’s prediction decades earlier: a time of “blood in the streets.” With a slew of ass...

  • 7 months ago | Film and TV

    Hardcore David Lynch fans probably will come to this new book, Room to Dream, hoping to get the inside dope on where their hero’s creepy artistic vision came from and what it is that’s inside that feverish (non-severed) head. But be warned that Ro...

  • 8 months ago | Punk

    A goodly number of early L.A. punk and hardcore records were released on Frontier Records, which stands today as L.A.’s oldest and longest-running punk label. What’s most impressive about the whole Frontier enterprise is that the company has been ...

  • 8 months ago | Books

    Bestselling author and biographer-of-cities Gary Krist has chosen a focused biographical approach in his new book, The Mirage Factory: Illusion, Imagination and the Invention of Los Angeles, which looks at early-20th century L.A. through th...

  • 10 months ago | Books

    There are a small but growing number of true-crime books out there on the subject of Los Angeles murder cases. This Top 10 list is meant as a (handy) guide for the discriminating yet prurient true-crime fan who wants her cadavers (most true-crime ...

  • 10 months ago | Books

    Like Susan Atkins' memoir, Child of Satan, Child of God, this book comes from the POV of a religious, born-again ex-Mansonite. The difference is, unlike the repentant-but-guilty knife wielder Atkins, Dianne Lake was no sinner while she was in the ...


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