• @hillelaron
    13 November, 2018

    RT @AnnaKCRW: After Prop 10's failure, Michael Weinstein says he plans to bring the ballot measure back in 2020. That and more in this prof…

  • @hillelaron
    11 November, 2018

    Very interesting post about Los Angeles’s odd, “structureless” density and why it remains car-centric, despite what… https://t.co/aNv3BUyJx9

  • @hillelaron
    10 November, 2018

    @KevinFerguson I have used Postmates to order like three bagels

  • @hillelaron
    9 November, 2018

    RT @uslifesaver: Evacuated llamas are tied to an LA County lifeguard stand at Zuma Beach in Malibu. Horses and other animals have been evac…

  • @hillelaron
    9 November, 2018

    RT @SpinDr: Words fail me. This is the Woolsey Fire approaching Malibu as people desparately are trying to evacuate on PCH. https://t.co/r…


Hillel Aron


Hillel Aron is L.A. Weekly’s Echo Park bureau chief.

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