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Falling James is a writer whose work has appeared in numerous publications.

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  • Outraged by the rise in gun violence in this country, The Coathangers put the National Rifle Association squarely in the cross-hairs for once, and the two-minute-plus blast "F the NRA" is a good example of how timely and relevant punk rock can sti...

  • 2 days ago | Charity Case

    Texacala Jones has long been one of the most fascinating and charismatic performers to come out of this city. As leader of Tex & the Horseheads, she alternated between exhilarating, feral outbursts of unrestrained cowpunk passion (“Oh Mother”) and...

  • At her best, Miya Folick combines mainstream-pop inclinations with occasionally sly and revelatory lyrics.

  • 4 days ago | Albums

    Evie Sands is a rare triple threat as a singer, songwriter and distinctive guitarist. The legendary '60s chanteuse has been praised by Johnny Cash and has had her songs covered by Dusty Springfield, Missy Elliott, Barbra Streisand, Shirley Bassey,...

  • 4 days ago | Classical Music

    William Grant Still was not only a part of the Harlem Renaissance scene and one of the first African-American composers to have his work taken seriously by classical-music audiences, he was also one of the first composers to develop distinctively ...

  • 4 days ago | Art

    Alison Knowles reprises her infamous 1962 performance piece, Proposition #2: Make a Salad, in which her cutting and slicing of vegetables is amplified before she serves the massive, ephemeral creation to the audience as part of Fluxus Spotl...


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