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  • Some religious mumbo jumbo prattled over a white screen. A vaguely apocalyptic image, in smudgy black-and-white, of billowing smoke. A blindingly bright color shot of a swanky pool on a lavish estate probably owned by assholes. This is how...

  • The working-class hero of Araby isn’t a winner. He’s so normal we don’t even know he’s the lead until the 20-minute mark. His name is Cristiano (Aristides de Sousa), and the first time we see him he’s just a guy in a car, being driven to...

  • Apparently, filmmakers still do this: Believer is a documentary about the LGBTQ experience told through the perspective of a straight white cis dude. What’s more, that dude is the frontman of Imagine Dragons. A lifelong Mormon turned emo...


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