• @hillelaron
    12 December, 2017

    RT @molly_knight: Alabama has 4.7 million people. Los Angeles County has 10.2 million people. Give us four Senators.

  • @hillelaron
    11 December, 2017

    RT @LAObserved: Plus Steve Edwards, until today the dean of Los Angeles news anchors (day time division) https://t.co/I70vyNylNZ

  • @hillelaron
    10 December, 2017

    RT @KenLayne: "This is not normal" is not the most compelling call to action.

  • @hillelaron
    9 December, 2017

    “Outrage orthodoxy” is a very good phrase https://t.co/i5jjnsJDgE

  • @hillelaron
    9 December, 2017

    @fredone yeesh


Hillel Aron


Hillel Aron is L.A. Weekly’s Echo Park bureau chief.

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