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  • 2 months ago | Lists

    Whatever your preference, there's a road built just for you, and whatever your choice of cycle, there's a song to go with it, too. It seems like ever since motorcycles were invented there's been somebody singing about them.

  • 3 months ago | Lists

    While there is some incredibly complicated math suggesting infinite possibilities, there are basically just 12 notes in music. Twelve! Think about that for a second. Doubtless you own more than 12 albums, each containing at least 12 songs, all of ...

  • 5 months ago | Metal

    When Slayer announced, earlier this year, that they were calling it a day and that they would play just one more world tour, there was, as you might expect, much wailing and gnashing of teeth. This is, after all, the end of an era, another classic...


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