• @jeanstrinh
    30 November, 2018

    I feel like I just graduated in life hacks. Just figured out how to avoid the long lines at Milk Bar, by ordering from them on Caviar!

  • @jeanstrinh
    29 November, 2018

    RT @beejoli: Sad to hear about the layoffs at Mic today; the company employed many smart, hardworking journalists. For those thinking about…

  • @jeanstrinh
    28 November, 2018

    RT @longdrivesouth: Mi reporte ... and I almost couldn't believe my eyes yesterday. @lataco https://t.co/fiVN0O9CDl #Tijuana #migrantcarava

  • @jeanstrinh
    28 November, 2018

    Love this piece. https://t.co/ywwb4RblMR

  • @jeanstrinh
    27 November, 2018

    @FUNWITHKATE ❤️❤️❤️


Jean Trinh


Jean Trinh is a food and entertainment writer whose work has appeared in Vice, Thrillist, GOOD, Los Angeles Magazine, L.A. Weekly and The Daily Beast. Previously, she was the deputy editor at LAist.

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