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  • The Public Image Is Rotten, Tabbert Fiiller's documentary about Public Image Ltd. (PiL), the band John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) formed after the Sex Pistols, makes one wonder: Does anyone still care? Its interviews are either with aging,...

  • Matt Tyrnauer’s documentary Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood follows Scotty Bowers, a World War II veteran (now 95) who, after he was discharged, became a sex worker and pimp. Cary Grant, Walter Pidgeon, Randolph Scott and Tom...

  • 3 months ago | Film and TV

    The main character, Frank (Nick Offerman), like High Fidelity's Rob, owns a record store and lectures women about music as if they don't have opinions — or ears — of their own.

  • Director Brett Haley's Hearts Beat Loud is something of a Trojan horse. The first scenes give every indication that we're going to see a lackluster update of High Fidelity. The main character, Frank (Nick Offerman), like Fidelity's...

  • The beginning of Marc J. Francis and Max Pugh's Walk With Me -- the new documentary about Zen Buddhist monk and teacher Thich Nhat Hanh and Plum Village, the religious community he founded in France -- is the cinematic equivalent of a...

  • 1 year ago | Film and TV

    The documentary Elián posits the story of 5-year-old Elián González, who was rescued off the coast of Florida in 1999 after attempting to leave Cuba with his mother (who drowned) — a long with its aftermath — as the birth of the 24-hour news cycle...


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