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  • 4 months ago | L.A. Restaurants

    For a while in my early 20s, I had only one clearly articulated ambition: to eat at least once at every restaurant on Pico Boulevard, starting with the fried yucca dish served at a pupuseria near the downtown end and working methodically westward ...

  • 4 months ago | History

    Later, of course, Jonathan Gold would be best known for his food writing — the sort of incredible work that won him a Pulitzer Prize while at the Weekly. But his music journalism will never be forgotten.

  • 7 years ago | Korean Cuisine

    See Also: A Google map for all 60 of the Korean dishes Jonathan Gold says every Angeleno should know, read "5 Koreatown Restaurants Open 24 Hours: Hangover Soup," learn about "5 Koreatown Beer Joints: Hite Requirement," or just look at more of Ann...

  • 7 years ago | Restaurant Reviews

    Click here for Anne Fishbein's slide show. Bäco Mercat is Josef Centeno's new bar down in the Old Bank district, a dim, close space just south of Pete's. It has been getting some attention lately for the crunchy, paper-thin Catalan pizza call...

  • 7 years ago | Chinese Cuisine

    Golden Deli has been the default Vietnamese noodleshop in the San Gabriel Valley for a couple of generations now, a cramped, eternally crowded storefront where the pho, and especially the fried springrolls called cha gio, have always been worth th...

  • 7 years ago | Breakfast

    Dear Mr. Gold: As a former resident of South Texas, I often miss the unique Texas-style breakfast tacos so ubiquitous there. (I like mine with machacado.) I'm sure you know that these are not the same as breakfast burritos, and are defined well in...


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