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  • 1 day ago | Election

    On Nov. 6, Democrat Katie Hill will face off against two-term Republican incumbent Steve Knight for a seat in the 25th U.S. Congressional District. At press time, the race is neck and neck, with current polls showing Hill to be slightly ahead but ...

  • 4 days ago | Film and TV

    On Saturday, Oct. 13, and Sunday, Oct. 14, the Ace Hotel will host David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption, and it promises to be a fascinating affair that in turn puzzles and thrills, much like the man himself. RZA is providing a live score. Lynch h...

  • 6 days ago | EDM

    From the inside, Tom Morello’s studio looks like any garage band’s rehearsal space. Instruments cover most of the floor space, while amps lean against walls. There’s a sofa, and a table, and bottles of water. It’s no-frills. It’s all about the mus...

  • 7 days ago | Cock Rock

    You kinda have to feel for London frontman Nadir D’Priest a little bit. He’s had to watch while one member after another passed through the London ranks and achieved bigger things elsewhere, people like Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx, WASP’s Blackie Law...

  • 12 days ago | Punk

    It’s a simple concept but an incredibly effective one. Get a bunch of punk rockers from the ’70s through the early ’90s together, put them all onstage in front of an attentive, like-minded audience, and wallow in nostalgia while they relate old wa...

  • 13 days ago | Cock Rock

    Back in 1985, British L.A.-based rocker Billy Idol released Vital Idol (though it didn’t come out until ‘87 in the States). Groundbreaking at the time, the album collected remixed versions of some of Idol’s better-known tunes, and found favor amon...


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