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  • 5 years ago | Bars

    We've only seen Tom Bergin's pass through three phases. First, there was the Bergin's with the Irish coffee, the highly competent, sociable bartenders in formal attire, and the garlicky cheese toast for a couple of bucks. Then there was ...

  • 5 years ago | Pop-up Restaurants

    Copenhagen's Noma, which has often been called the best restaurant in the world, serves local food, but not like a West Hollywood cafe serving $17 salads. Noma's teams of foragers scour the ample Danish countryside for scores of obscure herbs, gre...

  • 5 years ago | Food Trucks

    Most trucks have a defining trait, a characteristic which separates each from the pack and can typically be discerned after a few visits. Garcia Bros., which operates a few taco trucks, including one located most nights at the corner of Venice and...

  • 5 years ago | Thai Cuisine

    When you pull off the 405 for dinner in Panorama City, you're not aware you're entering a gastronomic wonderland. You're killing time because of bad traffic. You're there to buy a car at one of the many dealerships lining Roscoe Boulevard. Maybe y...

  • 5 years ago | Junk Food

    The White House means well. It's always nice to come to that conclusion. Tuesday's news that ads pushing junk food and soda would be banned from all schools participating in the government-subsidized free lunch program might mean th...

  • 5 years ago | L.A. Restaurants

    A London university has forked over $33,000 to build a pub for students. Unfortunately, the school isn't trying to make excessive drinking easier for students. The pub is a wooden bar in a brightly lit converted study room in the psychology d...


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