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  • One teenage character in Along Came the Devil asks another if they’ve seen The Exorcist. The answer is “no,” which seems to be what the filmmakers hope the young audience they’re going after would say, since this new flick rips off...

  • Much like the work of his countrymen Asghar Farhadi and Abbas Kiarostami, writer-director Vahid Jalilvand’s No Date, No Signature is a soberly made piece of melodramatic neorealism featuring just-trying-to-live characters who are forced to...

  • 9 days ago | Film and TV

    For a movie centered around the needless death of a child, Jalilvand (Wednesday, May 9) creates a heartbreaking but still hopeful story.

  • With Night Comes On, Jordana Spiro is out to show she’s not another TV actor dipping her toe in the sea of indie movies looking to wow folks with her cute, quirky way of telling stories. (Translation: She’s not trying to be Zach Braff.)...

  • We all know the Hamptons as the East Coast’s scenic, sophisticated locale for the upper crust to get decked out in their fanciest (usually white) duds and throw lawn parties that’ll have them feeling as if they’re in an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel....

  • If there is anything that the American public has been trained to loathe, it’s old people. You’ve probably heard the complaints: They’re wrinkly! They’re set in their ways! They watch Fox News! Uncle Drew puts that much-reviled party front...


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