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  • Dominic Savage’s character study The Escape seems intended as "The Yellow Wallpaper" for the modern-day disgruntled wife and mother, but more than anything else, the end result serves mostly as a performance vehicle for Gemma Arterton....

  • “What exactly is duck butter?” may be the first question you have. It’s another way of saying “smegma,” that term for that cottage cheese–like combination of oils and skin cells that builds up in your genitals. About a third of the...

  • 1 month ago | Film and TV

    Even though they just met — the night previous to this duck-butter confession — these women commit to a totally honest, no-filter style of dating for a full 24 hours

  • Romantic comedies are always looking to reinvent themselves, and Rachel Israel’s debut feature, Keep the Change, arrives as a fresh iteration that still calls back to the genre’s Nora Ephron–wave classics. The story follows the...

  • Aardvark, the first feature from writer-director Brian Shoaf, is so inane that several times it put this critic into a fugue state. Meandering in message or plot, the film proves to be not just incoherent but excruciatingly boring, quite a...

  • 2 months ago | Film and TV

    Jeannette succeeds in its earnestness, adapting its words from Charles Peguy’s works, but countering it with the pure, joyous silliness of its presentation.


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