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Ann Haskins has written about dance for L.A. Weekly since shortly after it began publishing. She also has written about dance and theater for magazines and newspapers. She has received two Horton Awards from the Los Angeles Dance Resource Center for her coverage of dance in Los Angeles.

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  • 23 days ago | Arts

    Katabasis promises a participatory ritual procession with the dancers, singers and musicians expanding ancient musical elements and mythic themes into their world folk and art pop music.

  • 1 month ago | Arts

    Over the next month, Dance at the Odyssey 2019 offers six different programs of contemporary dance, mostly from L.A.-based companies.

  • 2 months ago | Dance

    While jaded critics may groan at the prospect of yet another production of The Nutcracker, balletomanes welcome the chance to compare various professional versions (this year including Los Angeles Ballet and American Ballet Theatre) and to survey ...

  • 1 year ago

    Named after the French translation of chiaroscuro — the Renaissance Italian art term for the shifting effect of light falling unevenly on an object — L.A.-based Clairobscur Dance Company has garnered its share of attention and awards. ...

  • 2 years ago

    Each spring, Deborah Brockus rides herd on roughly 20 of L.A.'s best dance companies as producer of the Los Angeles Dance Festival. L.A. has a number of dance fests, but since its debut in 2012 as a joint endeavor with Brockus' neighbor Diavolo &m...

  • 2 years ago

    Jacob Jonas emerged over the past two years as an important player on the L.A. dance scene, but he took something of a scenic route before emerging as a local force. His L.A. dance roots go back to when, as a teen, he joined a street-dance group p...


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